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EasyJet UK

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Informazioni Generali

EasyJet UK


EasyJet UK (U2) is a low cost carrier airline flying to domestic & international routes. The cabin baggage allowance provided by this airline is 7 kg and maximum size of 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm (L x W x H). checked baggage allowance is not included in the flight Passenger can start checking in at the airport 120 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Check in online is possible for flight on EasyJet UK official website. It can be done 30 days before departure time.

How to Book

1. Visit Airpaz site, or access the Airpaz application (Android/iOS) on your mobile phone. 2. Fill in the flight details in the flight search box. 3. Choose the best flight. 4. Fill in the contact and passenger details on the booking page. 5. Process your payment through the selected payment method. 6. Find your EasyJet UK flight e-ticket in the My Booking page, or in your email.

How to Pay

Payment for your EasyJet UK ticket booking on can be processed via bank bank transfer, PayPal, credit card, and over the counter methods. For a complete information, visit Airpaz Payment Guide page.


EasyJet UK

Company Profile

EasyJet or EasyJet Airline Company Limited is a British low-cost airline based in London Luton Airport that was established in 1995. The airline operates under ICAO code EZY and IATA code U2. It operates not only domestic but also international routes, flying to 132 airports in 31 countries.To list some of the company’s international GB flight destinations are France, German, Greece, Sweden, and Switzerland. The low-cost model of the airline allows it to really grow. Currently not only is it known as the biggest low-cost airline, it is also named the best-value airline in the UK by Skyscanner in 2018. The airline’s growth can be attributed to the low flight cost that attracts customers. EasyJet also partners up with other airlines to better serve its passengers through long-haul connection or partner direct flights to other cities. Their newest airline partner is Virgin Atlantic, although they have also partnered up with Norwegian, WestJet, Thomas Cook, Corsair, La Compagnie, Loganair, Neos, and Gatwick Connect in their EasyJet Worldwide program.


EasyJest was established in 1995 by the Greek businessman, Stelios Haji-Ioannaou. It started flying with two leased Boeing 737-200 aircrafts in two routes: London Luton Airport to Glasgow and Edinburgh. In 1996 their first aircraft was delivered, allowing them to start their international flight route to Amsterdam. Despite having been operating for two years, until 1997 the airline actually had not operated their flights. All flights before October 1997 were operated by GB Airways and AirFoyle because they had not received Air Operator’s Certificate. In March 1998 EasyJet purchased 40% stake in TEA Basle, a Swiss charter airline. The airline was then renamed EasyJet Switzerland, as its first franchise. This purchase was followed in 2002 when they purchase its rival airline, Go Fly. Their acquisition of Go Fly almost doubled their Boeing 737-300 fleet, other than getting three new UK bases: Bristol Airport, East Midlands Airport, and London Stansted Airport. In the same year, EasyJet opened a new base at Gatwick Airport, followed by other bases in Germany, France, Italy and Spain. This helps the airline establish their market presence in the continental Europe. In 2007, it purchased another airline to expand its operation. This time it was the GB Airways, and EasyJet could establish a base at Manchester Airport. In June 2011, its eleventh base at the London Southend Airport was opened where it offers flights to Alicante, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Belfast, Malaga, Jersey, Faro, Palma de Majorca, and Ibiza. It was promoted to the FTSE 100 and launched its 100th route from Gatwick Airport, offering passengers direct flights from London to New York in March 2013. In 2017, it opened a new headquarter in Austria to operate after Brexit, and EasyJet also announced that it will lease 25 Airbus A320 previously used by Air Berlin. The aircrafts will be used to operate its European network, based at the Berlin-Tegel Airport.

Flight Attendant

Easyjet UK flight attendant image
All of the airline’s crew wear uniforms that incorporate its signature orange colour. The female flight attendants wear a sharp knee-length dress with an orange belt and a scarf that match, while the male flight attendants wear a set of sharp grey suit with an orange patterned tie. The uniform was designed in cooperation with ICW Incorporate Wear in 2013.


