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泰國全亞洲航空 標誌

泰國全亞洲航空 (XJ)

 免費手提行李限額 7公斤


AirAsia吉隆坡的曼谷 廊曼航班
AirAsia曼谷 廊曼的吉隆坡航班
AirAsia曼谷 廊曼的班加罗爾航班
AirAsia班加罗爾的曼谷 廊曼航班
AirAsia曼谷 廊曼的馬尼拉航班
AirAsia馬尼拉的曼谷 廊曼航班
AirAsia亞庇的曼谷 廊曼航班
AirAsia曼谷 廊曼的亞庇航班
AirAsia新德里的曼谷 廊曼航班
AirAsia曼谷 廊曼的雪梨航班
AirAsia雪梨的曼谷 廊曼航班
AirAsia曼谷 廊曼的珀斯航班
AirAsia珀斯的曼谷 廊曼航班
AirAsia首爾 仁川的曼谷 廊曼航班
AirAsia吉隆坡的首爾 仁川航班
AirAsia曼谷 廊曼的首爾 仁川航班
AirAsia加爾各答的曼谷 廊曼航班
AirAsia曼谷 廊曼的加爾各答航班
AirAsia曼谷 廊曼的大阪關西航班
AirAsia大阪關西的曼谷 廊曼航班
AirAsia墨爾本圖拉馬林的曼谷 廊曼航班
AirAsia曼谷 廊曼的齋浦爾航班
AirAsia曼谷 廊曼的墨爾本 愛華隆航班
AirAsia墨爾本 愛華隆的曼谷 廊曼航班
AirAsia黃金海岸的曼谷 廊曼航班
AirAsia曼谷 廊曼的黃金海岸航班
AirAsia科欽的曼谷 廊曼航班
AirAsia曼谷 廊曼的科欽航班
AirAsia曼谷 廊曼的古晉航班
AirAsia古晉的曼谷 廊曼航班
AirAsia台北 桃園的曼谷 廊曼航班
AirAsia蒂魯吉拉帕的曼谷 廊曼航班
AirAsia曼谷 廊曼的蒂魯吉拉帕航班
AirAsia曼谷 廊曼的成都航班


Passengers flying with Thai AirAsia X will get a free cabin baggage allowance, but will have to purchase checked in/hold baggage allowance separately.

The cabin baggage allowance for Thai AirAsia X (XJ) passengers, both in domestic and international routes, are 2 cabin baggages: 1 hand carry luggage for the overhead storage space, and 1 laptop bag/handbag/other type of smaller bag. The hand baggage must not be larger than 56cm x 36cm x 23cm, and the size of the smaller bag must not excess 40cm x 30cm x 10cm. The total weight of both bags brought to the cabin must not be more than 7kg.

You can pay an extra fee to purchase extra baggage allowance if the cabin baggage allowance is not enough. The add on luggage allowance that can be purchased are 15kg (only on domestic flights), 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, and 40kg. The extra baggage allowance price varies between routes and weight allowance, and you can check the complete charge list here

Passengers are allowed to bring liquid, aerosol, and gels (LAG) items on board the aircraft, as long as the policy and restrictions on the LAG items are followed. Read below for the rules on LAG items:

  • Drinks, perfumes, toothpaste, gels, and creams must be put in a container that has a maximum volume of 100ml, or maximum weight of 100gr. LAG containers larger than 100gr/100ml are not allowed on board, although it is only part-filled.
  • All the LAG containers must be put inside a transparent plastic resealable bag (maximum area 80cm, size eg. 20x20cm or 15x25cm). Each passenger is only allowed to bring maximum 1 litre total of LAG items, in ONE resealable bag.

Information stated above is intended for general guide only, and may be changed by the airline with no prior notification


There are 4 ways for passengers to check-in: the check-in counter at the airport, the AirAsia web check in page, online mobile app, and self check-in kiosk at the airport.

To check in online, you can click here on either your desktop or mobile browser. Other than the website, you can check in by using the Thai AirAsia mobile app, and check in from the app. After checking in online, you will get your boarding pass.

