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SriLankan Airlines

Auf dieser Reise wird ein kostenloser Imbiss gereicht
Check-in ist ab 180 Minuten möglich
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SriLankan Airlines


SriLankan Airlines (UL) is a full flight airline flying to domestic routes. The cabin baggage allowance given by this airline is 7 kg and max dimension of 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm (L x W x H). The passengers flying international route with SriLankan Airlines will get checked baggage allowance of 30 kg. Airport check in time at the airport starts from 180 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Check in online is available for flights on SriLankan Airlines official website. It can be done 2 days prior to scheduled departure time.

How to Book

1. Go to Airpaz.com, or open the Airpaz application (Android/iOS) on your handphone. 2. Fill in the details in the flight search box. 3. Choose the best flight. 4. Fill in the passenger and contact details on the booking page. 5. Complete your payment through the selected payment method. 6. Get your SriLankan Airlines flight e-itinerary in the My Booking page, or in your registered email.

How to Pay

The payment for your SriLankan Airlines ticket on Airpaz can be processed via bank PayPal, bank transfer, credit card, and over the counter methods. For a complete information, visit Airpaz Payment Guide page.


SriLankan Airlines

Company Profile

SriLankan Airlines operating with IATA code (UL) and ICAO code ALK, is a full flight airline that flies domestic routes. The airline flies to destination cities all over the world with its main hub located in Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB). SriLankan Airlines operates under SriLankan Airlines Limited. The leader of the company is Asoka Pathirage. The head office for the airline is located in Sri Lanka. SriLankan Airlines is a part of the One World.


SriLankan Airlines which operates with IATA (UL) and ICAO (ALK) runs under the management of SriLankan Airlines Limited. In 1979, this airline was founded. Across the years, SriLankan Airlines has grown steadily and continues to provide a credible service for their passengers. SriLankan Airlines has won Skytrax Best Airline in Central Asia 2001-2003, Skywards Freddie award winner 2005-2006,‘Best in Region: Asia & Australasia’ award at the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) 2012 Passenger Choice Awards in USA,“Superior Achievement in Passenger Experience” APEX Passenger Choice Awards 2015,Future Travel Awards 2015: Best in the Region,Best Full Service Airline-Asia Pacific Region – Future Travel Awards 2016,Best Full Service Airline in Central and South Asia- Future Travel Experience Awards 2017,Best Wi-Fi in Central Asia Region - APEX Regional Passenger Choice Awards– Asia and Middle East, FTE-APEX ASIA EXPO 2019.

Flight Attendant

SriLankan Airlines Flight Attendant Image
SriLankan Airlines cabin crew wears a uniform that is dominated by blue tosca. The design itself has been perfectly laid out, which makes it easier for the crew to move around the cabin while providing passengers’ needs.


SriLankan Airlines Fleet Image
SriLankan Airlines has a number of aircrafts, all of which can be seen below:
Type Quantity
Airbus A330 - 300 5
Airbus A330 - 200 2
Airbus A320 2
Airbus A321 4
Airbus A320neo 6
Airbus A321neo 7

