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Tibet Airlines - 프로모션


고객님의 여행을 Airpaz와 함께 계획하고 Tibet Airlines 저렴한 항공권 오늘 받으세요! Airpaz는 초특가로 간편한 항공권 예약 서비스를 제공해 드립니다.


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Tibet Airlines

Tibet Airlines (TV)

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인기 경로

Tibet Airlines 코사무이/사무이 섬에서 청두 시로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 코사무이/사무이 섬에서 충칭 시로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 코사무이/사무이 섬에서 항저우로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 시안에서 코사무이/사무이 섬로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 코사무이/사무이 섬에서 시안로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 코사무이/사무이 섬에서 칭다오로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 코사무이/사무이 섬에서 선전로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 코사무이/사무이 섬에서 베이징로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 코사무이/사무이 섬에서 상하이홍치아오로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 코사무이/사무이 섬에서 쿤밍로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 코사무이/사무이 섬에서 상하이로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 시안에서 방콕로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 시안에서 방콕로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 우이산에서 방콕로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 우이산에서 방콕로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 시안에서 푸껫 주로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 우이산에서 푸껫 주로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 샤먼에서 코사무이/사무이 섬로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 시안에서 치앙마이로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 우이산에서 쿠알라룸푸르로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 시안에서 싱가포르창이로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 우시에서 쿠알라룸푸르로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 시안에서 부산로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 시안에서 코타키나발루로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 우시에서 부산로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 시안에서 조호바루로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 시안에서 치앙라이로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 시안에서 서울로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 시안에서 쿠알라룸푸르로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 시안에서 마카오로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 우시에서 코사무이/사무이 섬로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 청두 시에서 샤먼로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 샤먼에서 방콕로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 샤먼에서 방콕로 가는 항공편
Tibet Airlines 샤먼에서 싱가포르창이로 가는 항공편

Call Centre

Address: Economic and Technological Development Zone,Lhasa, Tibet, China
Phone: 0086 28 85207888


Tibet Airlines was approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China in March 2010. It has ordered three Airbus A319 airliners and intends to order more airliners from the same family. The airline received its first aircraft on 2 July 2011 and launched service by operating flight from Lhasa Gonggar Airport to Ngari Gunsa Airport on 26 July. It intends to start flight to Beijing and Shanghai by the end of 2011.
The airline also announced plans to start direct flights to Europe by 2015 or 2016. In February 2011, the Times of India reported that the airline is interested in starting operations in India and other countries in South and South East Asia.

Company Profile

Tibet Airlines Co., Ltd. is China Civil Aviation Administration approved the establishment of a high- altitude airline , operating base in Gongga Airport in Lhasa, Tibet . Tibet Airlines on March 31, 2010 approved the establishment of the China Civil Aviation Administration . Incorporated in the Trade and Industry Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region June 17, 2010 .

Companies registered capital of RMB 580 million Yuan II . Shareholders by the Tibet Autonomous Region Investment Co., Ltd. ( 20% ) , Air China Limited ( 31% ) , Tibet Sanli Investment Co., Ltd. ( 39% ) , Tibet Rui wing Investments Limited ( 10% ) components. Tibet Airlines first Airbus aircraft ordered A319-115 aircraft , the number of seats for the 128 , which uses the first class cabin 8 and 120 economy class cabin layout for two . The first aircraft was delivered in Hamburg, Germany on July 1 , will deliver the second frame and the third aircraft in August and September this year .
First-class flight equipment

Tibet Airlines A319-115 aircraft choose to install a high performance , high altitude capabilities airworthiness CFM56-5B engines. A319-115 aircraft compared with the performance of the Tibet Airlines aircraft types , with excellent communications ( VHF VHF, HF high frequency and satellite communications ) ; double sets of the most advanced weather radar can detect three-dimensional meteorological information ; possess automatic Dependent Surveillance function (ADS-B), to meet the needs of a new generation of traffic management ; cargo system with ventilation and heating , and meet live animals and transportation ; equipped with oxygen cylinders type system to meet all the high altitude airport flight .

Aircraft equipped with ground-based , satellite-based navigation systems and autonomy : from the traditional automatic locator beacons (ADF), omni-directional beacon (VOR) rangefinder (DME) and Instrument Landing System (ILS), the precise inertial navigation system (IRS) and the satellite navigation system (GPS), to achieve RNP precision navigation capabilities to ensure flight safety altitude routes . RNP 's most advanced technology to ensure the punctuality rate, shorten the voyage , low carbon and environmental protection.
Note : highland plateau airports, including airports and general high-altitude airport categories.

Average altitude airport : altitude 1500 m ( 4922 ft ) or more, but less than 2438 meters ( 8000 feet ) from the airport.
High -altitude airport : altitude 2438 m ( 8000 ft ) above the airport and .
Practical and reliable team of pilots
Our team of aviation industry veteran flight flight staff, rich flying experience . Tibet Airlines currently has 17 represents the highest level of technology class C flight instructor . These teachers have at least 20 years of flying experience each . Most of whom are long-term in Chengdu - Flight Ali and other routes - Lhasa , Chengdu - Banda , Chengdu - Nyingchi , Chengdu . The Tibet Airlines flight safety strong backing.

Tibet Airlines route network
Tibet Airlines will realize maiden voyage after Ali , will be the first to open in Lhasa - Ali , Lhasa - Chengdu , Lhasa - Chongqing and other routes. We will be the center of Lhasa Gongga Airport , making route network covering all civil airports autonomous region , autonomous region will be built to the airport where the aircraft flew in Tibet where aviation and gradually opened to connect the provinces and municipalities of the route. Future Tibet Airlines will increase the Tibet Autonomous Region and the Mainland and South air link , "then within the country , even outside the South ," according to the instructions of the leadership of the autonomous region , Tibet to build a bridge to the rest of the air .

Company Positioning

Tibet Airlines Limited operating principle of " safety first, dedicated service, business law , top-notch ." Tibet Airlines will offer passengers a safer, more comfortable, more intimate services for domestic and business travel between the Tibet region who , for their understanding and development of Tibet provide a new window.

Tibet Airlines will be happy to meet the various needs of the market, for you to build a secure channel between roof . Tibet Airlines air service will always reflect the elegance and courteous , warm and sincere service , and always pay attention to the needs of travelers , business travelers to create a warm atmosphere . Tibet Airlines flight attendants are socially oriented first card , the crew "nation , fresh , warm " brand perfect show . For the Tibetan plateau unique environment , in addition to regular cabin service , in the service of passengers we will add some prevention " plateau discomfort " intimate care services. For example, in the food and beverage to be improved , and equipped with the necessary protective equipment and emergency medicine . For plateau situation prone to physical discomfort , our crew will conduct specialized training, such as knowledge of the plateau , altitude sickness prevention and first aid measures. In addition, the Tibetans in Tibet Airlines crew also will work to create a more localized unique national characteristics and regional style air service culture.


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