To check in online, you can click here on either your desktop or mobile browser. Other than the website, you can check in by using the Thai AirAsia mobile app, and check in from the app. After checking in online, you will get your boarding pass.

If you’d rather check in directly at the airport, you can check yourself in using the self check-in kiosk. To check-in at the self check-in kiosk, you will need to have your booking number. Currently, this service is available in most airports in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. You can use the self check-in kiosk to check your hold baggage in at the same time.

But self check in services (mobile app/web check in, and self check-in kiosk) are not available for:
- Pregnant passengers
- Passengers flying with infant not older than 8 days
- Passengers with reduced mobility or requiring special assistance
- Passengers below 16 years old who is travelling alone
- Passengers with a medical condition
- Passengers travelling to or from the United States

Passengers who cannot check in using the self check in services will have to check in directly at the airport counter.

Check-in Method Detail Check in Time
Self check-in (app, web, kiosk) For most AirAsia flights Available 14 days to 1 hour before departure
Self check-in (app, web, kiosk) Flights to and from Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, and Thailand Available 10 days to 1 hour before departure
Check in & baggage drop counter Domestic flights Counter opens 2 hours before departure time, and closes 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time
Check in & baggage drop counter Domestic flights At KLIA 2, counter opens 2 hours before departure time, and closes 1 hour before the departure time
Check in & baggage drop counter Domestic flights From Japan, counter opens 2 hours before departure time, and closes 30 minutes prior to the schedule departure time
Check in & baggage drop counter International flights Counter opens 3 hours before departure time, and closes 1 hour before departure
Check in & baggage drop counter Taipei (TPE) - Nagoya (NGO) Check-in counter opens 2.5 hours before departure time, closes 1 hour prior to departure

Call Center

If you have problems with the flight, including booking, refund, lost and found baggage, check-in, you can contact AirAsia’s contact centers. You can either choose the Live Chat feature on their website, or via social media such as Twitter and Facebook. E-Form is also available where you can submit the issue along with your email address here

If you’d rather call the call center, check the following table.

Calling from Service Contact Number Opening Hours
India AirAsia & AirAsia X Flights +91 80 4666 2222; +91 80 6766 2222 24/7
Japan Serves passengers of AirAsia X flights with the airline code D7 and Thai AirAsia X with the airline code XJ +81 50 6864 8181 8am-5pm (GMT+9 Monday to Friday
Japan Serves passengers of AirAsia Japan with the flight code DJ +81 50 3176 1789 8am-5pm (GMT+9) Monday to Friday
South Korea Serves AirAsia X (D7), Thai AirAsia X (XJ), and Philippines AirAsia (Z2) passengers 050 4092 00525 8am-5pm (GMT+9) Monday to Friday
Thailand Serves AirAsia & AirAsia X flights +66 2 515 9999 8am-9ppm _GMT+7) Monday to Sunday

Fare Rules

Fare Rules

Service Low Fare Value Pack Premium Flex Premium Flatbed
Cabin Baggage V V V V
Checked Baggage $ 20 kg 20kg 40kg
Flight Seat Selection $ Standard Seats only V V
Meals $ V V V
Insurance by Tune Protect $ V V V
Lounge Access $ $ V V
Xcite Inflight Entertainment $ $ $ V
Xpress Baggage X X V V
Xpress Boarding X X V V
Dedicated Check-In X X V V
Xpress Track X X V V
Pillow and Duvet X X X V
Change Flight Date/Time $ $ Free (2 times) Unlimited
Name Change X X X X
Destination Change(Reroute) X X X X
Cancellation/Refund X X X X
BIG Points Up to 10 BIG Points for every RM1 spent Up to 10 BIG Points for every RM1 spent Up to 12 BIG Points for every RM1 spent Up to 12 BIG Points for every RM1 spent

1. Value Pack passengers will need to pre-select their meal. There are two choices: vegetarian and non-vegetarian hot meal.
2. Passengers with the Premium Flex and Premium Flatbed fares will be charged the fare difference from the flight date and time change IF the change is made 2 hours before the scheduled departure time.
Passengers who are travelling with child(ren) and/or infant(s) should check this link for specific fare rules, baggage, and additional passenger policy.

