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Shanghai Air - 프로모션


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Shanghai Air

Shanghai Air (FM)

 무료 기내 수하물 허용량 10kg
 무료 체크인 수하물 허용량 20kg
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Company Profile

In 2011, Shanghai Airlines merged with China Eastern Airlines and is now a subsidiary of the airline, but it maintains its own logo and uniforms. Up to 2011, Shanghai Airlines is highly regarded in China for its premium services and its record of no accidents since it was established in 1985. The airline mainly operates domestic routes with selected international airlines that fly to some of the major cities in Asia and Australia. Shanghai Airlines is rated as a Top 500 China Enterprise. Along with its parent company, Shanghai Airlines officially joined the world‘s second largest airlines alliance, Sky Team, on June 11, 2011.
In nearly 26 years of development, Shanghai Airlines always sticks to principle of "Safety First, Passenger Paramount Superior, Service Quality and Achieving Reputations". It takes the lead to be a commercialized airline in Chinese Civil Aviation Industry. It has inaugurated Shanghai-Macau Service and over 80 domestic routes, covering 27 large or medium Chinese cities, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Kunming, Shenzhen and Xi'an, with its Boeing series fleet, which comprises 7 B757-200s, 3 B767-300s and 3 B737-700. It has also established Business Offices in 15 domestic cities. Shanghai Airlines has achieved satisfactory economic and social benefits through its excellent safety records, high-quality service and effective operational management. Its Total Transportation Turnover Volume ranks No.9 in Chinese civil aviation enterprises.
Now Shanghai Airlines has grown into a large enterprise group with air transport as major business, complemented by passenger & cargo sales agency, tourism, hotel, trade, advertisement and real estates. It has been chosen as one of the 54 large enterprise groups empathetically supported by Shanghai Municipal Government.
Shanghai Airlines will continue to grasp the opportunity and meet the challenges ahead. Based on operational safety, it will lay great emphasis on market development, service quality improvement and management system perfection. It will also further the organizational adjustment and make full use of the group advantages with a view to actualizing consistent, rapid and healthy development. By improving overall capacity and economic benefit, Shanghai Airlines will become one of the best airlines preferred by passengers in China.

