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Flight Discount Up To PHP180

Flight Discount Up To PHP180

Promo Period 01 June 2021 - 31 July 2021

Booking can be made through Airpaz website or mobile app

Promo is applicable to all payment method using PHP / Philippine Peso

Discount ₱ 20


Discount ₱ 60

Min amount ₱ 2,500


Discount ₱ 180

Min amount ₱ 3,800


Terms & Conditions

  1. Promo period: 1st June - 31st july 2021

  2. Travel period: Anytime

  3. Discount ₱20.00 using PHFJUN20 Promo Code with no minimum transaction for all airlines

  4. Discount ₱60.00 using PHFJUN60 Promo Code with minimum transaction of ₱2,500.00 for all airlines

  5. Discount ₱180.00 using PHFJUN180 Promo Code with minimum transaction of ₱3,800.00

  6. Promo Code PHFJUN180 valid for flight by PAL Express (2P), AirAsia Zest (Z2), Philipphine Airline (PR)

  7. Valid for domestic and international flight

  8. Applicable for round trip and one way booking

  9. Payment must be in PHP/ Philippines Peso

  10. Valid for all type of payment methods

  11. Booking must be done through Airpaz website

  12. Booking with promo applied will be non-refundable

  13. Cannot be combined with another promo

  14. This terms and conditions may changed overtime

  15. Airpaz has the rights to nullify the discount if your transaction doesn't meet terms and conditions of the promo

Accepted Payment Methods: