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Company Profile

Tigerair Taiwan (IATA Code: IT) is a low-cost carrier (LCC) airline based at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport. On December 16, 2013, when China Airlines Group celebrated its 54th anniversary, and the start of its 55th year, China Airlines chairman Sun Hung-Hsiang announced that the airline will enter the LCC market by investing in a joint venture with Singaporean airline group Tigerair Holdings to set up Tigerair Taiwan. As part of the deal, China Airlines held 80 percent of the share while Budget Aviation Holdings and Mandarin Airlines each held 10 percent. In 2017, as Tigerair Singapore merged into Scoot, CAPA reported that China Airlines had purchased Budget Aviation Holdings' 10% stake, leaving China Airlines and its subsidiary Mandarin Airlines as joint owners of the airline.


Milestones of Tiger Taiwan.
Date Month History
2013 12 In the wake of year-long profound research and valuation, the China Airlines Group, at the same time as its marches toward the glorious 55th anniversary, officially promulgated its plan to team up with Tigerair Singapore into a joint venture of Tigerair Taiwan. With the DNA of China Airlines' profound similarity with Taiwan markets in concert with Tigerair in the international budget flights, this first budget airline Tigerair Taiwan provides passengers in entire Taiwan markets with added choices.
2014 2 Uncompromising insistence of flight safety as Tiger Taiwan officialy
4 Tiger Cub & Tigress mascots convey warn Tiger Taiwan vigor
9 Amidst surefire preparatory work, Tigerair Taiwan launched the maiden flight of Taoyuan International Airport Taiwan—Singapore flight route, with full-load of 180 passengers eyewitnessing the successful Tigerair Taiwan maiden flight.
2015 3 The very voguish focus: A flight plane can be transfigured into a magnificient catwalk
4 Tiger Taiwan brought famed Taiwanese fast-food TKK into clouds thourgh affiance
7 Hundreds of eyewitnesses help promote flight safety & security through their impressive first experiences
9 Tiger Taiwan dedicated its efforts to adopt animals
9 The brand new Tigerair Taiwan promotion video began broadcast worldwide "Get Wild Tigerair Taiwan" redefined with scenarios focusing on characteristics of tigers. Through such Tigerair Taiwan dedication, we hope our fellow passengers would witness their "very wild inner wildness " in each and every Tigerair Taiwan flight.
11 Thousands of participants joining the tiger run
2016 4 Tigerair Taiwan jubilantly welcomes the one millionth passenger to board Tigerair Taiwan flight
6 Tiger Taiwan won the supreme honors of Platinum Prize amidst universal acclaims
7 March toward Koshien into the "Irrigation project", courageous enough to pursue our dreams
9 Tiger Taiwan [The second anniversary characterized with Get-Wild Gourmet Goodies] website excitements
10 " At 2015 year-end, Tigerair Taiwan held the First Tiger Tide Road-Run Gala at Dream Mall Times Square. That Gala attracted nearly ten thousand participants. In September 2016 as Tigerair Taiwan celebrated its second anniversary, we once more held ""Tigerair Taiwan Sumo Road-Run, known as Tiger Run 2 in brief"". In the current year, Tigerair Taiwan plans to benefit Tigerair Taiwan covers in northern Taiwan by hosting a 3-km grand road-run gala on east bank of Green Lake on October 22. On that occasion, we, as the pioneer, would like to introduce the famed British upsurge Sumo Run into Taiwan. On that magnificent event, each and every registered contestant would wear inflated sumo clothes throughout the game.
12 December 16 2016 Tigerair Taiwan welcomed its 2 millionth passenger boarding a flight at Nagoya Chubu Centrair International from Japan to Taiwan. The lucky passenger, a teenager called Mizumi, was awarded an unlimited flight pass for one year and a commemorative model aircraft, engraved with message "WELCOME ABOARD", specially designed for this event.
2017 1 CAL has reached an agreement with Tigerair to buy back its remaining 10% shares in Tigerair Taiwan to maximize group synergy and rationalize resource allocation. This transaction makes Tigerair Tawian a fully owned branch of China Airlines.
2 First batch of pilots of Tiger Taiwan graduate from local training program
3 Brand new Tigerair Taiwan official web site at address www.tigerairtw.com went live on March 1st 2017. Available in Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Thai and Korean, this multi-language web site offers localized marketing events and promotional programs aimed at the various countries.
4 Tigerair Taiwan won the top platinum prize of "low cost airline" again in the 19th "Reader's Digest Trustworthy Brand" benchmarking. Even better, it also got short-listed in the "Taiwan Sightseeing Contribution – Japan" category by the Tourist Bureau, MOTC. It was the only award winning airline in the "2017 Tourism Festival Celebration and Award Ceremony" held on February 9th 2017.
6 The Taiwan Day event by Tigerair Taiwan explode the Koshien Stadium
6 Tigerair Taiwan welcomed its 3 millionth passenger boarding a flight at Macau Airport to Taoyuan.
9 Tigerair Taiwan has cooperated with the Taipei City Zoo since September 2015. Given that it is the third anniversary since the launch of Tigerair Taiwan, we not only continue in adopting tigers, but also starting from this year, the company started to adopt leopard cats and clouded leopards under the slogan of "1+2=3". The "1" represents the tigers originally adopted by Tigerair Taiwan, "2" means the leopard cats and clouded leopards Tigerair Taiwan started to adopt this year, and "3" means both the three kinds of animals Tigerair Taiwan adopts and the third anniversary of Tigerair Taiwan
