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Hanapin ang China West Air na mga deal at iba pang murang mga ticket sa flight dito. Ang Airpaz ay tutulong sa iyong na mai-book ang China West Air na tiket sa flight. Sumuskribi ngayon para sa lahat ng mga balita sa promosyon ng mga airline.


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China West Air

China West Air (PN)

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International Carriage

Checked Baggage
1.Upon delivery to West Air of baggage to be checked, West Air shall take custody thereof and issue a baggage identification tag for each piece of checked baggage.

2.Passenger shall label the name, contact way or other personal recognition mark in or out of the checked baggage.

3.Checked baggage should try to be carried on the same aircraft as the passenger, for the purpose of safety, security or transportation, unless West Air decides that this is impracticable, in which case West Air will carry the checked baggage on Carrier's next flight on which space is available.

4.Unless otherwise specified, the weight allowance of checked baggage cannot exceed 50Kg and the maximum volume should not exceed 40cm x 60cm x 100cm. The baggage which exceeds above regulations should be transported as previously determined by West Air.

Unchecked (Carry-On) Baggage
1.Baggage which the passenger carries on to the aircraft must fit under the seat in front of the passenger or in an enclosed storage compartment in the cabin.

2.Every passenger are allowed to carry one unchecked baggage within 5 KG to get in the cabin. The volume of the baggage should be within 20cm * 30cm * 40cm. The baggage that can’t meet the standards should be carried as checked baggage.

3.If the weight or size of the passenger’s baggage goes against above regulations, which makes the baggage unsuitable to be transported in the cargo compartment, such as delicate musical instrument, passenger shall inform West Air in advance if he or she wants to carry it as unchecked baggage. Service providing for such baggage is extra. And unless receiving consent from West Air, the baggage could not be carried into the cabin.

Free Baggage Allowance
Free Baggage Allowance West Air free baggage allowance should be processed if there is no other baggage rule from West Air.
A. There is no free baggage allowance for adult passenger with present economic ticket unless there are other rules.
B. For child and infants with child-price ticket,they can have free baggage allowance as same as the adult’s. There is no free baggage allowance for infrant with 10% adult price ticket, but, folding baby car is allow to take on board.

Excess Baggage
1. Excess baggage is the weight that excesses the weight limitation of free baggage allowance.
2. Excess Baggage only passengers pay excess baggage charges by west air fill open after excess baggage ticket in order to be accepted for carriage.
3. The price rate and computational method should be process by following related rules of West Air. In international connection transportation, and for the leg that is flied by other carrier, the price rate and computational method should be processed by following the carrier’s rule

Domestic Carriage

Checked baggage
1.All checked baggage shall be properly packaged, locked, firmly tied, capable of withstanding a certain amount of stress, able to be loaded, unloaded and transported safely under normal conditions, and must meet the following requirements:
A. Suitcases, bags, handbags and etc. shall be safely locked.
B. Over two pieces shall not be tied together as one piece.
C. Other items shall not be attached to the baggage.
D. Baskets, net bags, ropes, and straw bags shall not be used to wrap baggage.
E. Saw dust, chaff, grass clippings are not allowed to be used as backing inside the packing. Name, detailed address and phone number shall be written on the baggage.

2.For each checked baggage, the maximum weight shall not exceed 50 kilograms and the maximum dimensions shall not exceed 40 x 60 x 100 centimeters in size. Items exceeding these allowances may be checked only after being approved by West Air.

Unchecked Baggage (Including self-care baggage and carry-on items)
Every passenger can take one unchecked baggage weighting less than 5 kilos in the cabin. The bulk of the baggage should be within 20×30×40cm, otherwise, the baggaged should be transported as checked baggage.

Free baggage allowance
1.The unchecked baggage can get free allowance.

2.The free baggage allowance for a ticket in Cabin Y/B/H/K/L/M/R/Q is 10kgs. There is no free baggage allowance for other discounted ticket or product except the ticket price above.

3.There is no free baggage allowance for infant ticket.

Excess baggage charge
1.When the total weight of checked baggage and self-care baggage exceeds the free baggage allowance, the exceeded portion is excess baggage and the excess baggage fee will be charged.

2.An excess baggage ticket will be issued to the passenger in the case that excess baggage is charged.

3.The excess baggage fee per kilogram is 1.5% of the full economy class ticket price on the date that the excess baggage ticket is issued, priced in cents of RMB. The total charge will be priced in RMB and rounded to the nearest whole Yuan.


International Flight General Conditions

1. The passenger shall arrive at the airport within the prescribed time limit to complete ticket inspection, baggage checking and boarding pass issuance with a valid travel document.

2. The passenger who has made a reservation can check-in directly in check-in department, while those who have not made a reservation shall make a standby check-in according to West Air’s Regulations.

