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Spring Air - 프로모션


Spring Air개의 할인정보와 값싼 항공표가 있습니다. Airpaz는 Spring Air개의 항공표 예약을 도와드리겠습니다. 모든 항공사 할인 정보를 구독하세요 2019.


Special Price Date List
Spring Air

Spring Air (9C)

 무료 기내 수하물 허용량 5kg
 체크인 전 120 분 전에 체크인하십시오
 온라인 체크인

할인 항공

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선호 루트

Spring Air 상하이홍치아오 스자좡항공편
Spring Air 스자좡 상하이홍치아오항공편
Spring Air 선양 상하이홍치아오항공편
Spring Air 상하이홍치아오 선양항공편
Spring Air 상하이 스자좡항공편
Spring Air 스자좡 상하이항공편
Spring Air 상하이홍치아오 방콕항공편
Spring Air 스자좡 선양항공편
Spring Air 선양 스자좡항공편
Spring Air 산터우 상하이홍치아오항공편
Spring Air 상하이홍치아오 산터우항공편
Spring Air 스자좡 닝보항공편
Spring Air 닝보 스자좡항공편
Spring Air 상하이홍치아오 란저우항공편
Spring Air 란저우 상하이홍치아오항공편
Spring Air 선전 상하이홍치아오항공편
Spring Air 상하이홍치아오 선전항공편
Spring Air 상하이홍치아오 후허하오터 시항공편
Spring Air 스자좡 선전항공편
Spring Air 상하이홍치아오 제주도항공편
Spring Air 제주도 상하이홍치아오항공편
Spring Air 선전 스자좡항공편
Spring Air 상하이홍치아오 베이하이 시항공편
Spring Air 베이하이 시 상하이홍치아오항공편
Spring Air 오사카 상하이홍치아오항공편
Spring Air 푸껫 주 상하이홍치아오항공편
Spring Air 상하이홍치아오 샤먼항공편
Spring Air 샤먼 상하이홍치아오항공편
Spring Air 상하이홍치아오 오사카항공편
Spring Air 상하이홍치아오 푸껫 주항공편
Spring Air 상하이홍치아오 충칭 시항공편
Spring Air 충칭 시 상하이홍치아오항공편
Spring Air 쿤밍 상하이홍치아오항공편
Spring Air 하얼빈 시 상하이홍치아오항공편
Spring Air 상하이홍치아오 하얼빈 시항공편


Checked Baggage
Checked Baggage must be well packed, locked and bound, and must be able endure a certain amount of pressure, and can be safely loaded, unloaded and carried under normal operation conditions, and should meet the following requirements:

Suitcases and handbags etc must be locked;
- Passengers are not allowed to bind more than two pieces of Baggage into one piece;
- Passengers are not allowed to attach other items to Baggage;
- Bamboo baskets, net bags, grass strings, grass bags and so on are not allowed to be used as packing materials;
- Passenger’s name, detailed address and telephone number should be written on Baggage;
- Passengers are not allowed to use sawdust, grain husks, grass etc as padding inside the Baggage.
- Each item of Checked Baggage must be less than 50 (fifty) kilograms and dimensions may not exceed 40x60x100 cm.

Unchecked Baggage
Each Passenger can bring one piece of hand-carry Baggage only, each of which must not exceed 7kg in weight. The dimensions must not exceed 20x30x40 cm. Such Baggage can be placed in the Baggage cabin or under the seat in the Passenger cabin.

Excess Baggage
Excess Baggage form must be filled out in order to handle Excess Baggage fees.
Excess Baggage is charged in CNY at a rate of 1.5% of a full-class fare on that particular Flight segment per kilogram of excess Baggage, and shall be rounded to the nearest CNY.


Information Check-in of Spring Airways

Spring Airlines allows you for online check in through the website. Print your boarding pass and the e-Boarding pass will also be sent to your email address.

Web Check in also allows you to check in your luggage in advance, select your seat, meal options(if available) and many more, before you depart for the flight.

Information Counter Check-in time

Domestic flights
Check-in counters open 2 (two) hours before scheduled departure and close 45 minutes before scheduled departure. If you arrive late you will not be able to board and will need to buy a new ticket.

International flights
Check in counters open 3 (three) hours before the scheduled departure and close 90 minutes before the scheduled departure. If you arrive late you will not be able to board and will be required to purchase a new ticket.


Customer Service Hotline (+86 21) 95524

Flight Schedule

Spring Airlines flights schedule


Spring Airlines is China’s first and North Asia’s largest low fare airline – guaranteeing our customers the best-value airfares in China and across the Asia region.

Founded in 2005 by Spring Travel, the dominant player in China’s booming travel sector, Spring Airlines is headquartered in Shanghai, China’s financial capital and one of the world’s most dynamic city. Spring operates a state-of-the-art fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft, one of the youngest and “greenest” fleets in the world today. Top safety awards from Airbus and China’s Aviation Autrorities. Offering fares 40% lower than competitors and promotional fares from as low as CNY 1 available on site and you may found all the promo on

Inflight Comforts

To make your flight more enjoyable, travelers on flights departing Shanghai can pre-order hot meals online. Choose from a range of local specialties and pay just CNY 40.
- Select the meal of your choice when booking your flight up to 36 hours in advance
- After booking your ticket, go to My Orders → Extras → Onboard Meals

Company Profile

Spring Airlines is a budget airline with its headquarters in the Homeyo Hotel in Changning District, Shanghai, China. Spring Airlines (English name ) have Chinese characters literally mean "Spring and Autumn Airlines". Spring Airlines is the aviation subsidiary of Shanghai Spring International Travel Service.


Origin Terminal Destination
Shanghai Hongqiao Hongqiao T1 Qingdao
Shanghai Hongqiao Hongqiao T1 Sanya
Shanghai Hongqiao Hongqiao T1 Jinjiang
Shanghai Hongqiao Hongqiao T1 Urumqi
Shanghai Hongqiao Hongqiao T1 Shijiazhuang
Shanghai Hongqiao Hongqiao T1 Kunming
Shanghai Pudong Pudong T2 ShenYang (TaoXian)
Shanghai Pudong Pudong T2 Dalian
Shanghai Pudong Pudong T2 Xiamen
Shanghai Pudong Pudong T2 Sanya
Shanghai Pudong Pudong T2 Harbin
Shanghai Pudong Pudong T2 Guiyang

Terms & Condition

Spring Airlines Terms and Condition