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Jeju Air - プロモーション


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チェジュ航空 (7C)

 無料機内持ち込み手荷物 10キログラム


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Jeju Air件のフライト(台北桃園から仁川
Jeju Air件のフライト(仁川から台北桃園
Jeju Air件のフライト(グアムから仁川
Jeju Air件のフライト(大阪・関西国際空港から仁川
Jeju Air件のフライト(仁川から大阪・関西国際空港
Jeju Air件のフライト(ダナンから仁川
Jeju Air件のフライト(仁川からセブ
Jeju Air件のフライト(セブから仁川
Jeju Air件のフライト(仁川からダナン
Jeju Air件のフライト(仁川からグアム
Jeju Air件のフライト(福岡から仁川
Jeju Air件のフライト(仁川からバンコク・スワンナプーム
Jeju Air件のフライト(仁川から福岡
Jeju Air件のフライト(バンコク・スワンナプームから仁川
Jeju Air件のフライト(香港から仁川
Jeju Air件のフライト(サイパンから仁川
Jeju Air件のフライト(仁川から香港
Jeju Air件のフライト(仁川からコタキナバル
Jeju Air件のフライト(高雄から仁川
Jeju Air件のフライト(東京・成田から仁川
Jeju Air件のフライト(コタキナバルから仁川
Jeju Air件のフライト(仁川から東京・成田
Jeju Air件のフライト(仁川から高雄
Jeju Air件のフライト(三亜から仁川
Jeju Air件のフライト(仁川から三亜
Jeju Air件のフライト(仁川からサイパン
Jeju Air件のフライト(仁川から煙台
Jeju Air件のフライト(マニラから仁川
Jeju Air件のフライト(マカオから仁川
Jeju Air件のフライト(仁川からゴールドコースト
Jeju Air件のフライト(仁川から松山
Jeju Air件のフライト(仁川から沖縄
Jeju Air件のフライト(フーコックから仁川
Jeju Air件のフライト(仁川から南通
Jeju Air件のフライト(仁川から静岡


Baggage Information of Jeju Air

Hand Carry Baggage
Bag(small), cloths such as coat, blanket/ coverage, small digital devices, reasonable volume of books, baby stuff (baby carriage separately), other supporting aids (separate delivery)

  • Only 1 baggage that the total length of 3 sides kept on the shelf or under the seat in cabin (allowable length of 3 sides at maximum : width 55cm, length 40cm, height 20cm) is under 115cm and the weight is less than 10kg can be delivered for free with a condition that the air craft keeps it and have full responsibility.
  • Upon the class of Baggage, permissible amount of Baggage is complied with the JEJU AIR’s regulations and process.

Checked Baggage

  • Checked Baggage refers to the baggage a passenger checks at the operator, for which a baggage tag is issued.
  • Please Prepare a bag with the size and the weight designated by the airline, and pack articles inside the bag in a way that prevents damages.
  • It may refuse when a baggage exceeds the size of checked baggage (sum of length, width and height: 203cm)
  • To prevent damage to your baggage and injury of crew members, please make sure that your baggage does not exceed 32kg.

Free Baggage Allowance

Classification Free Baggage Allowance
Domestic flight 15kg
International flight (Except Oceania) 15kg
International flight (Oceania(Guam/Saipan) 2 pieces,under 23 kg each (Under 273cm of Total sum of 3 dimensions(Width/Length/Depth) of 2 baggage)
Infants 10 kg ( allowed for international flight only, no free allowance for domestic flight)

Check In


Effective 1 July 2018, Jejuair Check-in Counter will be moved to Cebu International Airport Terminal 2
* Check-in Counter will be closed before 50minutes from the flight departure.

Check-In Time of JEJU AIR

Classification Samsumg-dong City Air Terminal (domestic fligths/international flights) Seoul Station City Terminal (International Flights)
Application Domestic - Departures from Gimpo airport Domestic - Not available
International - Departures from Incheon Airport International - Departure from Incheon airport and take a Airport railway train
Operation time 05:20 ~ 18:30 05:20 ~ 19:00
Counter close Domestic - 2 hours from flight's departure time Domestic - Not available
International - 3 hours from flight's departure time International - 3 hours from flight's departure time
Detail of Work Boarding process and dealing with consignment of Baggage Boarding process and dealing with consignment of Baggage
*immigration opening hours: 06:00 ~ 18:30 *Immigration opening hours : 07:00 ~ 19:00


JEJU AIR Call Centre
08:00~19:00 Korea Standard Time (Korea)
09:00~18:30 Korea Standard Time (Japanese)

Fare Rules

Jeju Air Fare Rules:
International Fare Rules
Domestic Fare Rules

Flights Schedule

Jeju Air flights schedule click here


JEJU AIR is the low cost carrier airlines owned by the Aekyung Group (81.7%) and The Jeju Provincial Goverment (4.54%) established in January 2005 in Korea. JEJU AIR begun the operations on June 2, 2006. On July 11, 2008, Jeju Air made its first international flight from Jeju to Hiroshima.

