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Nok Air - 프로모션


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Nokair (DD)

 무료 기내 수하물 허용량 7kg
 출발 전 180 분 전에 체크인 하세요
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방콕 to 람빵
6월 2020
US$ 51
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6월 2020
US$ 57

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The airline provides cabin and hold baggage allowance for the passengers, although it depends on the ticket fare of the passenger. For the hand baggage allowance, it depends on the aircraft used on the route.

Aircraft Dimensions
Boeing 737 56 x 36 x 23cm
ATR/Q400 50 x 36 x 23cm

Each passenger is only allowed to bring one baggage to the cabin of the aircraft following the baggage size policy, and not weigh more than 7kg. Item that does not fit in the cabin storage compartment or under the seat in front of you, or overweight, shall not be brought onboard and be stored in the cargo.

As for the checked baggage allowance, it depends on the ticket type used on the flight. The checked in baggage allowance is as follows:

Fare Type Baggage Weight Allowance
Nok Lite Ticket 0kg
Nok X-tra & Nok MAX Ticket - Domestic flight 20kg
Nok X-tra & Nok MAX Ticket - Domestic connecting to international flight 20kg
Nok X-tra & Nok MAX Ticket - International flight 20kg

If you plan to bring more baggage than the allowance weight, you can purchase extra baggage allowance on their website. The purchase should be made at least 24 hours prior to the departure through the website or the call center, and you can check the additional cost for the allowance here

For a complete guide on the restricted or prohibited goods during the flight, such as liquid, alcohol, batteries, stove, etc., click here. If you plan to bring your pet(s) with you, the airline offers pet carriage service and you can read the full information and policy here

Information stated above is intended for general guide only, and may be changed by the airline with no prior notification. Contact the airline or check the airline’s official page for the cabin baggage allowance here or here for the checked baggage allowance.


Check-in of Your Choice

Nok Air provides a variety of check-in options to make any trip of you become a seamless travelling experience. Find the best of check-in choice to fit your lifestyle.

  1. Airport Check-in
  2. Mobile Check-in
  3. Web Check-in
Airport Check-in Mobile Check-in Web Check-in
Recommend for Those who travel with kids or travel to international destination Those who wish to save time at airport, skip the queues, and walk straight to the gate Those who wish save time at airport, skip the queues, and walk straight to the gate
Availability before flight Domestic Flight: - Open 2 hour - Close 45 minute prior to the departure Domestic Flight: - Open 24 hour - Close 45 minute prior to the departure Domestic Flight: - Open 24 hour - Close 1 hour prior to the departure
International Flight: - Open 3 hour - Close 1 hour prior to the departure International Flight: Not available International Flight: Not available
Loaded baggage Load at check-in counter Load at "Mobile Web Check-in" counter
Advance seat selection Not applicable Available at check-in screen Available before and between check-in
How to get boarding pass At check-in counter In “My Bookings” screen Print from website
Passenger ready at the gate for boarding 40 minutes prior to the departure
Boarding gate closes 10 minutes prior to the departure
How to use Don Mueang Domestic Flight : Terminal 2, 3rd floor Download application and go to “Check-in”Row 14-15 Go to Web Check-in” page
International Flight :Terminal 1, 3rd floorRow 7

All information can changes at anytime without prior notice, click here


You are able to contact Nok Air through various channels, such as the social medias, call center, and the head/representative office.

The address of the head office is Nok Airlines Public Company Limited, 3 Rajanakarn Building 17 Fl. South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Sathorn Bangkok 10120. As for the China Representative Office, it can be found in the Rm 1009A Main Tower, GuangDong International Building, No.339 Huan Shi Road, Yue Xiu District, Guang Zhou, Huang Dong province, PRC.

To call the customer service center contact number, you can choose whether to call the Thai call center at 1318, or the international call center at +662 088 8955 that is available from 06.00 to 24.00. Another option is to go to this page to fill in the feedback form for the airline.

Fare Rules

Passengers flying with Nok Air are allowed to make changes to their flight ticket reservation, such as reschedule, postpone, or name correction/name change. However, changing routes or destination is not possible. Ticket cancellation is possible, but refund is not possible.

To change your itinerary (any change on your flight ticket), you will be charged with service charge fee of THB 225 per passenger for every passenger per booking. If there are changes with the price of the ticket, it will also be charged to you. You can make the changes through their call centers, or at the airport ticket counter at least 24 hours before the original departure time.

The passenger can also change the name on the ticket by contacting the call center, or at the airport ticket counter. The change should be made at least 4 hours before the departure time, and on top of the THB 225 service fee, there is Passenger Name Change Fee: THB 750 for Domestic flights and THB 1,210 for International flights.

For passengers flying with infant(s), there is a different child and infant policy that has to be followed and you can access here

If you need an insurance for your flight, you can click here for the airline’s insurance: Nok Sure.

The airline may change its policy without any prior notification. To get an update when it happens, and for their policy on insurance, flight delay, etc., check the airline’s fare rules page for airline here

Flight Schedule

To browse the full Nok Air flight schedule click here


Nok Air was established on 10 February 2004 under Sky Asia Co., Ltd. and started its operations on 23 July the same year. However, the airline was operating under the name Sky Asia Limited, before changing it in 2006 to Nok Air.

The budget carrier flied only domestic routes until 2007, where it began its international service routes with daily flights from Bangkok to Bangalore. Currently, the airline serves the largest number of domestic destinations in Thailand with 24 routes.

Since 20 June 2013, Nok Air’s share has been traded in the Stock Exchange of Thailand with the name Nok Airlines Public Company Limited, and trading symbol NOK. As of January 2019, the biggest share owner is Mr.Nuttapol Jurangkool at 23.77% followed by Thai Airways International PLC at 21.80%.

Inflight Service

Nok Air offers various types of inflight services for the passengers in the form of hot meals, beverages, and free onboard WiFi. However the wifi is currently only available in 5 aircrafts, and is limited to some internet features such as chat, email, and entertainment.

For the meals, only the passengers flying on Boeing 737 aircraft can pre-order their foods. The service is not yet available to flights operated by ATR72 and Q400 aircrafts. To see the pre-order meal menu, click here

Company Profile

Nok Air (owned by the Nok Airlines Public Company Limited) is a Thai low-cost airline that operates mostly domestic routes from their hub at the Don Mueang International Airport. The airline operates using the IATA code DD, and ICAO code NOK, flying to more than 25 destinations with most being domestic flights and some international flights to Myanmar, Vietnam, and China. The name Nok Air comes from the word ‘nok’ that means ‘bird’ in Thai, a name chosen to represent their values: freedom, air travel, and friendliness. Their friendliness is also apparent in their slogan, “Smiling Across Asia”.

Their headquarter office is located in Nok Airlines Public Company Limited, 3 Rajanakarn Building 17 Fl. South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Sathorn Bangkok 10120.


City Airport Terminal
Bangkok Don Mueang International Airport Domestic flights: Terminal 2, International flights: Terminal 1
Chiang Mai (CNX) Chiang Mai International Airport -
Chiang Rai (CEI) Chiang Rai Airport -
Lampang (LPT) Lampang Airport -
Mae Sot (MAQ) Mae Sot Airport -
Nan (NNT) Nan Nakhon Airport -
Phrae (PRH) Phrae Airport -
Mae Hong Son (HGN) Mae Hong Son Airport -
Buri Ram (BFV) Buriram Airport -
Khon Kaen (KKC) Khon Kaen Airport -
Loei (LOE) Loei Airport -
Nakhon Phanom (KOP) -
Roi Et (ROI) Roi Et Airport -
Sakon Nakhon (SNO) Sakon Nakhon Airport -
Ubon Ratchathani (UBP) Ubon Ratchathani Airport -
Phitsanulok (PHS) Phitsanulok Airport -
Chumphon (CJM) Chumphon Airport -
Hat Yai (HDY) Hat Yai Airport -
Krabi (KBV) Krabi Airport -
Nakhon Si Thammarat (NST) Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport -
Phuket (HKT) Phuket Airport -
Ranong (UNN) Ranong Airport -
Surat Thani (URT) Surat Thani Airport -
Trang (TST) Trang Airport -
Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) Tan Son Nhat International Airport -
Yangon (RGN) Yangon International Airport -
Nanning (NNG) Nanning Wuxu International Airport -
Zhengzhou (CGO) Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport -
Chengdu (CTU) Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport -

The terminal listed above are for information purposes only, and the airline may change the information with no prior notification. Contact the airline or your departure airport for a more updated information when it is updated.

Terms & Conditions

To read the full terms and conditions of carriage of Nok Air, click here

Flight Attendant

Nok Air Flight Attendant

The flight attendants of Nok Air wears the company’s colour, bright yellow, on their uniform. The female flight attendants wear a knee-length yellow dress with white line accent on the front. On the uniform they have the company’s logo on the right chest, and a name tag on the left.


Nok Air Fleet

Currently, Nok Air operates using a total of 27 aircrafts with three types of aircrafts: the Boeing 737-800, ATR 72-500, and Q400 NextGen. The fleet list is:

Aircraft In Service Passengers
ATR 72-500 2 66
Boeing 737-800 17 189
Q400 NextGen 8 86

Seat Selection

Nok Air Seat

Passengers flying with Nok Air can choose where they want to sit during the flight from 90 days to 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. For the average seat on the airline’s Boeing and Bombardier aircrafts, see below:

Aircraft Seat Pitch Seat Width Length
Boeing 737-800 30 inches 17.17 inches 18.5 inches
Bombardier Q400 NextGen 29 inches 17.0 inches 18.5 inches

On Bombardier, there are only Nok Happy Seat while on the Boeing aircraft there are two seat types: Nok Happy Seat and Nok Premium Seat.
The Nok Premium Seats are in the front row, in the emergency exit rows (30-35 and 44-45) with additional conveniences and services from the airline such as priority check-in, boarding and baggage, along with hot tea or coffee on board. The extra comfort and conveniences will be charged with the following:

Seat Row in Boeing 737-800 Fee in THB Fee in USD
Row 30 THB 500 USD 20
Row 31-35 & 44-45 THB 300 USD 12
Happy Seat (only for Nok Lite Passengers) THB 80 USD 3