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How to Book flight ticket on
There are 4 simple step to book your cheap flights with ;

1. Search for flight

1. Type or select the name of the city/Airport name or code your are depart from and arrival to
2. Click depart date (with return date if any), then a calender will pop up
3. Select the number of passenger with category Children (Between 2- 12 years old ) and Infant (below 2 years old) then click search

2. Choose a Flight
You will find a list of all available flights for your selected departure and return dates below by click the arrow on the price right side.
3. Entering Contact Information and Passenger Data

1. Contact Information
You are required to enter the details of passengers such as; Title (Mr/Mrs/Ms), First Name, Last Name, Country phone codes, mobile number and email. Makes sure all the data is correct
2. Passenger Data
You are required to enter the detail of Passenger Data. Select the Tittle, Type your first name, last name, birthdate, Nationality, Choose the Baggage. For International flight you may required to fill the passport number and expirey date field.
*You can skip this step if you click the box \" Save my contact & passenger data for my next visit\"

4. Booking Process & Payment Method
After you click \"continue\" button a new page will appear to confirmation your reservation data, you will see your booking details, passenger data,flight information and price related to your reservation, then click \"Book Now\" button.
There are four different method of payment to be choosen such as: Bank Transfer (BCA/Mandiri/BNI), Debit Card (BCA KlikPay, Mandiri SMS, CIMB Clicks), Credit Card (Master/Visa/)
After completed the Payment, you will automatically receive the email for your e-ticket
How can I book ?
All you need is internet connection, credit/Debit card and bank transfer. Select the required day and number of passengers on the booking page. Then the system will be shown all the available flight corresponding to your requirements along with fares and tarrif. Follow the instruction step by step to complete your booking. At the end of the booking you need to submit the payment and to you will be given the booking reference and please printout the ticket. You need to give this booking reference at the check - in desk in order to recieive your boarding ticket.
What is the latest time to book?
You can book up to 6 hours before flight departure on our website or via mobile service or by call our customer service and transfer the total payment by bank transfer. Later bookings can only be made in the airport. You may check start from 2 hours before departure flight.
Can I place my reservation on hold ? How long?
Yes, you can place a reservation on hold about 2 hours before you purchase the ticket. If you have not complete the payment within 2 hours, the reservation will be canceled automatically. You will not be able to hold a reservation if the airlines doesn't allow the ticket to be hold. Some of the airlines just allow to hold the ticket only for 15 minutes.

How to Resend Itinerary, If I don't receive or I have lost my booking Confirmation, what should I do?
With you can view your online booking confirmation in "Manage Booking" section. find "Resend itinerary to email" , input your mail then, click send.
Can I reserve a seat when I book my flight on
You can't reserve a seat while booking on But if you want to reserve a seat , you may call the airlines call centre directly.
What should I do, if I misspell the name or passenger data?
We advised you to check again the data that you entered is correct or not before you approving your flight booking.
After you submit the payment and had been confirmed and receive your itinerary, the booking can not be change by online. Most of the airlines doesn't allow name change once the ticket is sold. For any assistance, you may contact our customer support or you may contact the airlines directly.
When will I get the Boarding Pass?
You need to know that we not issued the Boarding Pass after you buy the ticket. Boarding Pass will be issued by the airlines after you check-in by online on airlines website or when you arrive at the counter of the airport for check -in. If you check-in by online, the airlines will sent you the boarding pass, and you need to print out.
Can I book my child or my infant on my reservation? How?
Yes, you can book the reservation with infant (< 2 years) who travelling with parent's lap. But for children over 2 years, you can be easly booked at with separate seat with parents. Make sure that children under 12 years are booked under the reservation of the acompanying person with the same booking code.
When I book my flight, the price changed, why?
You should know that there are many people who want to buy tickets which cost the same as the price you want. You must book the ticket quickly. If you book the ticket but the price changed, it means someone else already got the ticket that you want.
You need to check your ticket price first before you making payment by your credit card.
If you paid the ticket without check the price and got the ticket confirmation from us, you can not cancel it .
What does Airpaz Code means?
Airpaz Code is the code was issued by us when you hold your booking for a several time to record the database of a Computer Reservation System (CSR) that contains the itinerary for a passenger or group of passenger travelling together. The Book Code will help you to view your itinerary when you hold it.
What does the meaning of One Stop Flight?
"One Stop" Flight is transit at one place from your departure destination to your arrival destination. Airpaz provide "one stop" Flight' option for one or differ airline.

