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China Express - 促銷活動


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China Express

華夏航空 (G5)

 免費手提行李限額 7公斤


China Express貴陽的重慶航班
China Express重慶的貴陽航班
China Express天津的甲米航班
China Express太原的甲米航班
China Express西安 咸陽的甲米航班
China Express重慶的太原航班
China Express太原的重慶航班
China Express天津的重慶航班
China Express重慶的天津航班
China Express大連的重慶航班
China Express重慶的大連航班
China Express揚州泰州的曼谷 廊曼航班
China Express濟南的曼谷 廊曼航班
China Express揚州泰州的曼谷 素萬那普航班
China Express濟南的曼谷 素萬那普航班
China Express烏魯木齊的東京成田航班
China Express烏魯木齊的甲米航班
China Express重慶的梧州航班
China Express揚州泰州的甲米航班
China Express梧州的重慶航班
China Express揚州泰州的東京成田航班
China Express濟南的甲米航班
China Express無錫的甲米航班
China Express武漢的東京成田航班
China Express煙台的甲米航班
China Express青島的曼谷 廊曼航班
China Express揚州泰州的澳門航班
China Express無錫的澳門航班
China Express温州的東京成田航班
China Express東盛的重慶航班
China Express重慶的東盛航班
China Express温州的甲米航班
China Express無錫的普吉航班
China Express蘭州的重慶航班
China Express重慶的蘭州航班

Call Centre

Phone number: +86 851 549 96 62


China Express Air, also known as Huaxia Airlines is China‘s first private regional airline, The airline was established in May 2006 and is owned by Cathay Fortune (40%), High Zero (25%), Tampines International (24%) and others (11%).

On August 28, 2011, a China Express Airlines Bombardier CRJ 200 regional jet scraped the ground on landing at Guiyang Airport in southwest China. No one was injured during the incident. On 1 September 2010, China's Civil Aviation Administration ordered the airline to suspend operations after a landing incident at Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport in which an aircraft's right wing made contact with the runway during landing.

The airline was ordered to review its safety regulations and perform an investigation into the incident.On 6 September, Chinese authorities allowed the airline to resume partial operations; according to a spokesperson, the company planned to resume full operations within two weeks.

Company Profile

China Express Airlines is an airline based in Guiyang, Guizhou, People's Republic of China. It plans to launch services using Bombardier CRJ-200 aircraft