Call Center

If you have any inquiry for the airline or are facing any difficulty during your flight such as lost baggage or delayed flights, you can contact the airline. One of the ways to contact the airline is by sending an email to reservations@srilankan.com. The SriLankan Airlines customer service call center can be contacted on one of the following phone numbers :
Country Phone
Srilanka (+94)117 77 1979
Australia (Melbourne) (+61)384004353
Bahrain (+61)384004353
Bangladesh (+880)258817207
Canada (+1)4162279000
Hong Kong (+852)25210708
China (Beijing) (+86)1064590910
China (Guangzhou) (+86)2036062215
China (Shanghai) (+86)2162376887
Cyprus (+357)24008877
Czech Republic (+420)224815374
Denmark (+46)859000090
Sweden (+46)859000090
Finland (+46)859000090
France (+33)975181999
Germany (+49)770673070
Greece (+30)2103716368
Hungary (+36)19876401
India (Cochin) (+91)4842362042
India (Ahmedabad) (+91)7926561232
India (Bangalore) (+91)6742531331
India (Bhubaneshwar) (+91)9199739954
India (Bodhgaya) (+91)4422560577
India (Calicut) (+91)4222212699
India (Chennai) (+91)8322227512
India (Coimbatore) (+91)4023372429
India (Goa) (+91)1812232056
India (Hyderabad) (+91)3322890440
India (Jalandhar) (+91)4522300505
India (Kolkata) (+91)2266859365
India (Madurai) (+91)1149638950
India (Mumbai) (+91)4312460844
India (New Delhi) (+91)4712501140
India (Tiruchirapalli) (+91)89990692
India (Trivandrum) (+91)8912598996
India (Varnasi) (+62)2130014969
India (Visakhapatnam) (+972)37952111
Indonesia (+390)236769835
Israel (+390)648771351
Italy (Milan) (+81)5068648188
Italy (Rome) (+962)65620751
Japan (+254)2022440024
Jordan (+965)22069099
Kenya (+371)67009141
Kuwait (+961)3879305
Latvia (+60)377243155
Lebanon (+960)3315508
Malaysia (+31)204068141
Netherland (+92)2138799836
Pakistan (+48)226251427
Poland (+974)55569443
Qatar (+248)4224516
Seychelles (+966)138825161
Saudi Arabia (Dammam) (+966)122632999
Saudi Arabia (Jeddah) (+966) 11 4788935
Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) (+65)31580580
Singapore (+677)20031
Solomon Island (+27)0117831181
South Africa (+82)514672600
South Africa (Busan) (+82)23178779
South Africa (Seoul) (+34)913230453
Spain (+41)443155840
Switzerland (+886)225116188
Taiwan (+66)20182444
Thailand (+90)2122511315
Turkey (+971)26337125
United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi) (+971)43961222
United Arab Emirates (Dubai) (+44)2085382000
United Kingdom (+1)8779152652
United States (+84)2838379977

Live Chat

Facilities and Services

SriLankan Airlines


Cabin Baggage

Passengers flying with SriLankan Airlines are given a cabin baggage allowance included in their flight tickets fare. The the maximum dimension of the baggage put in the overhead cabin is 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm (L x W x H), while max weight of the luggage is 7 kg.

Checked Baggage

Free checked baggage allowance is provided for the passengers flying on SriLankan Airlines. Passengers on international routes have 30 kg free checked baggage allowance, but passengers flying domestic flight with SriLankan Airlines do not get checked baggage allowance.

Excess Baggage

Excess checked baggage allowance cannot be bought on Airpaz. Disclaimer: Information stated above is intended for general guide only, and may be changed by the airline with no prior notification. Contact the airline for further information.


SriLankan Airlines Economy Seat Size Image

Economy Class

The size of the standard seat for the Economy Class fare in SriLankan Airlines is 30-32 in pitch and 18 in width.

SriLankan Airlines Business Seat Size Image

Business Class

The size of the standard seat for the Business Class in SriLankan Airlines is 36-60 in pitch and 21 in width.

Inflight Comfort

SriLankan Airlines Entertainment Image

Inflight Entertainment

SriLankan Airlines provides services and in-flight entertainment for the passengers during flight on their aircraft, such as TV,Music,Radio .
SriLankan Airlines Wifi Image

Inflight Wifi

SriLankan Airlines provides inflight WiFi for the passengers.
SriLankan Airlines Privilege Program Image

Privilege Program

Privilege program is available for the loyal customers of SriLankan Airlines, and more detail on it can be checked here.


SriLankan Airlines

Web Check-in

Passengers can do web check in through the official website of SriLankan Airlines. To do so, click here to go to the airline’s check-in page. Web check-in can be done 2 days prior to scheduled departure time.

Airport Check-in

Check-in counters for SriLankan Airlines opens 180 minutes before the departure time. You are advised to check in at least one and a half hours before the check in and baggage drop counter at the airport closes.

Kiosk Check-in

SriLankan Airlines does not support kiosk check in services for the passengers.

App Check-in

App check-in through the airline’s official mobile (Android/iOS) application is possible. To do this, download the SriLankan Airlines mobile application on their smartphone. The check in time is 48 hours before the scheduled flight departure time.

Terms and Conditions

SriLankan Airlines
For further information, read the Terms and Conditions of SriLankan Airlines, click here.

Fare Rules

a. Cancellation and Refund

Tickets with the airline cannot be cancelled.

b. Reschedule

Changes such as reschedule cannot be made for flight tickets of SriLankan Airlines. For complete information on SriLankan Airlines ticket and fare rules, click here. Disclaimer: The airline may change its policy without any prior notification. To get an update when it happens and for their policy on insurance, flight delay, etc. check the airline’s fare rules page or directly contact the airline.

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