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Sriwijaya Air - 프로모션


Sriwijaya Airline은 인도네시아에서 Airpaz Online Ticket Booking를 통해 가장 저렴한 항공권 요금을 제공하는 최고의 항공사입니다.


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Sriwijaya Air (SJ)

 무료 기내 수하물 허용량 7kg
 무료 체크인 수하물 허용량 20kg
 체크인 전 120 분 전에 체크인하십시오
 무료 스낵 온 보드
 온라인 체크인

Sriwijaya Air Group

할인 항공

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선호 루트

Sriwijaya Air 자카르타 마카사르항공편
Sriwijaya Air 마카사르 자카르타항공편
Sriwijaya Air 자카르타 발릭파판항공편
Sriwijaya Air 소롱 자카르타항공편
Sriwijaya Air 자카르타 소롱항공편
Sriwijaya Air 마카사르 메단항공편
Sriwijaya Air 자카르타 마노콰리항공편
Sriwijaya Air 마노콰리 자카르타항공편
Sriwijaya Air 팡칼피낭 마카사르항공편
Sriwijaya Air 마카사르 팡칼피낭항공편
Sriwijaya Air 마카사르 폰티아나크항공편
Sriwijaya Air 폰티아나크 마카사르항공편
Sriwijaya Air 파당 마카사르항공편
Sriwijaya Air 마카사르 파당항공편
Sriwijaya Air 마카사르 팔렘방항공편
Sriwijaya Air 자카르타 마나도항공편
Sriwijaya Air 솔로 마카사르항공편
Sriwijaya Air 마카사르 솔로항공편
Sriwijaya Air 바탐 섬 마카사르항공편
Sriwijaya Air 마카사르 바탐 섬항공편
Sriwijaya Air 비악 자카르타항공편
Sriwijaya Air 반자르마신 자카르타항공편
Sriwijaya Air 탄정판단 마카사르항공편
Sriwijaya Air 마카사르 탄정판단항공편
Sriwijaya Air 마카사르 잠비 주항공편
Sriwijaya Air 잠비 주 마카사르항공편
Sriwijaya Air 자카르타 메라우케항공편
Sriwijaya Air 팔루 자카르타항공편
Sriwijaya Air 자카르타 팔루항공편
Sriwijaya Air 자카르타 루욱항공편
Sriwijaya Air 루욱 자카르타항공편
Sriwijaya Air 마카사르 탄정피낭항공편
Sriwijaya Air 탄정피낭 마카사르항공편
Sriwijaya Air 켄다리 자카르타항공편
Sriwijaya Air 자카르타 켄다리항공편


Information Baggage of Nam Air (Sriwijaya Group)

Hand Baggage

Each Passenger permitted to bring into the cabin 1 standart bag with a maximum weight of 7 kg and standard sizes 40x30x20cm

Inspection Baggage

Each Passenger is allowed to carry a maximum of 20kg of luggage. you can bring different baggage, but the whole weight not exceeding 20kg, if not the additional weight should be paid. For information about additional costs, Please contact the airline directly, we advise you not to save your valuables in the baggage.

Weight of Baggage if you travel with aircraft type ATR 72-600 for Nam Air and Sriwijaya Air [Update April 2018)