Easyjet UK fleet image
Currently, EasyJet’s fleet is completely comprised of Airbus aircrafts ranging from the A319 to A321neo.
Type Quantity
Airbus A319-100 73
Airbus A320-200 57
Airbus A320neo 27
Airbus A321neo 6

Call Center

If you have questions for the airline or are facing issues during your flight such as lost baggage or delayed flights, you can contact the airline. There are various ways to contact EasyJet Customer Service, from the Live Chat feature in their website, to online form and through the Call Center. However, both the Live Chat and Call Center are only open from 8AM-8PM local time, depending where you contact them from. The airline contact support can be contacted on one of the following phone numbers:
Country Phone Number
United Kingdom 0330 365 5000
Austria 0820 320 950
Croatia 0601 90199
Denmark 458988 1032
France 0806 141141
Germany 0180 6060 606 (EUR 0.2 per landline, and 0.60 per call from mobile)
Switzerland 0848 282828
Netherlands 0900 040 1048
Rest of the world +44330 3655454

Live Chat

EasyJet UK customer service does not provide live chat.

Strutture e Servizi

EasyJet UK


Cabin Baggage

All passengers flying with EasyJet get ONE cabin bag allowance that has no weight limit, as long as the passenger can lift it to the overhead compartment by themselves. However, you also have to be careful since there is only room for up to 70 cabin baggages for every flight. The rules also include the maximum measurement of the bag/suitcase: 56x45x25cm including the handles and wheels. If the luggage intended to be put in the cabin don’t fit, it will be put in hold and can be collected from the baggage carousel in the arrival terminal. Since they also check the bag sizes before boarding, make sure that your bag/suitcase/carry on luggage size is not bigger than the allowance mentioned before. If your bag is bigger,it will be checked in for an extra charge. Flexi, Upfront, and Extra Legroom passengers can bring a cabin baggage plus handbag or laptop bag in maximum size 45x36x20cm that can fit under the seat in front of you. EasyJet Plus cardholders can also bring a hand luggage and handbag on board.

Checked Baggage

EasyJet UK does not give free checked baggage allowance for the passengers.

Excess Baggage

If the cabin baggage allowance is not enough, you can also purchase hold baggage allowance to add baggage. All passengers including children and infants can buy up to three extra luggage that weigh 32kg each at max. The extra baggage cost varies according to the weight and flight route, which will be determined when you make the purchase either online or at the airport. The hold luggage allowance cost estimation and other details can be seen below.
Category Online Purchase Airport Purchase Detail
Cabin Bag Free Free 56x45x25cm, no weight limit but must be able to be lifted by the passenger to the overhead compartment. Bag larger than this will be charged with hold bag fee
Hold luggage - up to 15kg £8.99-£32.99 - Available for purchase online only
Hold luggage - up to 23kg £12.99-£36.99 £40 at the bag drop desk; £50 at the boarding gate Fee varies depending on route selected
Additional weight for pre-booked hold luggage £12 per 3kg - Available for purchase online only during or after booking. For 15kg hold bag you can add up to 27kg post booking, for 23kg luggage you can add maximum 9kg
Excess weight fee - £12 For items weighing more than pre-booked weight, with maximum weight per hold baggage is 32kg
Small sports equipment £37 £47 Items up to 20kg
Large sports equipment £45 £55 Items up to 32kg
However, there are item limitation rules that applies to all baggages brought on the flight both in the cabin and the hold. Some items such as liquids, aerosols, gels, drinks, and cigarettes are classed as restricted items that follow additional rules. For liquids, aerosols, and gel items such as makeup and perfume, the rule is to put it in a container of 100ml or less and inside a transparent, resealable 20cm x 20cm bag. Each passenger has 1,000ml fluid hand baggage allowance to bring to the cabin baggage. But, the 100ml liquid limit does not apply to baby milk and sterilised water for babies although it still applies for baby food. Passenger travelling with baby can bring baby food, milk and sterilised water in their cabin bag as long as the total amount is not more than 1 litre, and placed inside resealable plastic bag no bigger than 20x20cm. Passengers are allowed to bring some sharp objects such as tweezers, scissors with rounded ends, and knives/blades less than 6cm long. Razor blades are also allowed in the cabin if they are set in plastic. For a more complete dangerous goods restrictions, click here Disclaimer: Information stated above is intended for general guide only, and may be changed by the airline with no prior notification. Contact the airline for further information.


Easyjet UK Economy Class seat image

Economy Class

All passengers are automatically assigned a seat in the airplane when checking in, although you can also choose your own seat by paying an extra fee.

