In continue of giving the best service and safety for all travelers, Airpaz adheres government's policies from all around the world. Hereby, Airpaz encourages our beloved travelers to cooperate by following our policy. For more information, please click here.

How-to Guide: Manage Your Flight and Hotel Bookings

Cancellation Guide


1. Open Manage Booking

Fill in your Airpaz code and email address.


2. Cancel Booking

Select “Cancel Booking” to create your flight’s cancellation request.


3. Select Traveler

Select the traveler and the flight that need to be cancelled.


4. Submit Documents

You may state your cancellation reason and supporting documents to help our team to process your cancellation request.


5. Check Request Status

You can check your request status anytime and anywhere conveniently by using our manage booking features. You can find it in “Orders” menu.