Flight No. Rute ETD Bagasi
IN 750 Nabire (NBX) - Biak (BIK) 06:30 20kg
IN 751 Biak (BIK) - Nabire (NBX) 07:45 20kg
IN-752 Nabire (NBX) - Jayapura (DJJ) 09:00 20kg
IN-753 Jayapura (DJJ) - Nabire (NBX) 12:00 20kg
IN-155 Ketapang (KTG) - Pontianak (PNK) 07:05 10kg
IN-140 Pontianak (PNK)- Putussibau (PSU) 08:00 10kg
IN-141 Putussibau (PSU)- Pontianak (PNK) 09:10 10kg
IN-150 Pontianak (PNK) - Ketapang (KTG) 10:40 10kg
IN-151 Ketapang (KTG) - Pontianak (PNK) 11:20 10kg
IN-142 Pontianak (PNK) - Sintang (SQG) 12:20 10kg
IN-143 Sintang (SQG) - Pontianak (PNK) 13:05 10kg
IN-152 Pontianak (PNK)- Ketapang (KTG) 13:50 10kg
IN-153 Ketapang (KTG) - Pontianak (PNK) 14:35 10kg
IN-154 Pontianak (PNK) - Ketapang (KTG) 15:30 10kg
IN-234 Semarang (SRG) - Bandung (BDO) 06:00 15kg
IN-235 Bandung (BDO) - Semarang (SRG) 07:20 15kg
IN-240 Semarang (SRG) - Sampit (SMQ) 08:50 10kg
IN-241 Sampit (SMQ)-Semarang (SRG) 10:30 10kg
IN-200 Semarang (SRG) - Ketapang (KTG) 12:25 10kg
IN-157 Ketapang (KTG) - Pontianak (PNK) 14:10 10kg
IN-156 Pontianak (PNK) - Ketapang (KTG) 15:10 10kg
IN-201 Ketapang (KTG) - Semarang (SRG) 15:55 10kg
Flight No. Rute ETD Bagasi
IN-570 Kupang (KOE) - Ende (ENE) 06:15 15kg
IN-571 Ende (ENE) - Kupang (KOE) 07:25 15kg
IN-560 Kupang (KOE) - Larantuka (LKA) 08:45 10kg
IN-561 Larantuka (LKA) - Kupang (KOE) 09:55 10kg
IN-671 Kupang (KOE)-Waingapu (WGP) 11:10 20kg
IN-670 Waingapu (WGP) - Kupang (KOE) 12:35 20kg
IN-673 Kupang (KOE) - Maumere (MOF) 11:10 20kg
IN-672 Maumere (MOF) - Kupang (KOE) 12:20 20kg
IN-574 Kupang (KOE) - Ende (ENE) 14:40 15kg
IN-575 Ende (ENE) - Kupang (KOE) 15:50 15kg
IN-292 Semarang (SRG) - Pangkalanbun (PKN) 06:20 10kg
IN-124 Pangkalanbun (PKN) - Sampit (SMQ) 07:55 10kg
IN-186 Sampit (SMQ) - Banjarmasin (BDJ) 09:05 10kg
IN-110 Banjarmasin (BDJ) - Kotabaru (KBU) 11:15 10kg
IN-111 Kotabaru (KBU) - Banjarmasin (BDJ) 12:15 10kg
IN-187 Banjarmasin (BDJ) - Sampit (SMQ) 13:25 10kg
IN-125 Sampit (SMQ) - Pangkalanbun (PKN) 13:30 10kg
IN-293 Pangkalanbun (PKN) - Semarang (SRG) 14:40 10kg
IN-230 Semarang (SRG) - Bandung (BDO) 16:35 15kg
IN-231 Bandung (BDO) - Semarang (SRG) 18:05 15kg
IN-254 emarang (SRG) - Denpasar (DPS) 18:40 10kg
IN-255 Denpasar (DPS) - emarang (SRG) 21:50 10kg
Flight No. Rute ETD Bagasi
IN-112 Banjarmasin (BDJ) - BTW 10:00 10kg
IN-113 Batulicin (BTW) - Banjarmasin (BDJ) 14:55 10kg
IN-116 Surabaya (SUB) - Batulicin (BTW) 12:00 10kg
IN-117 Batulicin (BTW) - Surabaya (SUB) 10:55 10kg
IN-114 Surabaya (SUB) - Kotabaru (KBU) 12:10 10kg
IN-115 Kotabaru (KBU) - Surabaya (SUB) 11:00 10kg
IN-754 Jayapura (DJJ) - Wamena (WMX) 11:20 10kg
IN-755 Wamena (WMX) - Jayapura (DJJ) 12:45 10kg

All information of baggage can changes at anytime without prior notice, more information of baggage please contact call centre 24hours ☎(+6221) 292 79 777 | 0804 1 777777


Web Check-in service is available from 24 hours to 4 hours before departure on Sriwijaya Air website.

All passengers carrying baggage must follow the regulations to report at Sriwijaya Air Check-in counter.
Passengers who have checked in and have a boarding pass is passenger departure status has been confirmed and has a seat number. Therefore tickets can not be canceled or refunded (refund), rebook and reroute.
Passengers who have checked-In and have a boarding pass, are required to report before boarding process. If not checked until the closing time for flight boarding process, the tickets are considered forfeited.

You will need to print out your Web Check-in Boarding Pass and bring it with you to the airport to board your flight. Don’t worry if you can’t access a printer right now. You can complete the Web Check-in process first and then return to the Web Check-in page again later to reprint your Boarding Pass.

Check in Terms and Conditions

  • This term and condition refer to Sriwijaya Air regulation based on UU no.1 2009.
  • Web Check-in service is available from 24 hours to 4 hours before departure.
  • Online Check-in is not available for the following passengers:

    • For infants under 2 years old not occupying a seat.
    • For Adult and infants under 2 years old not occupying a seat.
    • Group booking
    • Passengers who need special assistance at the airport, children aged less than 12 years old who travel alone or Unaccompanied Minor (UM), require a wheelchair, stretcher case, or other special handling in airport.
  • There is more than one name of passenger on the ticket, the passenger can still make a separate check in process.

