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Spring Japan - 프로모션


고객님의 여행을 Airpaz와 함께 계획하고 Spring Japan 저렴한 항공권 오늘 받으세요! Airpaz는 초특가로 간편한 항공권 예약 서비스를 제공해 드립니다.


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Spring Japan

Spring Japan (IJ)

 무료 기내 수하물 허용량 7kg
 출발 전 120 분 전에 체크인 하세요
 온라인 체크인

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Spring Japan 상하이홍치아오에서 스자좡로 가는 항공편
Spring Japan 스자좡에서 상하이홍치아오로 가는 항공편
Spring Japan 상하이에서 스자좡로 가는 항공편
Spring Japan 스자좡에서 상하이로 가는 항공편
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Spring Japan 선양에서 상하이로 가는 항공편
Spring Japan 상하이에서 선양로 가는 항공편
Spring Japan 선양에서 스자좡로 가는 항공편
Spring Japan 스자좡에서 선양로 가는 항공편
Spring Japan 상하이에서 방콕로 가는 항공편
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Spring Japan 닝보에서 스자좡로 가는 항공편
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Spring Japan 산터우에서 상하이로 가는 항공편
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Spring Japan 선전에서 상하이로 가는 항공편
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Information Baggage of Spring Air Japan

About carry-on baggage

Baggage that you can bring in the aircraft
The total size of three sides is within 115 cm
(Width 56 cm × height 36 cm × depth 23 cm or less)
One piece per person
Weight up to 5 kg

checked baggage

Up to 3 pieces of baggage allowed per person, totaling 60 kg. (However, the weight per piece of baggage shall not exceed 30 kg). Please leave the baggage that you will not bring in the cabin at the Spring and Autumn Airlines Japan boarding procedure counter 35 minutes before departure. Golden week, year-end and New Year holidays, airport counters and security inspection facilities are very crowded. Please proceed with plenty of time.
If you have applied for checked baggage in advance on the Internet or Spring Japan Call Center, after you receive your boarding pass with an automatic check-in machine, Present your boarding pass with your boarding procedure counter and leave your baggage.

If you wish to offer luggage storage at the airport counter on the day of boarding day, after receiving your boarding pass with the automatic check - in machine, Please show your boarding pass at the boarding procedure counter and pay checked baggage fee and leave your baggage.

Please note that baggage claim will be handed over to your baggage claim, so please take it carefully until you pick up your baggage at the arrival area.

You can apply for the checked baggage fee on the internet. Please see the checked baggage charge for details.

■ Notes ■
The allowable amount of free checked baggage will vary according to the booking fare.
Please note that the baggage fee that was paid can not be refunded later.

About large baggage / sporting goods
· If the sum of three sides exceeds 203 cm, large baggage fee will be charged.
· Payment of large baggage fee and sports equipment fee is only accepted at airport counter.

· We will keep large baggage and sporting goods until the longest side is 277 cm.
   However, even if it is within 277 cm, we may not be able to keep it due to the baggage loading situation of the day, so please be forewarned.

· The sporting goods specified by our company are the following five kinds.
   Other sporting goods are usually baggage, but you can not store firearms such as hunting, sports firearms, Japanese swords and so on.

  1. Golf equipment (1 set)
    If you store it in a golf bag, or if you do not have a back, pack it appropriately so that it can withstand the impact.
    Even if you deposit an empty golf bag inside, it will be eligible for sports fee.

  2. Surfboards (1 sheet)
    Kite board, body board etc are included.

  3. Diving Equipment (1 set)
    Please open the oxygen tank with the tank valve open, leaving the air inside completely empty.

  4. Ski (1 pair) · snowboard (1 piece)
    Short skiing, plastic skiing for children and water skiing are included.

  5. Bicycle (1)
    A state in which the air of the tire is removed, the pedal is removed, and the steering wheel is fixed in parallel to the frame
    Please pack it properly with a case or cardboard so that it can withstand the shock.