Call Centre

City Address Telephone FAX
Beijing/BEI JING Block Jing'an Hospital East in the 12th country, Chaoyang District, Building B 010-95530 010-64688323
Shanghai/SHANG HAI No. 212 Jiangning Road, Shanghai 258 Weihai Road, Shanghai Huayuanshiqiao Road, 2nd Floor, Citibank Tower, Shanghai 33 021-95530 021-95530 - turn 8
Banna/BAN NA Jinghong route 23 people 0691-2126999 0691-2127775 0691-2120529
Changchun/CHANG CHUN 2677 Jiefang Road, Changchun City, China Everbright Building, Room 1803 0431-88400808 0431-88400707
Changsha/CHANG SHA Changsha, Hunan, Room 2601, No. 549 Wuyi Avenue joint commercial 0731-84463638 0731-84466448 0731-84463460
Chengdu/CHENG DU Qingyang District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, Royal West 6th Street Annex 5-12 (Western Royal Hotel, next) 028-86155133 028-86155233 028-86113296
Chongqing/CHONG QING 27th Floor, International Business Building, U.S. sources Yuzhong District No. 555 Hongjin Road 023-63734780 023-63628000 023-63717217
Dalian/DA LIAN Renmin Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian Hongyuan Building, 21st Floor, No. 9 0411-82828266 0411-82828255
Fuzhou/ FU ZHOU Fuzhou Road 253 on the second floor of a six- 0591-87544108 0591-87543997 0591-
Marylan/LAN ZHOU Chengguan District of Lanzhou City, Gansu Province Donggang West Road 586 0931-8821964 |0931-8885676
Canton/GUANG ZHOU Guangzhou Dongfeng Road, 1st Floor, International Banking Centre, 191 020-81350071 020-81350053
Guilin/GUI LIN Guilin Zhongshan Road No. 3, the fourth floor of the hotel in Vienna 0773-2827046 0773-2822226
Guiyang/GUI YANG 1 floor building Chitianhua Guizhou Guiyang City Ring Road 157 0851-6822288 0851-6818110
Seaport/HAI KOU Sai Sha Road, Haikou City 22 0898-66703191 0898-66784521
Hangzhou/HANG ZHOU Hangzhou Ring Road on the 16th 0571-87016688 0571-87016745
Harbin/ HA ER BIN Harbin Zhongshan Road 224 0451 - 88892666 0451-51717909
Hefei/HE FEI JINZHAI Road No. 246 0551-2822357 0551-2812866
Hohhot/HU HE HAO TE Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, Xinhua East Street, New Town 81 (Inner Gallery opposite) Building Room 702, Unit 1, Fantine Garden 0471-8936888
0471-8937888 0471-6925333
Jinan/JI NAN Jinan Jingshi Road 23806 0531-87964445 0531-87966978
Kunming/KUN MING 28 Rio Road, Kunming 0871-95530 0871-3101976
Lijiang/LI JIANG Tourist Hotel Shangri-La Avenue Lijiang floor 0888-5199999 0888-5155966
Nanchang/NAN CHANG Nanchang Beijing West Eastern Building, No. 208 0791-88514195 0791-88514194
Nanjing/NAN JING No. 334 Hongwu Road, Nanjing, 025-84567158 / 968968 025-84567166
Ningbo/NING BO Building, No. 800 Zhongshan East Road, Ningbo, China Eastern Airlines 0574-27660000 0574-27666611
Qingdao/QING DAO 49 Donghai West Road, Qingdao 0532-83070535 0532-85739175
Shijiazhuang/SHI JIA ZHUANG Shijiazhuang Youyi North Street, No. 369 0311-88641673 0311-88641532
Shenyang/SHEN YANG Heping District, Shenyang City, North Avenue F, Block A Presidential Peace Building 024-22815320 |024-22813380
Shenzhen/SHEN ZHEN Futian District, Shenzhen Zhuzilin Shichiku six Dunhuang Building, 1st Floor, Unit B, 49 0755-88376376 0755-88376377 0755-88376367
Sichuan Province/SI CHUAN Qingyang District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, Royal West 6th Street Annex 5-12 (Western Royal Hotel, next) 028-86155133 028-86155233 028-86113296
Taiwan/TAI WAN Minsheng East Road, Taipei 134, 5th Floor Customer Service Hotline: 40556868 (phone dial 02-40556868) 00886-2-25450781
Taiyuan/TAI YUAN Yingze Avenue, No. 158 0351-4040183 0351-4042903 0351-4139665
Tianjin/TIAN JIN Guizhou Road, Heping District, No.4 Long Tong Building 1F 022-27823909 022-27822639
Urumqi/WU LU MU QI 19th Floor, Block A, Huanghe Road, Urumqi, Xinjiang China Merchants Bank Building No. 2, 0991-5858990 0991-5567801 0991-5567805
Wenzhou/WEN ZHOU Wenzhou City, home to three nature Ronny Bridge Building Room 101 B1 0577-88669550 |0577-89882265
Xiamen/XIA MEN Sai Xiamen Siming South 14 103 0592-5206777 0592-2220000 0592-2211591
Xining/XI NING Xining South Riverfront Room 104, Building 5, Unit 1, 112 0971-6249966 0971-6240363
Xuzhou/XU ZHOU Xuzhou Municipal Jianguo Road No. 80, Block B, F, Building Land and Resources 0516-85806501 0516-85806520
Zhangjiajie/ZHANG JIA JIE Zhangjiajie floor Jiefang Road Pedestrian Street, People's Square, 2 2001AB 0744-8250732 0744-8250650
Zhengzhou/ZHENG ZHOU Zhengzhou City Road on the 21st Century Building, yield 22 F F, West Tower 0371-63943373 / 79 0371-63943621
Hong Kong/HONG KONG United Centre, 95 Queensway, 31st Floor, Room B, Unit B, 31 / F, United Center, 95 Queensway, HONGKONG 00852-36658388 00852-25217011


Shanghai Airlines was established in 1985. It is China's first commercial airline of multidimensional investment funded by the Shanghai municipal government and Shanghai local enterprises. The airline was initially restricted to domestic flights, but has operated international services since 1997.
In late 2002, Shanghai Airlines was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, which enabled the airline to fuel its further expansion. In 2006, the airline's cargo subsidiary was founded.

