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Company Profile

Bluebird Airways operating with IATA code (BZ) and ICAO code BBG, is a low cost carrier airline that flies international routes. The airline serves flights to destinations all over the world from its main hub located in Heraklion International Airport (HER). Bluebird Airways is the owner of the trade name Bluebird Airways. The company is lead by the CEO, Vassilis Tassis. The head office for the airline is located in Greece.


Bluebird Airways which operates with IATA code (BZ) and ICAO code (BBG) is managed by Bluebird Airways. In 2008, this airline was established. Across the years, Bluebird Airways continues to expand its business by maintaining a worthwhile and enjoyable service for their passengers

Flight Attendant

Bluebird Airways cabin crew wears a uniform in dark blue. For male flight attendants, they wear dark blue Suit, white shirt and dark blue pants. The design itself was perfectly laid out, that makes it easier for the crew to move around the cabin while providing passengers’ needs.


Bluebird Airways has a number of airplanes, all of which can be checked below:
Type Quantity
Boeing 737-800 3

Call Center

If you have inquiry for the airline or are facing any issue during your travel such as lost baggage or cancelled flights, you can contact the airline. One of the ways to contact the airline is by sending an email to The Bluebird Airways customer service can be contacted on one of the following numbers :
Country Phone
Greece (+30) 281 033 6326

Live Chat

There is no live chat service for passengers of Bluebird Airways.

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