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Cheapest price for Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh is starting from US$ 18.93 in January 2017. Promo Flight Hanoi
Cheapest price for Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi is starting from US$ 26.11 in February 2017. Promo Flight Ho Chi Minh

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Flight Schedule Hanoi - HAN to Ho Chi Minh - SGN

Depart Time Arrival Time Flight Type Transit City Airlines Days Flight Code
15:15 17:25 Direct Jetstar Sat BL787
09:20 19:20 Transit DAD Jetstar Fri BL563
15:40 19:20 Transit DLI Jetstar Sun BL211
20:45 22:50 Direct Jetstar Fri BL817
20:45 22:55 Direct Jetstar Mon BL801
20:35 22:45 Direct Jetstar Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat BL803
20:55 22:25 Direct Jetstar Wed, Fri BL807
17:25 22:40 Transit DAD Jetstar Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun BL565
06:05 08:15 Direct Jetstar Daily BL783
15:15 17:25 Direct Jetstar Daily BL785
06:10 08:20 Direct Jetstar Daily BL815
17:10 19:15 Direct Jetstar Thu BL805
20:30 09:15 Transit DAD Jetstar Wed, Thu BL567
07:15 09:25 Direct Jetstar Sun BL811
08:40 14:40 Transit DAD Jetstar Sun BL555
22:40 00:50 Direct Jetstar Sun BL813
19:30 21:40 Direct Jetstar Fri BL789
06:50 13:00 Transit DAD Jetstar Mon BL557
17:45 19:55 Direct Jetstar Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun BL799
21:15 23:25 Direct Jetstar Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun BL797
12:30 14:40 Direct Jetstar Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun BL793
14:55 17:05 Direct Jetstar Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun BL795
08:45 10:55 Direct Jetstar Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun BL791
06:15 12:00 Transit DLI Jetstar Wed, Fri BL213
05:45 07:55 Direct Jetstar Daily BL781
07:25 18:45 Transit DAD Jetstar Mon BL561
17:10 22:15 Transit DAD Jetstar Fri BL569
10:30 14:05 Transit TBB Jetstar Mon BL217
13:00 15:05 Direct Jetstar Wed BL357
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