※ Other note on baggage
◆ Valuable items · fragile items: cash, jewelry, securities and other expensive items, cameras, personal computers, bottles etc
    Please do not put fragile objects in your checked baggage. In the unlikely event of damage such as breakage or loss, we can not assume responsibility in spring and autumn air Japan.
◆ Alcoholic Beverages · Beverages: Bring your liquor or drink into a bottle so it is fragile. Alcohol is alcohol
 ◆ Pet: Chunghwa Airlines pet can not be kept in Japan.
◆ Wheelchair · Stroller: Walking aid such as wheelchair, children's strollers and child safety seat will be kept free of charge for one car per person.
◆ The maximum amount of compensation for baggage and personal belongings is up to 150,000 yen per person.


Web check-in not available. All passengers and bags must be checked in no later than 45 minutes before boarding time.

Flights Schedule

Information of flights schedule of Spring Japan click here


Spring Airlines announced in 2011 that it had plans to establish a subsidiary in Japan; it would be the first Chinese airline to do so. Spring was required to find one or more local partners due to Japanese legal restrictions that would limit its investment to a minority stake.

Spring Airlines Japan headquarters in Narita
The airline received an air operator's certificate on 17 December 2013, having filed in September 2013 with 1.5 billion yen of equity capital, of which Spring Airlines invested 33%. The remainder of the airline's capital was provided by Japanese financial institutions, IT enterprises and trading companies, among others. There were plans to raise a further 4.5 billion yen of capital prior to commencement of operations.

Japanese travel agency JTB announced in March 2014 that it would invest in Spring Airlines Japan and enter a partnership with the airline to provide Japan tour packages to Chinese customers.[8]

Spring Airlines Japan planned to use primarily Japanese staff, such as retired Japan Airlines (JAL) pilots. Its head of operations, Minoru Uchida, was formerly a JAL pilot

InFlight Comfort

In-flight meal online reservation

Please purchase until 36 hours before departure (Shanghai ~ Guangzhou line, Shanghai ~ Shenzhen line up to departure time) by using spring official airline official website, spring autumn air application, call center 95524. Please understand beforehand that the menu provided differs depending on the route.

Regarding usage rules

1) In-flight meal online reservation can be purchased after buying tickets. However, because the deadline time will be 36 hours before departure, please finish as soon as possible.

2) In-flight meal reservation will be 36 hours before departure (Shanghai ~ Guangzhou line, Shanghai ~ Shenzhen line up to 6 hours before departure).

3) The provision of in-flight meal will be provided after the plane has entered a stable state after takeoff. If there is any other request, please inform the cabin crew. Please note that refunds can not be made when in-flight meal can not be provided due to change of seat without a refusal.

4) There are cases where menu change without notice is done, and the variety of in-flight meal differs depending on the route. Also, on-line in-flight meal service is not open on some routes, so if you would like to eat on-board meals, please contact the flight attendant after takeoff.

5) If you change the flight date, airlines will also transfer the in-flight meals purchased. Complete the change procedure up to 36 hours before departure. For details, please contact the call center 95524.

6) If in-flight meals of reservation are not provided during flight, please fill in "X item not yet delivered list", but please do not hesitate to call 95524 after landing.

7) Airlines can change the menu according to the season.

8) Once purchased in-flight meal, refund / refund is impossible. Refund of in-flight meals will be possible only when the airline side affected normal flight departure and arrival. For details please contact 95524.


Airport Domestic International
Spring Japan(IJ/SJO) Terminal 3 2F B Terminal 3 2F AC
Kansai International Airport Terminal 1 Terminal 2
New Chistose Airport Domestic Terminal Building 1F

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Condition of Spring Japan click here

Call Centre

■ About Tokyo (Narita) Flights
Spring Japan Call Center
Reception hours 9:00~21:00

■ About Shanghai Flights
Spring Airlines Call Center
Reception hours 9:00~17:30

Company Profile

Spring Airlines Japan Co., Ltd. is a low-cost airline headquartered in Kozunomori, Narita, Japan. It is 33% owned by Spring Airlines, a Chinese low-cost carrier, with the remainder held by various Japanese investors. The airline began operations in August 2014, having originally planned to begin operations in autumn 2013.
ref: wikipedia