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Nam Air - 促銷活動


NAM Air是滿足您所有航班需求的首選,特別是亞洲地區的航班。 有了Airpaz,您可以以非常便宜的價格獲得NAM Air機票。


Special Price Date List
南穆航空 標誌

Nam Air (IN)

 免費手提行李限額 7公斤
 免費托運行李限額 20公斤


巴厘 抵達 泗水
三月 2020
US$ 44
吉打邦 抵達 坤甸
二月 2020
US$ 34
日惹 抵達 坤甸
三月 2020
US$ 85

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Nam Air烏戎潘當的雅加達 蘇加諾-哈達航班
Nam Air雅加達 蘇加諾-哈達的烏戎潘當航班
Nam Air雅加達 蘇加諾-哈達的巴里巴班航班
Nam Air雅加達 蘇加諾-哈達的梭隆航班
Nam Air梭隆的雅加達 蘇加諾-哈達航班
Nam Air烏戎潘當的棉蘭航班
Nam Air雅加達 蘇加諾-哈達的萬鴉老航班
Nam Air烏戎潘當的坤甸航班
Nam Air雅加達 蘇加諾-哈達的曼諾夸里航班
Nam Air曼諾夸里的雅加達 蘇加諾-哈達航班
Nam Air坤甸的烏戎潘當航班
Nam Air烏戎潘當的濱港航班
Nam Air濱港的烏戎潘當航班
Nam Air馬辰的雅加達 蘇加諾-哈達航班
Nam Air烏戎潘當的巴東航班
Nam Air巴東的烏戎潘當航班
Nam Air烏戎潘當的巨港 (巴鄰旁)航班
Nam Air烏戎潘當的梭羅航班
Nam Air梭羅的烏戎潘當航班
Nam Air巴譚的烏戎潘當航班
Nam Air烏戎潘當的巴譚航班
Nam Air比亞克的雅加達 蘇加諾-哈達航班
Nam Air烏戎潘當的丹戎潘丹航班
Nam Air丹戎潘丹的烏戎潘當航班
Nam Air烏戎潘當的占碑航班
Nam Air占碑的烏戎潘當航班
Nam Air雅加達 蘇加諾-哈達的美勞克航班
Nam Air帕路的雅加達 蘇加諾-哈達航班
Nam Air雅加達 蘇加諾-哈達的帕路航班
Nam Air丹戎檳榔的烏戎潘當航班
Nam Air烏戎潘當的丹戎檳榔航班
Nam Air雅加達 蘇加諾-哈達的邦蓋島(盧武克)航班
Nam Air邦蓋島(盧武克)的雅加達 蘇加諾-哈達航班
Nam Air雅加達 蘇加諾-哈達的肯達里航班
Nam Air肯達里的雅加達 蘇加諾-哈達航班


The cabin baggage allowance for passengers flying with Nam Air is 2 items, one hand luggage and a laptop bag/handbag. The dimensions of the hand luggage should not be more than 56 x 33 x 23cm. The total weight of both items should not exceed 7kg.

The free checked baggage allowance of the passengers vary according to their fares. Starting March 1st, 2019, passengers flying Executive Class are given 25kg allowance, Economy Class passengers are given 15kg allowance.

As for passengers flying in ATR aircrafts, the free check in baggage allowance is 10kg. Extra 5kg baggage allowance is given to passengers bringing their sport equipments (diving equipment, surfing equipment, and bicycle) and/or Zamzam water.

ATR Routes for SJ & IN

Code City
BDJ-BTW-BDJ Banjarmasin-Batulicin-Banjarmasin
BDJ-SRI-BDJ Banjarmasin-Samarinda-Banjarmasin
BTW-SUB-BTW Batulicin-Surabaya-Batulicin
DJJ-WMX-DJJ Jayapura-Wamena-Jayapura
NBX-BIK-NBX Nabire-Biak-Nabire
NBX-DJJ-NBX Nabire-Jayapura-Nabire
PNK-KTG-PNK Pontianak-Ketapang-Pontianak
PNK-SQG-PNK Pontianak-Sintang-Pontianak
SMQ-BDJ-SMQ Sampit-Banjarmasin-Sampit
SRG-BDO-SRG Semarang-Bandung-Semarang
SRG-DPS SRG|Semarang-Denpasar-Semarang
SRG-KTG-SRG Semarang-Ketapang-Semarang
SRG-SMQ-SRG Semarang-Sampit-Semarang
PNK-PSU-PNK Pontianak-Putusibau-Pontianak
DPS-DIL-DPS Denpasar-Dili-Denpasar
CGK-PGK-CGK Jakarta-Pangkal Pinang-Jakarta
CGK-TKG-CGK Jakarta-Bandar Lampung-Jakarta

Information stated above is intended for general guide only, and may be changed by the airline with no prior notification. Contact the airline on this number: 0804-1-777-777 for more information.


Passenger are allowed to checkin 2 hours before flights and 45minutes before flights the checkin counter will be closed

Call Centre


Flight Schedule

Flight Schedule of Nam Air


In the Beginning, Nam Air projected as a Full Service Carrier of Sriwijaya Air that was intended to compete with Garuda Indonesia and Batik Air.
In a further development, Nam Air ultimately intended as a feeder for the plan Sriwijaya Air will serve the main route, while Nam Air will Serve the continued-route.

Nam Air inaugurated on September 26, 2013, held at the Jakarta Theatre. Non-Commercial inaugural flight is planned on October 1, 2013, but because there are some obstacles like the new AOC obtained at the end of November 2013, the Inaugural flight Nam Air delayed to 11 December 2013. At the time Nam Air only serve Jakarta - Pangkal Pinang using Boeing 737-500 aircraft, First flights is then followed by the first scheduled commercial flight on December 19 2013 Route Jakarta to Pontianak and toward Jogyakarta

The Origin of the Name Nam Air is as expressed by Sriwijaya Air CEO, Chandra Lie is derived from the name of father of Chandra Lie, the use of the name as a tribute dedicated to His Father

As for the livery meaning used is the same as the livery meaning of Sriwijaya Air, Also it signnifies courage, honesty, and a symbol of the presence of Nam Air is always on the air in the Sky

Inflight Comforts

Available snack inflight

Company Profile

Nam Air is Indonesia Airlines that was established in 2013.
This Airlines is a subsidiary of the airline Sriwijaya Air and was officially launched on october 1, 2013.
This Airline is a feeder airline in the medium class to operate Boeing 737-500 Winglet Configurated with 120 seats (8 Business Class and 112 Economy Class)


Destination Airport Terminal
Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Terminal 1C


  • Effective 1st of May 2019 Sriwijaya Air and Nam Air will relocate operations to Terminal 2D at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Please arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before Your flight's departure. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Further information please contact Sriwijaya Air Call Center 021 292 79 777 or 0804 1 777 777. Thank You.


Terms and Condition of Nam Air