The passenger shall arrive at West Air’s given boarding gate sufficiently after checking-in and complete all the government formalities in time. If the passenger fails to arrive in time or appears improperly documented or not ready to travel, West Air may cancel the reserved space for the purpose of not delaying the flight’s departure, and without the liability to the passenger for loss or expense due to the passenger's failure to comply with the provisions of this Article.

Domestic Flight General Conditions

Check-in and boarding
1. Passengers shall arrive at the airport within the time limit specified by West Air and go through formalities of verifying tickets, checking baggage and obtaining the boarding pass with their identity certificates and tickets on time.

2. Generally, West Air begins to check in no later than 90 minutes prior to the scheduled flight departure time specified on the ticket, and unless otherwise specified by the authorities of operating airport or West Air, the deadline for check-in is 30 minutes prior to the scheduled flight departure time.

3. West Air and its ground services agents shall open check-in counters on time to accept tickets presented by passengers according to regulations and process check-in formalities rapidly and correctly.

4. Passengers can check in at airport counters where check-in is accepted or through CUSS (Common Use Self Service) machine.

5. In the event that a passenger holds a ticket with seats unconfirmed, the department for check-in may not allow him/her to check in.

Passengers shall arrive at the boarding gate on time after check-in and security check. If any passenger fails to arrived at the designated boarding gate before the closing of the aircraft door, the loss and damage arising thereof shall be borne by the passenger.
Before boarding, passengers, their baggage and carry-on items must go through security check.

Call Centre

Tel: 023-86068888
Fax: 023-86799629
Address: Tower B, Uranus Business Mansion, 76 Xingguang Street, Hi-Tech Park, New North Zone, Chongqing
Post code: 401121

Fare Rules

Airfare of your ticket Cancellation Fee / per ticket Change Fee / per ticket , Change to same class
Economy Class 15% of fare charge if the cancellation is processed at least 28 hours prior to departure. 25% of fare charge if the cancellation is processed within 25 hours or after departure 10% of fare charge if the change is processed at least 28 hours prior to departure. 15% of fare charge if the change is processed within 28 hours or after departure.If there is difference, you need to pay the difference additionally

Company Profile

West Air Co., Ltd., which belongs to HNA Group, is established on October 19, 2005, approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. Our first flight was made on June 14, 2007 successfully. We already have 9 Airbus A320 family aircrafts since we utilized a Single Aircraft type strategy, and have set nearly 30 routes in this period in total, including Chongqing to Haikou, Sanya, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tsingtao, Dalian, Tianjin, Kunming, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shenyang, and so on. We start our strategy transformation project from 2012 by expanding the tourist route network and developing air-travel marketing comprehensively. It enriches our route network in the national tourism market that we start several featured tourism routes in 2012 including Chongqing to Lanzhou, Urumqi, Hohhot, Shenzhen, Jiuzhaigou.

We have been adhering to the enterprise culture of HNA Group, concentrating on casting local aviation brand legend, and doing our best to grow up to one characteristic Air transport enterprise focusing on worthy travelling, which creates the ""simple, passionate and excellent"" voyage experience for each passenger.

As the leader who makes the concept of “Tourism customization”creatively among domestic aviation enterprise, West Air segments the services during the tourism based on passengers’ demands and prices individual value of each single service。Passengers can choose any project they need according to their own preferences. Based on the concept of “Tourism customization”, West Air subverts traditional tourism idea, provide personalized and worthy tourism for each passenger.

Guided by the modern operation and management idea, West Air devotes to be one good low-cost integrated airline providing worthy air-travel and tourism service. we aim at building an outstanding and modern transport enterprise. In the next 3-5 years, we will import the Airbus series aircraft constantly and expect operating 40 aircrafts at that time. We will also build the route network which centers in Chongqing and radiates to major internal domestic cities and International district gradually; develop to be the enterprise which has good innovation capacity and competitive advantage with good economic and social benefits.


Destination Airport
Beijing Bandara Internasional Beijing Capital
Chongqing Bandara Internasional Chongqing Jiangbei [Hub]
Dalian Bandara Internasional Dalian Zhoushuizi
Fuzhou Bandara Internasional Fuzhou Changle
Guangzhou Bandara Internasional Guangzhou Baiyun
Guilin Bandara Internasional Guilin Liangjiang
Haikou Bandara Internasional Haikou Meilan
Hohhot Bandara Internasional Hohhot Baita
Jinan Bandara Internasional Jinan Yaoqiang
Kunming Bandara Internasional Kunming Changshui
Nanjing Bandara Internasional Nanjing Lukou
Qingdao Bandara Internasional Qingdao Liuting
Sanya Bandara Internasional Sanya Phoenix
Tianjin Bandara Internasional Tianjin Binhai
Wenzhou Bandara Wenzhou Yongqiang
Wuhan Bandara Internasional Wuhan Tianhe
Xiamen Bandara Internasional Xiamen Gaoqi
Xishuangbanna Bandara Xishuangbanna Gasa
Zhangjiajie Bandara Zhangjiajie
Zhuhai Bandara Zhuhai Jinwan