  • Please report your Internet Boarding (PDF boarding pass) first to the Airport Check-in Sriwijaya Air Counter before Boarding.
  • Boarding gate number and seat number may be changed without notice for reasons such as the circumstances at the airport on the day of the flight, or a change of aircraft. Please check the airport information display system after arriving at the Airport.


  • For use of the service, please present the e-ticket with confirmed reservation.
  • This passenger’s ticket is valid only for the person named hereon and is not transferable.
  • Passengers with connecting flight, Check-in only can be done sequentially.
  • In case of flight delay, Sriwijaya Air will not be responsible, if there is miss connection with other airlines.
  • Passengers with pregnant condition required to report MEDIF (Medical Information) at the time of reporting at the check-in counter.
  • Please arrive early for quarantine and security checks. Please complete the check-in procedure at the airport Sriwijaya Air counter at least 60 minutes before departure for domestic flights, and 90 minutes before departure for international flights.
  • Checkin closed 30 minutes before departure schedule.
  • Boarding closed 10 minutes before departure schedule.
  • Passenger are allowed to bring a cabin baggage only for one piece personal item and one piece carry-on baggage. Personal item dimension 22 cm x 25 cm x 43 cm with max weight 2 kg, carry-on baggage dimension 58 cm x 46 cm x 43 cm with max weight 7 kg.
  • If baggage is not in accordance with the above conditions (number, dimensions, and size), baggage should be carried as checked baggage. Passenger required to report at the time of reporting at the check-in counter.
  • The carrier assumes no liability for fragile or perishable articles and live animal if carried as checked baggage.
  • Currency, precious metals, jewelry, negotiable instruments, securities, personal identification documents and other items of value are best carried with the passengers in the cabin. Sriwijaya Air assumes no liability for any valuable articles carried.
  • Passengers who make cancellation have to report to Check-in counter or Sriwijaya Air Contact Center.
  • For further information please contact Sriwijaya Air Contact Center at 021-29279777 or 08041777777

Call Centre

Head Office Sriwijaya Air

Jl. Marsekal Suryadarma No. 1, Bandara Soekarno-Hatta, M I
Tangerang, Indonesia
Phone : 021 - 55917777
Fax : 021 - 55912888

Operation Office

Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta No.68
Blok C 15 - 16, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
Phone : 021 - 6396006

Airport Office

Bandara Soekarno Hatta
Terminal 1B, Tangerang, Indonesia
Phone : 021 - 5507902
Fax : 021 - 5507902

Fare Rules

Sriwijaya Air Fare Rules

Flight Schedule

Sriwijaya Air Flight Schedule


PT. Sriwijaya Air born as a purely private company founded by Chandra Lie, Lie Hendry, Johannes Bunjamin, and Andy Halim. Sriwijaya air then started its business with a fleet of Boeing 737-200 capitalize. Some experts who have contributed to the establishment of Sriwiaya Air pioneers such as Supardi, Capt. kusnadi, Capt. Adil W, Capt. Harwick L, Gabriella, Suwarsono and Joko Widodo.

In 2003, right on Heroes Day, November 10th, Sriwijaya Air began its maiden flight by flying the route Jakarta - Pangkal Pinang PP, Jakarta - Palembang PP, Jakarta - Jambi PP, and Jakarta - Pontianak PP. Currently, Sriwijaya Air has 32 Boeing fleet to serve a total of 41 regional routes including the Medan - Penang PP and other international Routes. In order to develop and share the market, this year will bring additional Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737-800 series New Generation (NG).

In the care and maintenance of the fleet, Sriwijaya Air cooperating with PT Aero Nusantara Indonesia (ANI) and the garuda Maintenance Facility (GMF) as a reliable maintenance provide in Indonesia with international standards. This cooperation is intended so Sriwijaya's customer will get optimum safety and comfort. In addition, Labor-owned Sriwijaya Air is a selcted human resource (HR) that are skilled, friendly, and reliable.

InFlight Comfort

Free snack/meal

Company Profile

Sriwijaya Air is one of Indonesia's largest airline flew more than 700,000 passengers each month. Reaching more than 41 destinations including two in the regional and country areas other popular tourist destinations in Indonesia.

Sriwijaya Air to concentrate on the business passenger and feright services, with a range of national and regional.
Since its establishment on 10 November 2003, the water reached Sriwijaya targerts packed in its mission and vision, such as: promoting quality service, being the airline that can compete nationally and regionally, ready to expand business at the world level, and adopting the lates technologies in management effective and efficient company, inviting domestic and international tourist to various destinations, as well as business profit.

Sriwijaya Air airline based in Jakarta, managed to survive and come out of the 2008 global crisis without significant losses. even continue to expand into eastern Indonesia with new fleets.


Airport Terminal
Soekarno International Airport Terminal 2F

Term and Condition

Information of terms and condition of Sriwijaya Air click here