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Cebu Pacific - 프로모션


고객님의 여행을 Airpaz와 함께 계획하고 Cebu Pacific 저렴한 항공권 오늘 받으세요! Airpaz는 초특가로 간편한 항공권 예약 서비스를 제공해 드립니다.


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Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific (5J)

 무료 기내 수하물 허용량 7kg
 출발 전 150 분 전에 체크인 하세요
 온라인 체크인

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Cebu Pacific 하노이에서 마닐라로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 마닐라에서 하노이로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 마닐라에서 푸에르토 프린세사 - 팔라완로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 자카르타에서 마닐라로 가는 항공편
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Cebu Pacific 마닐라에서 광저우 시로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 덴파사르에서 마닐라로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 마닐라에서 덴파사르로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 푸껫 주에서 마닐라로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 마닐라에서 푸껫 주로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 카우아얀에서 마닐라로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 마닐라에서 카우아얀로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 수리가오에서 마닐라로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 마닐라에서 수리가오로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 클락에서 마닐라로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 마닐라에서 클락로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 마닐라에서 제너럴 루나로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 제너럴 루나에서 마닐라로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 카미긴 주에서 마닐라로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 마닐라에서 카미긴 주로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 탄다그에서 마닐라로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 타위타위에서 마닐라로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 싱가포르창이에서 홍콩로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 홍콩에서 싱가포르창이로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 두바이에서 세부 주로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 세부 주에서 두바이로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 타이페이에서 싱가포르창이로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 싱가포르창이에서 타이페이로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 마카오에서 세부 주로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 세부 주에서 마카오로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 타이페이에서 홍콩로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 타이페이에서 세부 주로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 세부 주에서 타이페이로 가는 항공편
Cebu Pacific 오사카에서 싱가포르창이로 가는 항공편


Prepaid Baggage

You may choose from any of the Prepaid Baggage Options:
- Small up to 15kgs.
- Standard up to 20kgs.
- Large up to 30kgs.
- Extra Large up to 40kgs.

Baggage weight Limitations:
- ATR flights: 20kgs max.
- Airbus A320/A319/A330: 40kgs max.
- Caticlan flights will have a maximum allowable baggage of 10kgs including other flights connecting to Caticlan.
- For other connecting flights with combination of Airbus and ATR flights, the maximum allowable baggage is 20kgs.


Information Check-in of Cebu Pacific


  • Flights from 72 hours up to 4 hours for international and up to 2 hours for domestic
  • Individuals, and group bookings with less than 9 guests
  • Guests with carry-on baggage, or those with luggage to check-in

- Expectant mothers
- Guests with infant
- Unaccompanied minor
- Group bookings with 10 or more guests
- Guests with reduced mobility, or requiring special assistance
- Guests on non-direct flights (SOS flights)
- Guests on interline bookings


Cebu Pacific Call Center

Country Telp
Manila :+632-7020-888
Cebu :+6332-230-8888
Hong Kong: +852-397-33800
Singapore +65-315-80808
Australia +612-9119-2956​

Fare Rules

Fare Rules of Cebu Pacific

Flight Schedule

Flights Schedule of Cebu Pacific


In late August, 1988, Cebu Air was established in Pasay City, Metro Manila, the Philippines, but it only started operations almost 8 years later, in early March, 1996.
In February 1998, Cebu Pacific Air was grounded by the government, but continued its services next month, after the re-certification of its aircraft. In late November, 2001, Cebu Pacific Air started operating international flights with a twice-daily service to Hong-Kong.
On the 1st of March, 2002, Cebu Pacific Air introduced thrice-weekly flights to Seoul.

On July 22, 2008, Cebu Pacific became the first airline to use the new Terminal 3 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and the first airline to operate international commercial flights from the new terminal. In May 2010, CEB increased Airbus A320 orders by seven, on top of an existing order of 15 aircraft. The first for the 180-seat brand-new aircraft scheduled to be delivered from 2010 to 2014 arrived in October and was used to add routes and frequencies on CEB’s network of 33 domestic and 14 international destinations.

In June 2010, Cebu Pacific became the Philippines’ largest airline and claimed the Number 1 domestic carrier in 2009 and 2010 The airline operated the youngest aircraft fleet in the country, composed of 8 ATR 72-500 and 21 Airbus aircraft.

In December 2012, Cebu Pacific Air took delivery of its 41st aircraft with tail number RP-C3271. Cebu Pacific is the only airline in the Philippines with its fleet acquired 100% brand-new, making it one of the youngest and most modern aircraft fleets in Asia. In January 2014, Cebu Pacific and Tigerair, the largest budget carriers based in the Philippines and Singapore, have signed a strategic alliance. Subject to regulatory approval, Cebu Pacific and Tigerair will collaborate commercially and operationally on international and domestic air routes, thus creating the biggest network of flights to and from the Philippines.

In February 2014, Cebu Pacific Air announced that it has signed a share purchase agreement to acquire 100% of Tigerair Philippines, including a 40% stake of Tiger Airways Holdings Limited. Starting April 11, 2014, Cebu Pacific flying to the European Union (EU)


Information Terminal Airport of Cebu Pacific

NAIA Terminal 3 (Airbus)

All Cebgo (DG) flights between Manila and:

  • Bacolod
  • Butuan
  • Cebu
  • Cagayan de Oro
  • Davao
  • General Santos
  • Iloilo
  • Kalibo
  • Legazpi
  • Puerto Princesa
  • Roxas
  • Tacloban
  • Tagbilara​n

NAIA Terminal 4 (ATR

All Cebu Pacific (5J) flights between Manila and:

  • Busuanga (Coron)
  • Caticlan (Boracay)
  • Laoag
  • Naga

Select Cebu Pacific (5J) flights:

  • 5J 337/338 Manila-Kalibo-Manila
  • 5J 345/346 Manila-Kalibo-Manila
  • 5J 557/556 Manila-Cebu-Manila on Wednesdays and Saturdays

Terms & Conditions

Term and Condion of Cebu Pacific

Company Profile

Cebu Company Profile

CEB is the largest carrier in the Philippine air transportation industry, offering low-cost services and currently operates flights to 29​​​​ cities in 18 countries in North Asia, ASEAN, Australia, and the Middle East. Tigerair operates flights to 38​​​​​​​ destinations in 12 countries including Australia, India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and the Maldives. As part of the strategic alliance between the CEB Group and Tigerair Singapore, Tigerair Philippines, now renamed as Cebgo, joins CEB for a wider network.
CEB operates a 55​-strong fleet of 47​​ Airbus (9 A319, 32 A320 and 6 A330) and 8 ATR 72-500 aircraft, one of the most modern aircraft fleets in the world and also preferred and dominant air cargo carrier in the Philippines. We provide competitive, fast, flexible and straightforward air cargo services to an extensive network, for individual shippers and cargo agents.