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SEAir - 特价


在这里找到SEAir特价航班机票。 Airpaz随时帮您从多个航空公司预订SEAir低价机票。.


Special Price Date List

东南亚航空 (DG)

 可随身携带行李 10公斤


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SEAir 航班 从 马尼拉尼诺伊阿基诺普林塞萨港
SEAir 航班 从 普林塞萨港宿雾市
SEAir 航班 从 宿雾市普林塞萨港
SEAir 航班 从 达沃巴科洛德
SEAir 航班 从 伊洛里洛巴科洛德
SEAir 航班 从 巴科洛德达沃
SEAir 航班 从 巴科洛德伊洛里洛
SEAir 航班 从 普林塞萨港巴科洛德
SEAir 航班 从 巴科洛德普林塞萨港
SEAir 航班 从 伊洛里洛普林塞萨港
SEAir 航班 从 普林塞萨港达沃
SEAir 航班 从 宿雾市塔克洛班
SEAir 航班 从 塔克洛班宿雾市
SEAir 航班 从 达沃普林塞萨港
SEAir 航班 从 普林塞萨港伊洛里洛
SEAir 航班 从 卡利博宿雾市
SEAir 航班 从 宿雾市卡利博
SEAir 航班 从 新加坡樟宜巴科洛德
SEAir 航班 从 三宝颜巴科洛德
SEAir 航班 从 巴科洛德三宝颜
SEAir 航班 从 巴科洛德新加坡樟宜
SEAir 航班 从 三宝颜伊洛里洛
SEAir 航班 从 达沃新加坡樟宜
SEAir 航班 从 伊洛里洛三宝颜
SEAir 航班 从 新加坡樟宜达沃
SEAir 航班 从 塔克洛班巴科洛德
SEAir 航班 从 巴科洛德塔克洛班
SEAir 航班 从 巴科洛德卡加延岛
SEAir 航班 从 卡加延岛巴科洛德
SEAir 航班 从 塔克洛班达沃
SEAir 航班 从 塔克洛班伊洛里洛
SEAir 航班 从 三宝颜普林塞萨港
SEAir 航班 从 普林塞萨港新加坡樟宜
SEAir 航班 从 达沃卡加延岛
SEAir 航班 从 新加坡樟宜普林塞萨港

Check In

Our check-in counters open 2 hours prior to scheduled departure and close strictly 45 minutes before departure.

Call Centre

SEAIR CALL CENTER – +632 849.0100

Makati/Manila – Commercial

2nd Floor La’O Centre, Arnaiz Ave. Makati City, Philippines 1200

Commercial FAX: +63 2 849.0219
Reservation FAX: +63 2 849.0239

Fare Rules

Fare Rules

Company Profile

South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR) is the Philippines’ premier leisure airline.
SEAIR is the second-oldest airline in the Philippines with a firm foundation in leisure travel.
Since 1995, we have been flying passengers to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Consistency, quality and reliability characterizes SEAIR’s operations.

Awarded Best Airline of the Year for 2002, 2003 and 2009 by the Philippines’ Consumer Excellence Award. In 2010, SEAIR was awarded Gold Brand by the Gold Brands Council Philippines for brand image appeal and trust and market acceptance.
SEAIR now offers the lowest fares in the following domestic routes – Clark and Manila to Boracay via Kalibo, Manila to
Cebu, Tacloban, Puerto Princesa, Davao, Bacolod, Iloilo – and the lowest fares in the following international routes — Clark to Singapore, Hong Kong, Kota Kinabalu and Bangkok.
Employs over 350 people in SEAIR group of companies ready to provide excellent service to our passengers.
Our fleet is made up of 2 Airbus A319′s and 3 Airbus A320′s
The airline with the biggest operations in Clark Airport

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions