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Air New Zealand - 促銷活動


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Air New Zealand

紐西蘭航空 (NZ)

 免費手提行李限額 7公斤


Air New Zealand布里斯班的惠靈頓航班
Air New Zealand惠靈頓的奧克蘭航班
Air New Zealand奧克蘭的惠靈頓航班
Air New Zealand洛杉磯的惠靈頓航班
Air New Zealand新加坡樟宜的惠靈頓航班
Air New Zealand倫敦希思羅的惠靈頓航班
Air New Zealand惠靈頓的陶朗阿航班
Air New Zealand惠靈頓的珀斯航班
Air New Zealand珀斯的惠靈頓航班
Air New Zealand惠靈頓的旺阿雷航班
Air New Zealand陶波的惠靈頓航班
Air New Zealand惠靈頓的陶波航班
Air New Zealand旺阿雷的惠靈頓航班
Air New Zealand舊金山的惠靈頓航班
Air New Zealand休斯敦的惠靈頓航班
Air New Zealand墨爾本 愛華隆的惠靈頓航班
Air New Zealand凱裏凱裏的惠靈頓航班
Air New Zealand惠靈頓的凱裏凱裏航班
Air New Zealand惠靈頓的東京成田航班
Air New Zealand東京成田的惠靈頓航班
Air New Zealand北京首都的惠靈頓航班
Air New Zealand布里斯班的皇后鎮航班
Air New Zealand阿皮亞(薩摩亞群島)的惠靈頓航班
Air New Zealand奧克蘭的克賴斯特徹奇航班
Air New Zealand上海浦東的惠靈頓航班
Air New Zealand惠靈頓的上海浦東航班
Air New Zealand洛杉磯的克賴斯特徹奇航班
Air New Zealand奧克蘭的雪梨航班
Air New Zealand布里斯班的奧克蘭航班
Air New Zealand奧克蘭的皇后鎮航班
Air New Zealand皇后鎮的奧克蘭航班
Air New Zealand惠靈頓的吉斯伯恩航班
Air New Zealand奧克蘭的布里斯班航班
Air New Zealand雪梨的洛杉磯航班
Air New Zealand惠靈頓的大阪關西航班


Information Baggage of Air New Zealand


Carry-on bag size

The total for any carry-on bag can be up to 118cm (46.5 inches). The size of a bag is calculated by measuring its length, width and height (including any wheels and packed away handles), then adding the three measurements together.

Number of carry-on bags you can take
- Economy fares - one bag plus one small item, such as a handbag or thin / small laptop
- Premium Economy, Business and connecting Business passengers, plus Airpoints™ Gold, Elite and Star Alliance Gold members - two bags plus one small item, such as a handbag or laptop

Carry-on bag weight
- Economy passengers - up to 7kg (15lb)
- Premium Economy, Business and connecting Business passengers, Airpoints Gold, Elite and Star Alliance Gold members - up to 14kg (30lb) total with one item weighing up to 10kg (22lb)

If your carry-on baggage weighs more than your allowance, you’ll need to repack into your checked-in baggage. If that’s already at the limit, you can purchase a Prepaid Extra Bag prior to arriving at the airport or airport excess charges will apply. If you have a Seat Only fare, you’ll need to upgrade to Seat+Bag.

more about carry-on baggage click here

Checked-in Baggage

Checked-in bag size
The total for each checked-in bag allowance is up to 158cm (62 inches).The size of a bag is calculated by measuring its length, width and height, then adding the three measurements together. If it's within oversized limits and there is space on the aircraft. You may be able to check in a larger bag by paying an oversize charge at the airport.

Weight of each checked-in bag
The maximum weight of any checked-in bag included in your fare is 23kg (50lb). You can extend this to 32kg (70lb) if there is space on the aircraft by paying an excess baggage charge at the airport , and it's usually cheaper to purchase a Prepaid Extra Bag. Bags over 32kg cannot be accepted and will need to be repacked.

more about checked-in baggage click here

Checked-in Baggage for Connecting flights
Your baggage may be checked in to your final destination, if your Air New Zealand flight connects with another Air New Zealand flight on the same ticket or the airlines has a baggage transfer agreement with the other airline, . This combines the flights into a single checked-in baggage journey.