9 Space adventurer Kuroro has landed in Tigerair Taiwan for the first time! Tigerair Taiwan invites all tiger fans to bear the adventurer spirit of Kuroro, ride on Tigerair Taiwan flights, and enjoy brand new traveling experience. Space Cat Kuroro likes to travel freely and likes to go on adventurers. Rumors have it that, it will pick one person’s luggage everyday and travel with them.
9 Tiger Taiwan "Tigerrun 3: Beer Run by Tigerair"
9 On 26 September 2017. Tigerair Taiwan announces its tigerclub membership system. Passengers who joining the membership program can accumulate the reward whenever they board flights of Tigerair Taiwan. You may request for redemption if your reward bonus points are accumulated to 100 or More information, please visit [Tigerclub Member privilege program] (https://www.tigerairtw.com/en/support/tigerclub).
11 Tigerair Taiwan has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with T'way Air at the headquarters of T'way Air in the Cargo Center of Gimpo International Airport. The airlines hope to provide more comprehensive and convenient services to passengers through codeshare Service. This is a new milestone for Tigerair Taiwan as well as the airline's first codeshare cooperation with a foreign airline.
12 On December 7, 2017, Tigerair Taiwan welcomed its four millionth passenger, Korean native Ms. Song, to board Tigerair Taiwan flight at Busan International Airport, Korea. The lucky passenger was awarded unlimited flights for free for one year on Tigerair Taiwan.
2018 03 In order to serve a larger customer base, Tigerair Taiwan allows cash payments starting today. All bookings on the official website of Tigerair Taiwan for flights and additional services with a total amount of NT$20,000 or less will have the option of paying From selected convenience stores in Taiwan or Japan.
03 Tigerair Taiwan is nominated for "Asia's Leading Low-Cost Airline 2018" and "Asia's Leading Most Efficient Low-Cost Airlines 2018" for the first time this year (2018).
06 on 26 June, Tigerair Taiwan has won the most prestigious Platinum Award for three consecutive years, from 2016 to 2018, for the budget airline category.
09 Tigerair Taiwan hosted its "Tigerrun 4" event on 16 Sep 2018. This was the first time that the run was held in the Taipei Zoo.
09 Effective from 25 Sep 2018, passengers departing from Taoyuan International Airport will be able to check-in online using the Tigerair Taiwan official website 2.5~48 hours before their departure time. After checking in, passengers may proceed to collect their boarding passes And check in their luggage at the "checked in counter" to reduce the time spent queuing and to expedite the check-in process.
Full Record of Maiden Flight
Date Maiden Flight
26th Sep, 2014 Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Singapore (suspended)
14th Nov, 2014 Maiden Flight Taoyuan- Bangkok Don Mueang Airport
17th Dec, 2014 Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Macao
18th Dec, 2014 Maiden Flight Kaohsiung-Macao
2nd Apr, 2015 Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Haneda Tokyo
29th Jun, 2015 Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Naha Okinawa
3rd Jul, 2015 Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Kansai Osaka
3rd Jul, 2015 Maiden Flight Kaohsiung-Kansai Osaka
1st Sep, 2015 Maiden Flight Kaohsiung-Haneda Tokyo
12th Dec, 2015 Maiden Flight Taoyuan- Zhangjiajie (suspended)
19th Dec, 2015 Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Haneda Tokyo
28th Jan, 2016 Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Fukuoka
29th Jan, 2016 Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Nagoya
18th Mar, 2016 Maiden Flight Taoyuan- Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (suspended)
5th May, 2016 Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Daegu
29th Jun, 2016 Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Sendai
14th Jul, 2016 Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Okayama
12th Aug, 2016 Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Hakodate
19th Jan, 2017 Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Busan
4th Mar, 2017 Maiden Flight Kaohsiung-Okinawa
28th Mar, 2017 Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Jeju
29th Mar, 2017 Maiden Flight Taichung-Macao
18th Dec, 2017 Maiden Kaohsiung-Fukuoka
18th Jan, 2018 Maiden Taoyuan-Komatsu
26th Mar, 2018 Maiden Taoyuan-Ibaraki
27th Mar, 2018 Maiden Taoyuan-Asahikawa
1st Jul, 2018 Maiden Kaohsiung-Nagoya
29th Jul, 2018 Maiden Taoyuan-Saga
1st Aug, 2018 Maiden Taoyuan-Hanamaki
1st Dec, 2018 Maiden Taoyuan-Cebu

Flight Attendant

The flight attendants of Tigerair Taiwan wear a set uniform that incorporates the company’s goose-yellow color and indispensable for the "tiger spot" element. Tigerair Taiwan's stewardess also wear a leopard-print belt around her waist.


Tigerair Taiwan currently has a fleet of 11 Airbus A320-200 aircrafts that can accommodate up to 180 passengers in a flight., all of which can be checked in the following table:
Type Quantity
Airbus A320-200 9
Airbus A320neo 5

Call Center

If you have any question for the airline or are facing any issue during your travel such as lost baggage or cancelled flights, you can directly contact the airline The Tigerair Taiwan call center can be contacted on one of the following numbers :
Country Phone
Taiwan (+886) 2 7753 1088

Live Chat

Another way is to access their live chat page here.

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