On December 12, 2007, Shanghai Airlines was officially welcomed as the 19th member of Star Alliance, which consolidated the alliance's presence in the Shanghai market.

On June 11, 2009, it was announced that Shanghai Airlines would merge with China Eastern Airlines. The merger of the two airlines was expected to reduce excess competition between the two Shanghai-based carriers, and allow them to compete more effectively with domestic rivals Air China and China Southern Airlines. It was also aimed at consolidating Shanghai's status as an international aviation hub.

In February 2010, the merger was completed. Shanghai Airlines was delisted from the Shanghai Stock Exchange and became a wholly owned subsidiary of China Eastern Airlines. The new combined airline is expected to have over half of the market share in Shanghai.
As a result of the merger with China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines reached an agreement with Star Alliance to terminate its membership. On 1 November 2010, the airline officially left the Star Alliance and announced its intention to join its parent company in Sky Team.



City Province Country IATA ICAO Airport Refs
Bangkok Thailand BKK VTBS Suvarnabhumi Airport
Beijing Beijing People's Republic of China PEK ZBAA Beijing Capital International Airport
Busan Korea PUS RKPK Gimhae International Airport
Cebu Philippines CEB RPVM Mactan-Cebu International Airport
Da Nang Vietnam DAD VVDN Da Nang International Airport
Hanoi Vietnam HAN VVNB Noi Bai International Airport
Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam SGN VVTS Tan Son Nhat International Airport
Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG VHHH Hong Kong International Airport
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia KUL WMKK Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Macau Macao MFM VMMC Macau International Airport
Malé Maldives MLE VRMM Malé International Airport
Osaka Japan KIX RJBB Kansai International Airport
Phnom Penh Cambodia PNH VDPP Phnom Penh International Airport
Phuket Thailand HKT VTSP Phuket International Airport
Saipan Northern Mariana Islands SPN PGSN Saipan International Airport
Seoul Korea GMP RKSS Gimpo International Airport
Seoul Korea ICN RKSI Incheon International Airport
Shanghai Shanghai People's Republic of China SHA ZSPD Hongqiao International Airport
Shanghai Shanghai People's Republic of China PVG ZSSS Pudong International Airport
Taipei Taiwan TSA RCSS Taipei Songshan Airport
Tokyo Japan HND RJTT Haneda Airport
Toyama Japan TOY RJNT Toyama Airport

People's Republic of China


• Hefei Luogang International Airport
• Huangshan Tunxi International Airport


• Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport
• Wanzhou - Wanxian Airport


• Fuzhou Chengle International Airport
• Wuyishan - Nanping Wuyishan Airport
• Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport


• Lanzhou Airport


• Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
• Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport
• Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport
• Zhanjiang Airport


• Beihai Airport
• Guilin Liangjiang International Airport
• Nanning Wuxu International Airport


• Guiyang Longdongbao Airport


• Haikou Meilan International Airport
• Sanya Phoenix International Airport


• Shijiazhuang Daguocun International Airport


• Harbin Taiping International Airport


• Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport


• Wuhan Tianhe International Airport
• Xiangfan Airport
• Yichang Airport


• Changsha Huanghua International Airport
• Zhangjiajie - Dayong Airport

Inner Mongolia

• Baotou Airport
• Hohhot Baita International Airport


• Nanjing Lukou International Airport
• Xuzhou Airport


• Nanchang International Airport


• Changchun Longjia International Airport
• Yanji Chaoyangchuan Airport
• Liaoning
• Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport
• Jinzhou Airport
• Shenyang Taoxian International Airport
• Ningxia
• Yinchuan Hedong Airport
• Qinghai
• Xining Caojiabu Airport
• Shaanxi
• Xi'an Xianyang International Airport
• Shandong
• Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport
• Jining - Jining Airport
• Linyi Airport
• Qingdao Liuting International Airport
• Weihai Airport
• Yantai Laishan International Airport
• Shanxi
• Taiyuan Wusu Airport
• Sichuan
• Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
• Mianyang Airport
• Tianjin
• Tianjin Binhai International Airport
• Xinjiang
• Urumqi - Ürümqi Diwopu International Airport
• Yunnan
• Kunming Changshui International Airport
• Lijiang - Lijiang Airport
• Xishuangbanna/Jinghong - Xishuangbanna Gasa Airport
• Zhejiang
• Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport
• Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport