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Vueling Airlines

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Vueling Airlines


Vueling Airlines (VY) is a low cost carrier airline flying to domestic & international routes. The airline does not provide the passenger with cabin baggage allowance. Free checked baggage allowance is not included in the ticket. Check in time at the airport starts from 120 minutes prior to the scheduled flight departure time. Check in online is available for flights on Vueling Airlines official website page. It can be done 7 days prior to scheduled departure time.

How to Book

1. Visit Airpaz website, or open the Airpaz application (Android/iOS) on your mobile phone. 2. Fill in the details in the flight search box. 3. Choose the best flight. 4. Fill in the contact information and passenger details on the booking page. 5. Process your payment through the selected payment method. 6. Receive your Vueling Airlines flight e-itinerary in the My Booking page, or in your email.

How to Pay

Payment for your Vueling Airlines ticket on Airpaz can be made via bank credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, and over the counter methods. For the complete information, visit Airpaz Payment Guide page.


Vueling Airlines

Company Profile

Vueling, which comes from the word ‘vuelo’ or ‘fly’ in Spanish, is a low-cost airline based in Spain and Italy. The airline operates under the IATA and ICAO code VY and VLG respectively. Their hubs are in the El Prat de Llobregat airport in Barcelona, and the Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Italy. The address of their head office is Parque de Negocios Mas Blau II, Pla de l’Estany, 5, 08820 El Prat de Llobregat - Barcelona (Spain). They also have an office at the Barajas Airport Terminal 4. The airline operates direct and connecting flights to more than 100 destination airports in Africa, Asia, Europe and Middle East. To support their operation as the airline with the most destination number in Spain, they have thirteen additional bases at the A Coruña, Alicante, Amsterdam, Bilbao, Florence, Lisbon, Madrid, Málaga, Palma de Mallorca, Paris-Orly, Santiago de Compostela, Seville, and Valencia. The airline also has one seasonal base at the famous tourism city Ibiza. The airline has codeshare agreements with various airlines including British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Iberia, LATAM Brasil, and Qatar Airways. It is also in the top 20 of World’s Best Low-Cost Airlines 2018 award by Skytrax.


Vueling Airlines, S.A. was established in February 2004, and started its operation only a few months after that on the 1st of July the same year with a flight between Barcelona and Ibiza. In its early years, the airline only serve Brussels, Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca, and Paris-Charles de Gaulle from their base in Barcelona. Madrid was announced to be their second base in 2005, followed by Paris Charles de Gaulle in 2007 and Seville in 2009. After a financial concern and management reshuffle in 2007, Vueling merged with its Spanish low-cost airline rival Clickair. This deal was subject to scrutiny by the European competition regulators, since it would give the airline advantage over 19 routes. It was approved after the release of slots at Barcelona and other European airports. The merger was finally completed on July 15 2009 with all previous Clickair flights and aircrafts rebranded under the Vueling name. The expansion did not stop there, with Vueling announcing a new base at the Toulouse Airport in France and Amsterdam to open in April 2011. That year, the airline company also bought nine more aircrafts from Airbus, composed of Airbus A319 and A320 aircrafts. In 2012 Rome was announced to be a new base, giving access to numerous new destinations from and to Rome. It’s followed by the opening of a base in Florence, which serves four new European destinations including their first domestic Italian route: Florence-Catania.

Flight Attendant

Vueling flight attendant image
The airline has three choices of uniforms for the female flight attendants: a one-piece dresses or blouses with skirts or trousers in white and grey paired with grey or yellow scarves. The male flight attendants’ uniforms are composed of a set of grey suit paired with grey neckties. Both genders are also given a newly designed overcoat, also in grey, and a pair of black gloves. The design is meant to project a more modern image, and emphasize values of professionalism, elegance and friendliness.


Vueling fleet image
As of 2018 Vueling’s fleet consists of 117 operating aircrafts, and the airline is currently placing orders for 43 more.
Aircraft In Service Orders Passengers Notes
Airbus A319-100 5 1 144 One aircraft will be transferred from Rossiya Airlines
Airbus A320-200 89 - 180/186 The newer A320 features 186 seat configuration
Airbus A320neo 8 42 186 -
Airbus A321-200 15 - 220 -