For "one stop" flights , you will be given 2 booking. You have to collect your baggage and go through check-in again when you are taking 2 different flights to get to your final destination and stopping at a transit station. For International flights, you need to going through immigration processing.

It is important that you fully understand before that the risks of purchase "one-stop" flights. The planned delay or cancellation of one flight segment causes You to miss your connection flight, is completely yours and not responsibility of
Is there any different of price between adult and child/infant?
Some of the airlines offer the same price ticket to the children, but a lot of airlines offer discounts for infants and children. These discount are may vary depending on the airlines.
What is Book Code/PNR?
Book Code/PNR is the proof that you have booked a flight(s) successfully. You must show this code during your check-in time at the airport. This code is issued after payment has completed.

If there is a change of your booking code, our system will automatically send a notification to your contact number.
Please make sure that you have registered an active contact number
I Book return flight with difference airlines but one flight are unsuccessful, what should i do?
If you have notices that one of your flight fails, you do not need to make payments. Please rebook your return flights or try to book in two single flights (one way)

But if you agree to complete the payment for one of flights (depart or return) while you do return flight reservation, we suggest you to rebook one of flight that you failed to book either depart or return with single flight (one way).

How do I know if my payment and booking was successful?
1. Check your booking record on Manage Booking :
- Go To Manage Booking on our site here
- Click View Booking
- Provide your Airpaz Code and email
- Find your booking status

2. Verify Payment has made:
2.1 If Payment has been verified by your bank, you should receive an email or SMS on the status booking in 48 hours from the time booking was made followed by itinerary or
2.2 Please wait 30 minutes and refresh Manage Booking on our site
2.3 Calling our Call Centres at the following number:
- Indonesia (ID) : +62 803321817
- Malaysia (MY) : +60 327243805
- Singapore (SG) : +65 31080308
- Thailand (TH) : +66 600024105
- Australia (AU) : +61 280149849
- China (CN) : +86 105994890

* Please note, that you need to checked your order status by 2 step above in order to avoid re-booking the same booking
I have paid my ticket but have not yet received any ticket on my e-mail or SMS, what should I do?
If you have not yet received any ticket on your e-mail or short message service (SMS), do not worry. Kindly provide both Your airpaz code and email and go to our site on 'manage booking' then click 'view booking' here to see all your order details and status. Or you may contact our customer service here
How the regulation for Expectant Mothers and age for Newborn Infants and Children will be accepted on board?
According to regulations of IATA (International Air Transport Association) about passenger with air travel, please carefully read the conditions of carriage for passengers as follows:
- Expectant mothers are normally accepted for travel without requiring medical clearance unless there is any uncertainty regarding the progress of the pregnancy.
- Expectant mothers who travelling less than 4 (four) weeks prior to the planned date of delivery - 8 (eight) weeks for multiple pregnancies or if any complications in delivery may be expected with Medical clearance. Cabin crew will check the medical clearance required.
- Passengers beyond the 28th week of pregnancy should carry a medical certificate confirming the expected delivery date and that they are in good health.
- Passengers with normal pregnancies and no previous history of premature labor can travel up to and including the 36th week. After that time, only short trips will be considered and only after assurance by the treating physician that there is no sign of imminent delivery.
- Air travel is not recommended for pregnant women within the last 7 (seven) days prior to delivery and within the first 7 (seven ) days after delivery

- Healthy new-born infants, provided not prematurely born, may travel following the first 7 (seven) days after birth.
- Premature infants are subject to medical clearance depending on individual airline policies and you may contact the airlines direclty.
- Children aged between 2 years old and less than 12 years old.
To ensure the regulation for age acceptance for newborn infants, children or regulation for expectant mother, please contact the airline in advance (List of Airlines) because some of airlines have different rules. Airpaz not responsible if staff or cabin crew doesn't allow you to travel with them.
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