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Company Profile

The airline started as TEA Switzerland, providing charter flights for various European destinations. 40% of its stake was then purchased by EasyJet in 1998, and it began operating under the EasyJet franchise in 1999. EasyJet Switzerland SA also operate as EasyJet, although its IATA and ICAO codes are different than the EasyJet UK. It’s IATA code is DS, while its ICAO code is EZS. It operates the flights from both the Geneva Airport and EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg. It flies not only to Schengen but also non-Schengen countrues.To list some of the company’s international CH flight destinations are France, German, Greece, Sweden, and Switzerland. The low-cost model of the airline allows it to really grow. Currently not only is it known as the biggest low-cost airline, it is also named the best-value airline in the UK by Skyscanner in 2018. The airline’s growth can be attributed to the low flight cost that attract customers. EasyJet also partners up with other airlines to better serve its passengers through long-haul connection or partner direct flights to other cities. Their newest airline partner is Virgin Atlantic, although they have also partnered up with Norwegian, WestJet, Thomas Cook, Corsair, La Compagnie, Loganair, Neos, and Gatwick Connect in their EasyJet Worldwide program.


EasyJest was established in 1995 by the Greek businessman, Stelios Haji-Ioannaou. It started flying with two leased Boeing 737-200 aircrafts in two routes: London Luton Airport to Glasgow and Edinburgh. In 1996 their first aircraft was delivered, allowing them to start their international flight route to Amsterdam. Despite having been operating for two years, until 1997 the airline actually had not operated their flights. All flights before October 1997 were operated by GB Airways and AirFoyle because they had not received Air Operator’s Certificate. In March 1998 EasyJet purchased 40% stake in TEA Basle, a Swiss charter airline. The airline was then renamed EasyJet Switzerland, as its first franchise.

Flight Attendant

All of the airline’s crew wear uniforms that incorporate its signature orange colour. The female flight attendants wear a sharp knee-length dress with an orange belt and a scarf that match, while the male flight attendants wear a set of sharp grey suit with an orange patterned tie. The uniform was designed in cooperation with ICW Incorporate Wear in 2013.


Currently, EasyJet’s fleet is completely comprised of Airbus aircrafts ranging from the A319 to A321neo.
Type Quantity
Airbus A319-100 125
Airbus A320-200 169
Airbus A320neo 27
Airbus A321neo 6

Call Center

If you have questions for the airline or are facing issues during your flight such as lost baggage or delayed flights, you can contact the airline. There are various ways to contact EasyJet Customer Service, from the Live Chat feature in their website, to online form and through the Call Center. However, both the Live Chat and Call Center are only open from 8AM-8PM local time, depending where you contact them from. The airline contact support can be contacted on one of the following phone numbers:
Country Phone Number
United Kingdom 0330 365 5000
Austria 0820 320 950
Croatia 0601 90199
Denmark 458988 1032
France 0806 141141
Germany 0180 6060 606 (EUR 0.2 per landline, and 0.60 per call from mobile)
Switzerland 0848 282828
Netherlands 0900 040 1048
Rest of the world +44330 3655454

Live Chat

For passengers who want to use the Live Chat and e-Form, you can visit their website here.

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