Entering a country and then connecting to another flight you may still be required to collect your baggage at the first port of entry and once you have cleared customs recheck your baggage at a transfer or check-in desk, even if your bag has already been checked through to your final destination.

When connecting between one checked-in journey and the next, Passenger have to collect all baggages and check it in for the next flight. The baggage allowances for that part of the journey will then apply.


Online Check-in

Online check in opens 24 hours before your flight. If you're checking in a bag, remember that you still have to tag and drop your bags before bag drop closes. You should also be at the departure gate on time with a suitable type of boarding pass for your flight.
Bag drop closes:
- 30 minutes before domestic New Zealand flights
- 60 minutes before international flights, except for flights departing from Sydney, London Heathrow and all US and Canadian airports when it closes 75 minutes before your flight departure

New Zealand domestic check-in

Online check-in opens 24 hours before your flight. There will be a final check-in completion time on your e-ticket. You can also see it on the Air New Zealand mobile app. This will be 30 or 20 minutes before your flight, depending on whether you have bags to check in. Otherwise, if you're connecting with an international flight, it will be 60 minutes before your domestic flight departure.

International check-in

Online check in opens 24 hours before your flight. There will be a final check in completion time on your e-ticket. You can also see your final check in completion time on the Air New Zealand mobile app. It will be 90 minutes before your flight is due to depart, unless you are travelling to or from the USA (including transiting) where it will be 2 hours before your flight. Remember this is a final check in completion time. It's wise to arrive at the airport well before the cut off.

You can check in using self-service kiosks at Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, London Heathrow, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Tokyo Narita and Fiji Nadi. You will need a machine-readable passport. The kiosk will print your boarding passes and bag tags, if you're checking in baggage. At the bag drop, the staff on at the airport will check your passport.

more information of check-in click Call Centre


English speaking contact centre in New Zealand can be contacted 24/7 on +64 9 357 3000 (international charges will apply).

Telephone bookings and enquiries (24 hours)
Freephone (calling within New Zealand): 0800 737 000
Tel: +64 (0)9 357 3000
English speaking contact centre in New Zealand can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on +64 9 357 3000 (international charges will apply).
TTY assistance is available for deaf and hearing impaired via NZ Relay on 0800 4 711 711

Calling from Sales & reservations
New Zealand 0800 737 000 (Within NZ) +64 9 357 3000 (Overseas)
TTY assistance is available for deaf and hearing impaired via NZ Replay on 0800 4 711 711
Argentina 11 5274 1629
Australia 13 24 76
Austria 0800 29 58 38 (landline only)
Bali 21 521 2005
Belgium 0800 79 586 (landline only)
Brazil 11 4118 6257
Canada 1866 351 9528
China 400 101 8080
Cook Islands 682 26 300
Colombia 4118 6257
Czech Republic 800 143 854
Denmark 800 17 055
Fiji 679 331 3100
Finland 0800 11 32 82
France 0800 90 77 12
Germany 0800 183 0619
Greece 30 210 9652 300
Hong Kong 852 2862 8988
India 22 4300 4500
Ireland 1800 551 447
Israel 972 3560 1616
Italy 800 876 126
Japan 03 5521 2727
Korea 02 737 4025
Luxembourg 800 225 27
Mexico 9000 2558
Netherlands 0800 022 10 16
New Caledonia 687 286 677
Niue 683 4317
Norfolk Island 6723 22 195
Norway 800 110 80
Portugal 800 880 452
Russia 7 495 744 0490
Samoa 685 20 825
Singapore 800 852 3380
Slovakia 0800 005 126
Solomon Islands 679 331 3100
Spain 900 99 32 41
Sweden 020 79 29 39
Switzerland 0800 55 77 78
Tahiti 689 40 540 740
Taiwan 02 2537 0146
Tonga 676 23 192
United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland 0800 028 4149
United States 1800 262 1234
Vanuatu 678 22 666
Vietnam 28 6291 2277

