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NokScoot - 프로모션


NokScoot, 태국 최고의 항공사와 함께 비행하십시오. Airpaz를 통해 항공권을 구입하고 다양한 할인 혜택을 받으십시오!

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NokScoot (XW)

 무료 기내 수하물 허용량 7kg
 출발 전 120 분 전에 체크인 하세요
 온라인 체크인

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Cabin Baggage

Economy class
All passengers are given free cabin luggage allowance (included in the ticket) for items whose weight is not more than 7kg, and size not bigger than 54cm x 38cm x 23cm (or total linear dimension 115cm). Other than the cabin baggage, the passenger may also carry one of the following personal items on board:
A laptop computer, handbag, pocketbook or purse (of reasonable size).

A pair of crutches or prosthetic device – for use, provided that the guest is dependent on them for mobility.
ScootBiz class

As for the ScootBiz class passengers, they are permitted to take up to 15kg of cabin baggage onboard. The items can be in two (2) baggages/pieces (e.g. small bag or briefcase) that do not exceed dimensions of 54cm x 38cm x 23cm (total linear dimensions 115cm) per piece.
Check-in Baggage

Although there is no free checked baggage allowance, passengers can buy checked baggage allowance directly on their website. There is no limit to how many luggages to bring since the limit is based on weight, and the weight allowance starts from 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 35kg, and 40kg.
Purchasing extra weight allowance for baggage is important to avoid overweight charges if you intend to pack more baggage.


For health and safety reasons, NokScoot reserves the right not to accept any individual item as checked-in baggage that exceeds 32 kg or exceed total linear dimensions (add together the depth, width and length) of 158cm.

For more information and price of the baggage allowance, click here.

For liquid, aerosol, and gas (GAS) items, the items need to be put in a maximum 100ml container. The containers then should be put inside a 1l transparent resealable plastic bag. For more information on items that should be bought with precautions such as battery and powerbank, click here


Passengers can check in online on the airline’s website or directly at the airport. The check-in counter at the airport opens 3 hours and closes 1 hour (60 minutes) prior to departure. You are advised to be at the airport 120 minutes, and finish the check in sequence 90 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Fare Rules

Passengers who are pregnant should show a medical certificate confirming their health and fitness for travel. As for passengers flying with infants, the baby should not be younger than 8 days old. Children under 2 years old have to travel with an adult.

Both cancelling and requesting a refund for tickets that have been purchased is not permitted since flight tickets with the airline is not refundable. This refund policy applies for all fare classes, economy or business, with NokScoot (Fly, FlyBag, FlyBagEat, and ScootBiz).

However, if you want to delay your trip, you can change the date and time of your departure until up to 48 hours before the departure time. An extra fee and price difference in tickets (if any) will be charged to make the change.

If you made a mistake or filled in the wrong name when purchasing the ticket, you can contact the airline on their website or call center to make a change. You will be charged an extra fee for the name correction.

If you would like to purchase a travel insurance, you can buy it from the airline. Read here for a complete information.

For a complete information on additional fee for services such as additional checked-in baggage, seat selection, and name change fee here

The airline may change its policy without any prior notification. To get an update when it happens, and for their policy on insurance, flight delay, etc., contact the airline’s customer service team.

Flights Schedule

Information of flight schedule of NokScoot click here


In 2013, Scoot and Nok Air signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to establish a new low-cost, medium and long haul routes. The airline follows Thai’s statutory limit of foreign ownership, so Nok Air owns a majority (51%) of the share while Scoot owns the remaining 49%.

The airline got their approval from the Department of Civil Aviation of Thailand for the Air Operator’s Certificate (AOS) on October 30, 2014. A delivery of the airline’s Boeing 777 fleet arrived on November 23, 2014. Since 2015, the airline have started operating from its hub at the Don Mueang International Airport.

InFlight Service

There are various features and services that can be enjoyed during the flight with NokScoot, which may depend on the fare class that you are taking.

Passengers flying economy class will have the choice to add extra comfort such as inflight meals, extra large seats, extra baggage, and more. While passengers flying in business class will have a more comfortable seat in the exclusive 24 seat upfront cabin, complimentary food and extra baggage allowances, along with priority check-in and boarding.

For the inflight food menu that you can order and buy, click here


Terminal Information of Nok Scoot

Country Airport Terminal
Thailand Don Mueang International Airport Check in counter 6 & 7, Terminal 1
Taiwan, Taipei Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Check-in Counter 11-16, Terminal 1
China, Chongqing Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport Terminal 1
China, Dalian Dalian International Airport Terminal 2
China, Nanjing Nanjing Lukuo International Airport Check-in Counter A1-6, Terminal 2
China, Shenyang Shenyang Taoxian International Airport Terminal 3
China, Qingdao Qingdao Liuting International Airport Check-in Counter E20-25, Terminal 2
China, Tianjin Tianjin Binhai International Airport Check-in Counter A7-11, Terminal 1
Singapore Singapore Changi Airport Check-in Counter 7, Terminal 2
Japan, Tokyo Narita International Airport Terminal 2
Japan, Osaka Kansai International Airport Check-in Counter H, Terminal 1

The terminal listed above are for information purposes only, and the airline may change the information with no prior notification. Contact the airline or your departure airport for a more updated information when it is updated.