The airline may change its policy without any prior notification. To get an update when it happens, and for their policy on insurance, or flight delay, check the airline’s fare rules page here

Flight Schedule

For the complete schedule of Thai AirAsia X, click here


In 2013, Malaysia AirAsia X and Thai AirAsia signed an agreement to establish a medium and long-haul airline as a joint venture, resulting in the founding of Thai AirAsia X. After the establishment of the airline, it was given an Air Operators Certificate from Thailand’s Department of Civil Aviation on February 2014.
Not long after, on June 17th, 2014, the airline did their inaugural flight from its hub in Don Mueang Airport to Incheon Airport.

Inflight Comfort

There are various inflight services that you can enjoy on your flight with AirAsia X, including various selection of meals and beverages (included in all types of ticket except LowFare). The inflight food and beverages menu for Thai AirAsia X can be accessed here, and you can pre-book your meals on this page.

Other than inflight meals, you can also browse through the Thai AirAsia X catalogue of merchandise and souvenirs that you can purchase on board. To see what the airline offers, you can check their catalogue here

Company Profile

Thai AirAsia X is a joint venture of Malaysia AirAsia X and Thai AirAsia. It is a medium and long-haul low fare airline, and based in Thailand’s Dong Mueang International Airport. It operates under the IATA code XJ and ICAO code TAX.

It flies only international routes, and currently flies to 11 airport destinations in Japan, Korea, and China. The airline will open a new route to Brisbane, Australia, on June 25th 2019.


Destinaton Airport Terminal
Bangkok (DMK) Don Mueang International Airport International Flight: Terminal 1; Domestic Flight: Terminal 2
Brisbane Brisbane Airport *Begins 25 June 2019
Changchun Changchun Longjia International Airport -
Harbin Harbin Taiping International Airport -
Lanzhou Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport -
Nagoya – Chubu (NGO) Chubu Centrair International Airport -
Osaka Kansai International Airport -
Sapporo New Chitose Airport -
Seoul Incheon International Airport -
Shanghai (PVG) Shanghai Pudong International Airport Terminal 2
Shenyang Shenyang Taoxian International Airport -
Tokyo Narita International Airport -

The terminal listed above are for information purposes only, and the airline may change the information with no prior notification. Contact the airline or your departure airport for a more updated information when it is updated.

Term and Condition

To access the Conditions of Carriage for Thai AirAsia X (XJ), click here

Flight Attendant

Thai AirAsia X Flight Attendant

The cabin crews working with Thai AirAsia X wear the same uniforms as other airlines bearing the brand name AirAsia. The female flight attendant wears a white blouse under a red blazer and skirt, while the male flight attendants wear a set of black pants and shirt with a red lining around the collar.


Thai AirAsia X Fleet

Thai AirAsia X operates using 10 Airbus A330-300 in its fleet. The aircraft has 12 premium class seats (premium flatbed) and 365 standard seats, and can fly up to 377 passengers in one flight

Seat Selection

Thai AirAsia X Seat

Thai AirAsia operates using Airbus A330-300 which is equipped with three different seats: premium flatbed, hot seat, and standard seat.
The standard seats are leather seats with a pitch of 31” and width of 16”, and located all over the plane except for the seats in front of the plane and on the sides of the emergency exits. The Quiet Zone for passengers who want to get extra comfort during their flight uses the standard seats.

As for the hot seats, the passengers will be able to enjoy leather seats with a wider legroom of 17.5”. Passengers who purchase the seat will also get to board the plane first.

The last seat option is the Premium Flatbed. There are only 12 premium flatbed seats in one airplane, so it may be a challenge to get one of the seats. The seats can be reclined into a full bed when desired. The seats are also equipped with privacy screens, reading light, power port, adjustable head and foot rest, pillow and a duvet.