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Company Profile

Peach is a low-cost airline based in Japan. Its head office is on the fifth floor of Kensetsu-to. Peach is an airline that began services in March 2012 with a completely new concept. Based on the idea of a ‘flying train’, and making possible what had previously seemed impossible in the Japanese aviation industry, Peach develop air routes back-to-back at the fastest speed ever to continually expand their business. What Peach is aiming for is to become a ‘bridge for Asia’. To enable everyone to travel casually at modest fares and create a world filled with happiness and warm smiles by bringing people together is the dream of Peach Air. To become a ‘bridge for Asia’, Peach was selected as a ‘Global Growth Company’ in the World Economic Forum in 2012. In 2015, Peach became the first airline in northeast Asia to receive the title of ‘LCC of the Year’ from the Centre for Aviation (CAPA), a major global aviation think tank. This affirmed the unique value of Peach Airlines, not only in Japan but also in Asia and on the global stage. In recent years, Peach Airlines have initiated collaborations with top Japanese artists and world-class auto makers and the appreciation to its value is widely spreading. Five years have passed since Peach first appeared on the Japanese aviation scene, and the company has only just entered the beginning of a new era. Although initially noticed for its modest fares as Japan’s first LCC, Peach will take a step ahead of the price competition. While maintaining affordable fares, Peace will embrace the slogan ‘from price competition to value creation’ in order to differentiate the experience flying Peach beyond the conventional framework of airlines and continue to cultivate demand in the ever-growing Asian market. Peach will continue to move forward to realize its dream to become a ‘bridge for Asia’.


  • Feb 10 Founded as A&F Aviation Limited
  • May 24 Company brand announced as “Peach” New company name and address registered
  • July 7 Obtained Air Operator’s Certificate from Japan’s Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB)
  • Nov 4 First aircraft received in Toulouse, France, purchased from Airbus
  • Nov 30 Capital increase by ANA, First Eastern and INCJ
  • Dec 27 Commencement of tickets sales
  • 2012
  • Mar 1 First commercial flight (Osaka-Sapporo & Osaka-Fukuoka route)
  • Mar 25 Launch Osaka (Kansai) – Nagasaki route
  • Apr 1 Launch Osaka (Kansai) – Kagoshima route
  • May 8 First International flight (Osaka/Kansai – Seoul/Incheon route)
  • Jul 1 Launch Osaka (Kansai) – Hong Kong route
  • Oct 16 Launch Osaka (Kansai) – Taipei (Taoyuan) route
  • Oct 18 Launch Osaka (Kansai) – Okinawa (Naha) route
  • Nov 29 Number of Passengers Exceeds 1 Million
  • 2013
  • Mar 1 Number of Passengers Exceeds 1.5 Million
  • Apr 12 Launch Osaka (Kansai) – Sendai route
  • May 7 Number of Passengers Exceeds 2 Million
  • Jun 14 Launch Osaka (Kansai) – Ishigaki route
  • Sep 13 Launch Okinawa (Naha) – Ishigaki route/ Launch Osaka (Kansai) – Busan route
  • Sep 17 Number of Passengers Exceeds 3 Million
  • Sep 20 Launch Okinawa (Naha) – Taipei (Taoyuan)
  • Oct 27 Launch Osaka (Kansai) – Tokyo (Narita) route
  • 2014
  • Jan 18 Launch Osaka (Kansai) – Kaohsiung route
  • Feb 1 Launch Osaka (Kansai) – Matsuyama route
  • Apr 28 Number of Passengers Exceeds 5 Million
  • Jul 19 Launch Fukuoka – Okinawa (Naha) route
  • Jul 19 Naha Airport becomes Second Hub
  • Aug 14 Number of Passengers Exceeds 6 Million
  • Nov 24 Number of Passengers Exceeds 7 Million
  • 2015
  • Feb 21 Launch Okinawa (Naha)- Hong Kong route
  • Mar 29 Launch Tokyo (Narita) - Sapporo (Shin-Chitose), Fukuoka route
  • Aug 6 Number of Passengers Exceeds 10 Million
  • Aug 8 Launch Tokyo (Haneda) - Taipei (Taoyuan) route
  • Aug 28 Launch Osaka (Kansai) - Miyazaki route
  • Sep 4 Launch Okinawa (Naha) - Seoul (Incheon) route
  • 2016
  • Feb 6 Launch Tokyo (Haneda) - Seoul (Incheon) route
  • Feb 20 Launch Tokyo (Narita) - Okinawa (Naha) route
  • Nov 1 Launch Osaka (Kansai) - Shanghai (Pudong) route
  • Nov 2 Launch Tokyo (Haneda) - Shanghai (Pudong) route
  • 2017
  • Feb 19 Launch Okinawa (Naha) - Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) route
  • Sep 24 Launch Sendai- Sapporo (Shinchitose) route
  • Sep 24 Launch Sapporo (Shinchitose) - Fukuoka route
  • Sep 24 Launch Sapporo (Shinchitose) -Taipei (Taoyuan) route
  • Sep 25 Launch Sendai -Taipei (Taoyuan) route
  • 2018
  • Mar 1 Launch Osaka (Kansai) - Niigata route
  • Apr 26 Launch Okinawa (Naha) - Kaohsiung route
  • Aug 1 Launch Osaka (Kansai) - Kushiro route
  • Flight Attendant

    Peach Air's flight attendants wear fuchsia pink uniform, the airline's company main color. The newest model of the uniform allows the flight attendants to work more efficiently. It also shows the charm and imaginative nature of the company, and their genuine willingness to serve the passengers.


    As for the fleet, Peach Air uses Airbus A320-200 on all the flights and routes it serves. All of the airplanes are fitted with three-seats per row, and can accommodate up to 180 passengers. To cut on costs the seats are a little tight, although still comfortable. On the 18th of July 2018, Peach Air announced that it is ordering a set of new airplanes - the A321LR, which will be used to support their route expansion to new destinations all over Asia. The first of the airplanes are planned to have arrived in 2020. This airline will then be the first LCC in Asia to use this model.
    Type Quantity
    Airbus A320-200 28
    Airbus A320neo 5
    Airbus A321LR 2

    Call Center

    If you have questions for the airline or are facing issues in the airport such as delayed flights or lost baggage, you can directly contact the airline The Peach Aviation call center can be contacted on one of the following numbers :
    Country Phone
    Japan (+81) 3-6731-9247
    Operational hours: 9:00~18:00 ※ The operating hours are based on Japan time.

    Live Chat

    Another way is to go to their live chat page here.

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