As of May 2015, the Jeju Air fleet consists of 20 Boeing 737-800 aircraft

In Flight Comforts

Meals and Beverages available in purchase
In-Flight FUN Service Teams
- Game Team : Rock paper scissors, OX QUIZ and BIngo!
- Magic Team: Card tricks, D'lite performances and stage magic!
- Beautiful Flight Team: Flight Team who will explain about the night view over the window
- Illustration Team: Cabin crew can draw caricatures and do face painting
- Balloon-Blowing Masters: The Ballon-blowing master show up! From romantic heart to lovely flower ballons, the varied balloons are presents for you
- Musical Band: Start traveling with music, If you find the in-flight Music band, you can enjoy listening to lifting live music
- JJ Team: JJ Team will touch your heart with surprise events
- JAFUN Team: JAFUN Team will make your way to Japan enjoyable

In-Flight Cafe

Jeju Air offers Air Cafe Service that sells light meals and beverage on plane and also sell some product with JEJU AIR's logo and for travel convenience

In-Flight Shopping
A variety of over 190 duty-free items offered in cooperation with Grand Duty Free.
Note: In-Flight service is only for Incheon, Gimpo and part of domestic route, some meals are unavailable in short routes. Jeju Air do not offers any hot water neither to those who bring their own cup noodles nor even use for heating their own meals, exception applies for heating baby meals.

Company Profile

JEJU AIR Company Profile

JEJU AIR is a low cost carrier airlines established in 2005 and are the most fastest - growing airlines in Korea. JEJU AIR has been expanding services in accordance with customer's request for flight ticket fare and bringing a sustainable innovation to Korean airline industry.

JEJU AIR popularize air travel and made Korea as a final destination of travel with a brand new way which has never been tried. Jeju air operating the most busiest route, Gimpo - Jeju and more than 20 major routes in Asia, such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Guam, including other domestic routes. At January 2015, approximately 1100 of team members are working, and the flights are operating based on Seoul Gimpo and Incheon airport.



Effective 1 July 2018 Jejuair Check-in Counter will be moved to Cebu International Airport Terminal 2

Airport Terminal Information of JEJU AIR

Airport Terminal/Counter Information
Seoul (Incheon) International Airport Incheon International Passenger Terminal 3F F1~18
Seoul (Gimpo) Domestic Domestic Flight: Domestic Flight Terminal, 2F, Jeju Air Counter no. 1~8
Seoul (Gimpo) International International Flight: International Flight Terminal, 2F, A1 - A7 counter
Jeju International Airport Domestic Flight: 3F (in front of GATE 1) Jeju Airline no.1~6 check-in counter & at the left of GATE 1, no. 1~6 ticket-issuing counter
International Flight: 3F (in front of GATE 5) no. 1~25 international common counter & no. 5 at the left of GATE 5, ticket issuing counter
Chengju Process counter: At the end of right side of GATE1
Busan Domestic Flight : as exclusive counters, 2F, at the end of left, no. 1 – 5 counter
International Flight : as common counters, 2F, A24 - A30 counter
Daegu Daegu International Airport Passenger Terminal, 1F, Counter no. 1~3
Tokyo(Narita) Narita International Airport Terminal 3, 2F departure place, A counter
Osaka(Kansai) Terminal 1, International Flight 4F, Counter A, 8-1
Fukuoka Fukuoka Airport Building International Flight 3F J counter
Nagoya(Chubu) F counter(F8-F12) on the 3rd floor of Nagoya Chubu International Airport (Centrair)
Okinawa(Naha) International Terminal Building, 2nd floor, A-B Counter
Beijing Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 2, D06-10
Qingdao Cheongdo Liuting International Airport, International Terminal E7 ~ E10
Weihai Weihai Dashuipo International Airport, International Terminal
Shijiazhuang Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport, Terminal 1, Counter no 2~4
Hongkong Hong Kong International Airport, 2 Terminal, P counter 1~3
Taipei(Taoyuan) Island 2 (2-1 ~ 2-5), the first floor, International Terminal No.1
Manila NAIA1 (Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport), Airport Terminal no. 1~5 counter
Cebu Cebu Mactan International Airport, International Terminal, Wed. Thur. Sat. Sun. H Counter 7~10, Mon. Tue. Fri. G Counter 1~4
Bangkok(suvarnabhumi) Counter F1-F12 on the 4th floor
Guam Airport Terminal no. 77~84 Counters
Saipan -

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Condition