Terms & Conditions

Information of terms and conditions of NokScoot click here

Call Centre

The airline provides various customer service call centres depending on the country you are calling from, and the language you speak. Most countries would have English customer service support for the passengers to contact.

Country Telephone Number Language Service Operational Hours
Thailand +66 2021 0000 Thai Support Opens 9am to 9pm (Bangkok time), Monday to Sunday
English Support Opens 24 hours, Monday to Sunday
Mandarin Support Opens 24 hours, Monday to Sunday
China +86 400 642 8268 Thai Support Opens 10am to 10pm (Tianjin time), Monday to Sunday
English Support Opens 24 hours, Monday to Sunday
Mandarin Support Opens 24 hours, Monday to Sunday
Taiwan +886 2 7741 7941 Thai Support Opens 10am to 10pm (Taipei time), Monday to Sunday
English Support Opens 24 hours, Monday to Sunday
Mandarin Support Opens 24 hours, Monday to Sunday
Japan +81 3 4589 9464 Japanese Support Opens 9am to 9pm (Tokyo time), Monday to Sunday
English Support Opens 24 hours, Monday to Sunday
Thai Support Opens 11am to 11pm (Tokyo time), Monday to Sunday
Singapore +65 3157 6434 Thai Support Opens 10am to 10pm (Singapore time), Monday to Sunday
English Support Opens 24 hours, Monday to Sunday
Mandarin Support Opens 24 hours, Monday to Sunday

Company Profile

Launched in 2014, NokScoot is a joint venture airline company between Thai’s Nok Air and Singapore’s Scoot. Nok Air owns 51% of the share, while Scoot owns the rest 49%. The airline promotes itself as an airline that “puts the fun back into budget travel”, since the passengers can customize their flight experience as they wish.

NokScoot operated under the IATA code XW, and ICAO code NCT. The airline flies from its hub in Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport to 11 international destinations in China, India, Japan, and Taiwan. Seven of the 11 airports are located in China, with only one destination in India and Taiwan, and two in Japan. All the aircrafts operate in two-class configuration, NokScoot’s Economy and Business class or known as ScootBiz.

Cabin Crew

Nok Scoot Flight Attendant

NokScoot’s cabin crew wears a uniform in the company’s colour, yellow. The female flight attendants wear knee-length yellow dress with black colour blocking on the side. The colours are chosen not only to represent the cheerfulness of the airline, but also its professionalism. The design also allows its cabin crew to perform their duties comfortably.

Different from the female flight attendants, the pilots, co-pilots and male flight attendants wear a set of white shirt and black pants paired with a striped tie in black and yellow.


Nok Scoot Fleet

Currently, NokScoot operates using Boeing 777 wide-body aircraft that can fit 415 passengers at max. The seats equipped in the aircraft are in 3-4-3 double aisles configuration.

Seat Selection

Nok Scoot Seat

  1. Standard Seats (Blue)
    Clad in royal blur fablic. Nok Scoot's Standard Seats recline to an impressive 6” and feature a typical 31” seat pitch.

  2. Super Seats (Yellow)
    With up to 35” of legroom and impressive 6” of reclining seat, these will make your onboard experience that much sweeter, all for a small fee. Want an insider tip? The Super seats of our NokScoot Boeing 777 aircraft are bigger, with more leg and elbow room. These seats come in pairs, which give you more privacy and which give us all the more reason to refer to them as Nok Scoot ‘love seats’.

  3. Stretch Seats (Yellow)
    Whether you're tall or you're small, you deserve to sprawl. Our Stretch seats have the most legroom of all, with max to 36" of legroom and no seat in front of you. Look out for these seats on board – they’re the ones in yellow at the bulkheads and by the doors. And they are all yours, for a small fee.

  4. Scoot in Silence
    If you would like to fly in peace and quiet, our Scoot-in-Silence cabin, behind the ScootBiz zone, will be the best choice for you. Besides the exclusivity and privacy that you’ll enjoy in the Scoot-in-Silence cabin as under 12’s will be someplace else.

  5. ScootBiz seats:
    Full leather seats that offer at least 38" (96.5cm) of legroom, 21.7" (55.1cm) of width, 8" (20.3cm) of recline, plus a footrest and in-arm trays that can be unfolded partially or fully.