General Airpaz Agent

What is the minimum value allowed of top-up?

An Agent can top up with minimum value Rp 500.000,- and No duplicate value for every top up transaction.

When is the cut-off time of Top Up on Airpaz?

Deposit is available till 24 hours with details:
- Bank Transfer: Every day 09.00am- 08.59pm (GMT+7), Available for BCA, Mandiri, BNI
- KlikPay BCA: 24 Hours
- Mandiri SMS: 24 Hours
- Klikbca: 24 Hours

When will my deposit will be credited to my agent account?

If you transferred money within top-up time, we'll credit the deposit to your account of Airpaz in the same day. Make sure to update a deposit on your airpaz account with the same data with your bank transaction (value,bank account number,bank account name) and your deposit will automatically credited to your account. But if your deposit is transferred before or after our cut-off time, we will credit it to you account on the next working day.

I didn't receive my deposit on my account, why? what should I do?

Don't worry, Your money is deposited automatically into your Airpaz account. We'll add your direct deposit amount to your available balance on the same day we receive your deposit.  If you have not received or there was an error in the direct deposit amount,  please contact our call center: +62 666 010 66 or our Online Feedback here or our social media (facebook/twitter) on the working day;
Monday-Friday: 08.00am -10.00pm and Saturday-Sunday: 08.00am - 09.00pm (GMT+7).

How to make deposit through Klik BCA?

If you choose to deposit  through klik bca, you need to open your klik bca and select Category Payment e-Commerce -> Tour/Travel/Hotel Category -> Company Name: -> Click Continue -> Select your transaction and continue -> Type Respon KEYBCA APPL1 -> Send

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