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Find the cheapest flight pontianak - PNK to jakarta soekarno hatta - CGK

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Cheap Flights Information

Cheapest price for pontianak to jakarta soekarno hatta is starting from US$ 37.82 in June 2020. Promo Flight pontianak
Cheapest price for jakarta soekarno hatta to pontianak is starting from US$ 47.40 in June 2020. Promo Flight jakarta soekarno hatta

Best Fare Calendar pontianak - jakarta soekarno hatta

Flight Schedule pontianak - PNK to jakarta soekarno hatta - CGK

Depart Time Arrival Time Flight Type Transit City Airlines Days Flight Code
12:25 13:55 Direct Sriwijaya Air Mon, Tue SJ185
15:10 16:40 Direct Lion Air Tue JT715
10:30 21:30 Transit YIA Lion Air Tue JT969
12:30 14:00 Direct Batik Air Mon, Thu ID8713
11:30 12:55 Direct Nam Air Thu, Sat IN181
13:10 14:40 Direct Lion Air Tue JT689
11:10 12:40 Direct Lion Air Mon JT713
08:10 09:40 Direct Lion Air Mon JT877
07:10 08:40 Direct Lion Air Mon JT3719
10:10 11:40 Direct Lion Air Mon JT831
12:10 13:40 Direct Lion Air Mon JT833
09:10 10:40 Direct Lion Air Mon JT719
07:10 08:40 Direct Lion Air Mon JT839
09:40 11:10 Direct Batik Air Mon ID8717
08:30 10:00 Direct Batik Air Mon ID8711
06:00 07:30 Direct Lion Air Mon JT711
06:30 17:00 Transit SRG Lion Air Sun JT967
09:50 11:20 Direct Sriwijaya Air Fri SJ187
08:30 10:00 Direct Lion Air Thu JT3877
06:05 07:35 Direct Lion Air Sat, Sun JT3711
14:30 16:00 Direct Lion Air Sat, Sun JT3685
13:55 15:25 Direct Lion Air Sat, Sun JT3689
18:00 19:30 Direct Lion Air Sat, Sun JT3687
10:40 12:10 Direct Lion Air Sat, Sun JT3831
17:15 18:45 Direct Citilink Sat, Sun QG411
12:00 22:30 Transit SUB Lion Air Wed JT837
06:05 07:30 Direct Sriwijaya Air Wed, Thu, Fri SJ189
08:00 15:10 Transit BTH Lion Air Wed JT958
18:35 20:05 Direct Sriwijaya Air Sun SJ183
08:00 18:40 Transit SUB Lion Air Mon JT957
20:00 07:20 Transit UPG Lion Air Sun JT816
14:40 16:10 Direct Citilink Thu QG9415
08:05 13:25 Transit JOG Nam Air Thu IN236
12:35 14:20 Direct Garuda Airlines Sun GA513
17:45 19:20 Direct Garuda Airlines Sun GA515
11:20 12:50 Direct Citilink Sat QG9413
10:10 11:40 Direct Sriwijaya Air Thu SJ1841
15:10 21:20 Transit SUB Lion Air Sun JT3837
11:50 13:20 Direct Garuda Airlines Fri GA5074
14:55 19:30 Transit BTH Lion Air Sun JT989
20:10 21:40 Direct Lion Air Sun JT717
10:00 11:30 Direct Lion Air Mon, Wed, Sat, Sun JT3713
18:50 20:20 Direct Lion Air Mon, Wed, Sat, Sun JT687
20:00 12:05 Transit JOG Nam Air Sun IN238
09:20 11:05 Direct Sriwijaya Air Mon SJ1881
18:50 20:20 Direct Sriwijaya Air Mon, Wed SJ1885
08:35 10:05 Direct Sriwijaya Air Sat SJ1830
13:00 21:10 Transit JOG Nam Air Sun IN2360
20:15 21:40 Direct Nam Air Sun IN185
06:55 08:25 Direct Garuda Airlines Sat GA501
19:30 21:00 Direct Nam Air Thu IN1810
16:55 18:25 Direct Garuda Airlines Wed GA507
13:20 14:50 Direct Garuda Airlines Wed GA5172
08:15 09:35 Direct Sriwijaya Air Mon SJ179
12:15 13:45 Direct Garuda Airlines Tue GA5136
11:50 13:20 Direct Garuda Airlines Sun GA5054
14:30 16:00 Direct Garuda Airlines Fri GA5134
10:00 11:30 Direct Garuda Airlines Fri GA5056
14:50 07:35 Transit BPN Garuda Airlines Wed GA7523
15:45 17:15 Direct Garuda Airlines Sun GA5034
07:40 09:05 Direct Sriwijaya Air Thu SJ181
10:50 12:20 Direct Garuda Airlines Daily GA505
16:00 17:35 Direct Citilink Daily QG9876
08:55 10:15 Direct Sriwijaya Air Thu SJ1851
07:45 11:10 Transit PKN Kalstar Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun KD922
09:55 15:10 Transit SMQ Kalstar Thu KD721
12:30 14:00 Direct Batik Air Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun ID6223
08:10 09:40 Direct Batik Air Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun ID6221
17:15 18:45 Direct Lion Air Mon, Tue, Fri, Sat, Sun JT725
12:55 14:40 Direct Citilink Thu, Fri, Sat QG865
20:00 21:40 Direct Citilink Mon, Sun QG867
19:35 20:55 Direct Garuda Airlines Mon, Sun GA511
15:00 16:30 Direct Lion Air Daily JT685
07:40 09:10 Direct Garuda Airlines Daily GA503
21:25 22:50 Direct Kalstar Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun KD801
18:40 20:00 Direct Nam Air Fri IN9187
15:20 16:50 Direct Garuda Airlines Sun GA509
18:40 20:05 Direct Sriwijaya Air Daily SJ9187
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