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Rancang Perjalanan Anda bersama Airpaz dan Dapatkan Air Do Tiket Penerbangan lebih Murah Hari Ini! Airpaz Menawarkan Penerbangan Mudah Air Do Untuk Menempah Tiket Penerbangan Dengan Harga Promosi 2020.

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Air Do

Air Do (HD)

 Percuma Elaun Kabin Bagasi 10kg
 Percuma Daftar Masuk Elaun Bagasi 20kg
 Daftar Masuk 120 minit sebelum Berlepas
 Percuma Snek Dalam Pesawat


General Rule of Baggage

Carry on Baggage
- passenger can carry only one piece of baggage which sum of three dimensions is less than 115 cm(less than 55cm×40cm×25cm) and total weight is less than 10kg. (Other than personal belongings (hand bags, cameras, umbrellas, etc.)
- H + W + D = less than 115cm

Checked baggage
・ A baggage which is up to 32 kilograms and total linear dimensions is less than 203 centimeter may be checked in.
・ Up to 100 kilograms may be checked in per passenger.
There is no limit to the number of bags that may be checked in.
・ Don’ t check in your baggage which photograph film in.
・ Check-in items up to a total of 20 kilograms per person is free of charge.
・ If the total of check-in items exceeds 20 kilograms, baggage up to 100 kilograms per passenger may be checked in for an excess baggage fee.

Weight and charge
Excess weight Charge
1 ~ 10kg 2,500JPY
11 ~ 20kg 3,500JPY
21 ~ 30kg 4,500JPY
By 10kg +1,000JPY

・ If total trilateral length of your baggage is more than 203 centimeter, please let AIR DO reservation/information center in advance. When there is not enough storage space, your baggage may not be accepted.
・ Skis, golf bags, fishing tackle, and other such sporting equipment are handled like ordinary checked in items. The total weight of checked baggage exceeds 20 kilograms and up to 100 kilograms may be checked in for an excess baggage fee.
・ Please come to the airport earlier and check in it earlier if you bring a bicycle, because it may take time to check in.

Check In

Check-in General Rule
Boarding Procedure
1. Come to pet check-in counter at least 30 minutes before departure
2. Buy your ticket at least 20 minutes before departure
3. Proceed to the security check point at least 15 minutes before departure
4. Be at the boarding gate at least 10 minutes before departure

Requirement to check-in
You can check-in either at airport counter or by automated check-in machine / Purchasing machine
Any one of the following is required to check-in:
- Credit Card used to pay for your ticket (Card holder himself must come)
- Confirmation number and reservation number
- E ticket receipt printed the two-dimensional barcode

The security checkpoint
Touch your ADO ticket issuance notice and go
- Some boarding passes may not be issued and they may be issued at boarding gate.
- This boarding pass is required to record point after your flight.

Boarding gate
Touch your ADO ticket issuance notice and go. Please keep your boarding pass. Nothing will be issued at boarding gate as a general rule.
In case you forget bringing requirement to check in:
- In case you forget bringing requirement to check in (Credit card or confirmation number etc.), we confirm a public document of a passenger on the very day of boarding
- Public document: driver’s license, passport, health insurance card, residence certificate (within 6 months from date of issue)
- In case they confirm your identification, they accept your boarding procedure after letting you fill the document of receipt.
- In case you paid by credit card without security code authentication over the internet or reservation/information center, we may not handle it. We may confirm the transaction to Credit Card Company.
- In case they cannot confirm your identification, you must buy new ticket in fare which is available on the very day of the flight.


Air Do Customer Service
Please contact us for inquiries about procedure of reservation, change, cancellation and refund, fare, receipt, and boarding certificate.
Business Hours 6:30 ~ 22:00
0120-057-333 (Dialing within Japan only)
Contact numbers when calling from a mobile phone.
Tokyo Office: +81-3-6741-1122
Sapporo Office : +81-11-707-1122

Fare Rules

Air Do Fare Rules


Hokkaido International Airlines was founded in 1996 by Teruo Hamada, a poultry farmer in Hokkaido. Hamada gathered investments from 29 other individuals and established a low-cost airline on flights between Hokkaido cities and Tokyo. The company started flight operations on the Tokyo-Sapporo route, using the Air Do brand, in December 1998. Its first CEO was the former Japan manager of Virgin Atlantic Airways. Maintenance and ground handling services were outsourced to Japan Airlines.

After receiving new equity capital from a tokumei kumiai investment fund arranged by the Development Bank of Japan, in which All Nippon Airways was a key investor, it began a number of business relationships between Air Do and ANA, including ANA code sharing on Air Do operated flights and Air Do leasing additional 767 and 737 aircraft from ANA. The fund was dissolved in September 2008 and DBJ, ANA and other investors became direct shareholders in Air Do. The company then changed its name to Air Do in October 2012.

Company Profile

Air Do is a regional airline was established in November 1996 and previously known as Hokkaido International Airlines. Air Do headquartered is in the Oak Sapporo Building in Chuo-ku, Sapporo, and its main base of operations is Haneda Airport in Ota, Tokyo.
Air Do begun the operated scheduled service between the islands of Honshu and Hokkaido in cooperation with All Nippon Airways. Airport in Ota, Tokyo and there are 954 employee with average age of 37,3 join to this company. Current representative director is Yasuhisa Tani. Since 1998, AIR DO has been connecting HOKKAIDO and any destinations in Japan's main island as “Wing of HOKKAIDO”. Air Do provide free drink and audio services with low price ticket, convenient and comfortable on board.


Terminal Information of Air Do

Code City Airport Name Terminal Info
HND Tokyo Tokyo Haneda Airport Terminal 2
CTS Sapporo New Chitose Airport Domestic Terminal
HKD Hakodate Hakodate Airport
SDJ Sendai Sendai International Airport Domestic Terminal