Call Center

If you have question for the airline or are facing any issue during your flight such as lost baggage or delayed flights, you can directly contact the airline The Vueling Airlines customer service can be contacted on one of the following numbers:
Country Information Phone Number Work Hour
Austria Customer Services 01230461105 9-21h every day
Austria Lost Luggage 0820901332 8-22h every day
Belgium Customer Services 028087812 9-21h every day
Belgium Lost Luggage 070354727 8-22h every day
France Customer Services 0184886948 0-24h every day
France Lost Luggage 0821232322 8-22h every day
France Vueling Club 0186266411 9-20h every day
Germany Customer Services 01806909090 0-24h every day
Germany Lost Luggage 01806700000 8-22h every day
Holland Customer Services 0208081295 9-21h every day
Holland Lost Luggage 0208083759 8-22h every day
Italy Flight Information 199206621 0-24h every day
Italy Customer Services 199206621 0-24h every day
Italy Lost Luggage 199308080 8-22h every day
Italy Vueling Club 199206324 9-20h every day
Poland Customer Services 0708377610 9-21h every day
Poland Lost Luggage 0034931518149 8-22h every day
Portugal Customer Services 210020080 9-21h every day
Portugal Lost Luggage 707786677 8-22h every day
United Kingdom Customer Services 02035143971 0-24h every day
United Kingdom Lost Luggage 08443387780 8-22h every day
Russia Customer Service (495)2041611 9-21h every day
Russia Lost Luggage 0034931518153 8-22h every day
Spain Flight Information 902808005 24/7 every day
Spain Customer Services 902808005 24/7 every day
Spain Lost Luggage 902486648 8-22h every day
Spain Vueling Club 902104269 9-20h every day

Live Chat

Live chat service is not available for passengers of Vueling Airlines.

Facilities and Services

Vueling Airlines


Cabin Baggage

For cabin baggage, Vueling allows the passengers to bring a hand baggage, a smaller bag (laptop or handbag), and additional bag for any purchase made at the airport. The hand luggage’s maximum size is 55x40x20cm, and weight is not more than 10kg. For the smaller bag, its maximum dimension is 35x20x20cm. If you intend to bring a smaller bag AND a bag for airport purchase, they both have to fit under the front seat. If you’re travelling with a baby, you can carry the baby’s needs inside your hand luggage. If your hand luggage complies to the size rules but does not fit in the overhead locker, it will be taken to the cargo hold with no extra cost. However if it exceeds the baggage limit, you will be charged an extra fee at the airport, and only card payments are accepted.

Checked Baggage

Vueling Airlines does not give free checked baggage allowance for the passengers.

Excess Baggage

Although you will not get a free checked in baggage allowance, you can purchase and add baggage allowance both online through the website/app and the airport. For a complete estimation for the add luggage cost, see below:
Checked-in baggage Web/App Airport
1 bag €13.00 €50.00
2 bags €40.00 €70.00
3 bags €40.00 €70.00
*The price listed may change according to your destination. Each passenger are allowed to bring a maximum of 3 check-in baggages that weigh up to 23kg per bag. If your bag is heavier than the additional baggage allowance, you will be charged €12.00 per kilo up to a maximum of 32kg per bag. However, if the route is a connecting flight with another airline, you should also make sure that you follow their rules for the baggage. Disclaimer: Information stated above is intended for general guide only, and may be changed by the airline with no prior notification. Contact the airline for further information.


Vueling Economy Class seat image

Economy Class

The airline offers various selection of seats, which you can purchase through their website during online check-in, or by calling their Customer Service Centre, and even at the check-in counter or ticket office at the airport.

Selections Space One Space Plus Space Front and Back Rows
Detail In the first row, including priority boarding and 20% more space Between rows 2 and 4, including priority boarding and 10% more space 20% more space -
Fare From 15.99€ From 12.99€ From 11.99€ From 2.99
More room (10-20%) V V V X
Priority boarding V V X X
Row 1 V X X X
Rows 2-4 X V X X
Emergency exits X X V X
Instant boarding passes V V V V
Included in Optima, Family, and TimeFlex fares X X X V

Inflight Comfort

Vueling inflight entertainment image

Inflight Entertainment

Vueling Airlines provides services and in-flight entertainment for the passengers during flight on their aircraft, such as magazine.

Inflight Free Snack

During flights with Vueling Airlines free snack/beverage is not provided.
Vueling inflight meals menu image
Meal Order
Vueling offers various beverages and snacks for their passengers on board. The menu ranges from simple snacks such as peanuts, crackers, Gourmet Snackbox, to sandwiches and burrito. The beverage menu includes sparkling water, soda, coffee, tea, and a selection of alcoholic drinks such as beer and wine. Passengers flying with the airline can also purchase various products and gift boxes including fragrances, cosmetics and fashion accessories. For the complete catalogue, click here.
Vueling privilege program image

Privilege Program

Vueling Airlines has a privilege program for their loyal customers, and more complete detail on it can be checked here.


Vueling Airlines

Web Check-in

If you didn’t select a seat when booking the ticket, you can check in online between 7 days and 1 hour prior to the flight departure at every airports except for the ones listed below.
Check in Time Airport
Up to 4 hours before departure Aalborg, Almeria, Bari, Basel, Birmingham, Bologna, Budapest, Cagliari, Copenhagen, Corfu, Crete, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Genoa, Geneva, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Hannover, Helsinki, Karpathos, Kefalonia, Kos, Luxembourg, Malta, Manchester, Munich, Mykonos, Nuremberg, Olbia, Oslo,Palermo, Preveza, Pisa, Rennes, Reykjavik, Rhodes, Santorini, Tel Aviv, Thessaloniki, Turin, Valladolid, Warsaw, Zaragoza and Zakynthos
Up to 24 hours before departure London Heathrow
However, if you select a seat during booking, or purchased the Optima, Family, or TimeFlex fares, check-in will be done instantly. This means you will get a boarding pass by email directly after the booking is confirmed.

Airport Check-in

However, online check-in cannot be done in several airports. So before checking in, check if your airport accept online check in here Other than passengers who cannot check in online, there are also other passengers who have to go to the check-in desk at the airport: - Minors flying without adult companion from Italian airport - Passengers travelling with pet - Passengers who have booked an extra seat - Passengers who booked using the Pending Passenger service - Passengers with a price lock or pending payment - Passengers travelling with sporting arms - Passengers whose payment card holder identity has to be verified

Kiosk Check-in

Vueling Airlines provides kiosk check-in services for the passengers, which can be accessed at the departure airport depending on the availability. For further information on this service, contact the airline customer service. The check in time is 4 hours before the flight departure time.

App Check-in

App check-in through the airline’s official mobile (Android/iOS) application is possible. To do so, download the Vueling Airlines mobile application on their mobile phone. The check in time is 7 hours before the flight departure time.

Terms and Conditions

Vueling Airlines
For further information, read the Terms and Conditions of Vueling Airlines, click here.

Fare Rules

The cancellation policy of Vueling does not allow the passenger to cancel flights, although you can change the flight date and time. You can also change the name of the passenger, all for an extra fee and fare difference.
Changes Details Fee per change
Change of Flight Change time and/or date for your flight up to 2 hours prior to departure through web, app, or Customer Service, or up to one hour before departure at the airport €50.00 + fare difference
Change of Name Change the name of the ticket holder up to 2 hours prior to departure, as long as no flight in the booking has been completed €50.00 + fare difference
Note: Information on the table is only applicable to Basic Fares. If you want to make changes within 24 hours of making the booking, you can do it for free (only paying for the fare difference if any) on the Manage Booking page on Vueling’s website. If your flight is delayed, you can get a compensation from the airline as listed below:
Disruption Length Airline Compensation
Delay >2 hours Airport assistance in the form of: tickets for meals and beverages; 2 telephone calls, faxes, or emails; accomodation, meals and transport IF you have to wait overnight
Delay >5 hours Airport assistance and a full price refund within 7 days on journeys you haven’t made or have already made but no longer serves any purpose; a return flight to the first point of departure if you have taken the first flight and miss your connecting flight.
If your flight is cancelled, you will be offered alternative transport or a refund. Passengers whose flight is delayed to the point that their arrival at the destination is 3 hours later than planned, and passenger whose flight is cancelled can get a compensation.
Flight Length Compensation
Up to 1500km €250.00
Up to 1501 and 3500km €400.00
More than 3500km €600
To request a refund or compensation, fill in the form in this website here For delayed and/or missing baggage, you can go to the Lost and Found office at the airport to fill in the Property Irregularity Report (PIR). Once you have filled the report, a search for the lost luggage will start. After your bag is found, you will be informed via SMS or by phone, and be sent to the address specified in the PIR. You should get an information about the location of your baggage within 72 hours. For a more complete detail on their baggage delay and damage policy, including how to claim to Vueling, you can click here To read Vueling’s fare rules, visit this page Disclaimer: The airline may change its policy without any prior notification. To get an update when it happens and for their policy on insurance, flight delay, etc. check the airline’s fare rules page or directly contact the airline.

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