Fare Rules

Information fare rules of baggage click here</a

Flight Schedule

Information of flight schedule of Air New Zealand click here


Date History
April 1940 Air New Zealand's story began, when its forerunner airline, Tasman Empire Airways Limited (TEAL) was incorporated.
Oct 1953 TEAL became jointly owned by the New Zealand and Australian Governments
April 1961 The New Zealand Government assumed full ownership
Dec 1951 a flying boat service from Auckland via Fiji and the Cook Islands to Tahiti began - it was known as the "Coral Route". Samoa became part of this route in 1952
Sept 1960 The inaugural flight was made in a MK III Solent Flying Boat called Aparima. Solents were used to fly the Coral Route
April 1965 TEAL was renamed Air New Zealand Limited, and continued operating solely international services and also heralded the beginning of the jet era for Air New Zealand, with the arrival in July of the first DC-8 jet aircraft
Nov 28th 1979 Tragedy struck Air New Zealand, when a DC 10 on a sightseeing flight to Antarctica crashed into Mt Erebus, resulting in the loss of all 257 passengers and crew onboard. The tragedy deeply affected New Zealand and everyone that worked at the airline.
April 1989 The New Zealand Government privatisation of Air New Zealand was completed through the outright sale of the company for NZ$660 million, to a consortium comprising of Brierley Investments, Qantas, Japan Airlines and American Airlines.
October 1989 Air New Zealand shares were listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange as "A" shares (could only be held by New Zealand nationals)
December 1991 "B" shares (no restriction on nationality of ownership)
1980s - 1990s Air New Zealand continued to expand its international network, particularly to Asian cities like Taipei, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka.
March 1999 Air New Zealand became a full member of the Star Alliance group
Sept 1996 Air New Zealand announced a conditional agreement to purchase 50% of Ansett Holdings for a total outlay of A$475 million.
Feb 2000 Air New Zealand announced the conditional purchase of the remaining 50% of Ansett Holdings Limited from News Corporation Limited for A$580m
Sept 2001 Following a significant downturn in Ansett's performance, leading to unsustainable levels of losses, Ansett was placed into Voluntary Administration
4th of Oct 2001 The Air New Zealand Board, its major shareholders and the New Zealand Government announced a new proposal which provided a substantial capital injection from the New Zealand Government into Air New Zealand.
15th of December 2001 The 50th anniversary of the Coral Route was celebrated by Air New Zealand
July 2002 Air New Zealand began a fleet renewal programme and confirmed an order for 14 new Airbus A320s
June 2004 the addition of 12 Boeing aircraft to the fleet and plans to transform the long haul flying experience were announced.
October 2004 the airline announced an upgrade to the turbo-prop fleet, with an agreement to acquire 17 new Bombardier 50 seat Q300 turbo-prop aircraft, and options to purchase a further 10 Q300 and 13 Q400 aircraft
June 30 2004 direct services between Auckland and San Francisco were launched, with services from Wellington to Fiji and Christchurch to the Cook Islands beginning in late 2004.
June 2006 the airline announced it was to commence direct services between Auckland and Shanghai – mainland China’s fastest growing and most affluent commercial hub.
Sept 2010 Air New Zealand debuted ‘Seats to Suit’ which offers customers the choice of Seat, Seat + Bag, The Works and Works Deluxe on flights between New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands.
Jan 2014 Air New Zealand announced it would begin flying direct to Singapore via an alliance with Singapore Airlines, with the first tickets going on sale in September 2014

Inflight Comforts

In-flight comfort
- Free food and beverages
- Pre-order special meals
- Food allergies
- Meals for infants and children
- Cuisine and wine
- Inflight entertainment [ Movies & TV shows, Music, Radio Shows & Audio Books,Kids TV programmes, games and audio books, order food and drink from screen, flight map]
- Air New Zealand safety videos

Company Profile

Air New Zealand Limited (NZX: AIR) is the flag carrier airline of New Zealand based in Auckland. Air New Zealand operates a domestic and regional network within New Zealand and the Pacific and international services to Australia, Asia, North America and Europe. The airlines engaged in the transportation of passengers and cargo on
an integrated network of scheduled airline services to, from and within New Zealand. The Company, through its subsidiaries, is also engaged in aviation, aircraft leasing
and financing, investment, and engineering services. It is engaged in the operation of domestic and international passenger transport and cargo.

Air New Zealand is also member of the Star Alliance, Its operational fleet includes Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 777-200ER, Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, Boeing 767-300ER, Airbus A320-200, ATR 72-500/72-600, Bombardier Q300 and Beech 1900D.

The Company offers check in and immigration services; baggage services, on board flight services, and special assistant services for disable and pregnant people, and children, among others.

Terms & Conditions

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