Selection Fee Details
First row seats £12.99-£29.99 Extra legroom, additional under seat cabin bag, dedicated bag drop, Speedy Boarding
Up Front/Overwing £8.99-£24.99 Extra legroom, additional under seat cabin bag, dedicated bag drop, Speedy Boarding
Other seats £1.99-7.99 Pick the seat on the rest of the aircraft

Inflight Comfort

Easyjet UK inflight entertainment image

Inflight Entertainment

The free inflight entertainment allows you to access various movies, TV series, audiobooks, games, and even language lessons. It is also accessible in multiple languages other than English including German, Spanish, French, and Italian.

Inflight Free Snack

During flights with EasyJet UK free snack/beverage is not available.
Easyjet UK inflight meals menu image
Meal Order
The airline also provides meals and beverages that you can either purchase on-board or prior to your flight. However not all meals and beverages may be available on your flight, while pre-ordering your meals will guarantee your selection. If you still prefer buying your meal during the flight, you can purchase 20% off voucher (£5 for £4) on their website here You can print the voucher and show it when you buy the meal to use it. To browse their full menu, click here
Easyjet UK privilege program image

Privilege Program

Privilege program is available for the loyal customers of EasyJet UK, and more detail on it can be read here.


EasyJet UK

Web Check-in

To do web check in, go to the check in page on their website here. However since your boarding pass will be downloaded as pdf, you have to print it out. The airport security team cannot scan your boarding pass on your mobile device if it’s in the form of pdf. The time for online check-in 30 days to 2 hours before your flight departs.

Airport Check-in

If you have any difficulty, you can check-in at the airport between 2 hours to 40 minutes before departure.

Kiosk Check-in

EasyJet UK does not provide kiosk check in services for the passengers.

App Check-in

For a no-hassle check in, you can download the EasyJet mobile app on both your iOS and Android gadget. This will allow you not to print out the boarding pass, and instead download it to your gadget. It will be saved offline, so you don’t have to worry about Wi-Fi or roaming charges if you’re flying abroad. Once you save it, you can scan it at the Bag Drop desk, Security checkpoints, and the gate. You can use the mobile app to check in on all airports where EasyJet flights depart, except at Belgrade, La Rochelle, Oslo, Agadir, Essaouira, Hurghada, Marrakech, Pristina, Izmir, Antalya, Bodrum, and Dalaman. The time for mobile check-in 30 days to 2 hours before your flight departs.

Termini e Condizioni

EasyJet UK
For the complete EasyJet terms and conditions, click here.

Fare Rules

All tickets are non-refundable, although there are some exceptions in its cancellation policy. If you decide to cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking, you will get a full refund minus the cancellation fee. And although the airline does not offer refund, you can reschedule, reroute, and even change the name on your ticket as long as you pay the fee for the changes that you can see below.
Changes Online Fee Call Center Fee Details
Cancellation within 24 hours of booking £30 £35 Full refund minus the cancellation fee
Earlier return flight £25 - Available for passengers who want to move to earlier flight on the same day, subject to conditions and availability
Rescue fee £90 - If you arrive late but within 2 hours after departure, you can transfer to the next available flight
Spelling mistakes and title changes Free Free You can correct spelling mistakes or change title for no extra charge
Name change – more than 60 days before departure £20 £25 You can transfer your booking to a different passenger
Name change – less than 60 days before departure £47 £52 You can transfer your booking to a different passenger
Flight change – more than 60 days before departure £17+fare difference £22+fare difference You can change your flight’s date, time (reschedule), and route (reroute)
Flight change – less than 60 days before departure in off-peak season £32+fare difference £37+fare difference You can change your flight’s date, time (reschedule), and route (reroute)
Flight change – less than 60 days before departure in peak season £47+fare difference £52+fare difference You can change your flight’s date, time (reschedule), and route (reroute)
If your flight happens to be delayed, the airline has its own delay compensation policy. The compensation offered ranges from refreshment vouchers to ticket refund that differ based on the route and the length of delay time.
Flight Distance Delay Time Compensation
Up to 1500km Every 2 hours Refreshment voucher of £3 or €4.50 in non UK airports per passenger. If vouchers are not available, you can show the appropriate receipt to get reimbursement up to the same value
Up to 1500km More than 2 hours 2 emails, phone calls, or fax messages
More than 1500km Every 3 hours Refreshment voucher of £3 or €4.50 in non UK airports per passenger. If vouchers are not available, you can show the appropriate receipt to get reimbursement up to the same value
More than 1500km More than 3 hours 2 emails, phone calls, or fax messages
All flights Longer than 5 hours Cancellation with full refund, or flight change as long as seats are available
Although you cannot cancel and get a refund for your flight ticket, the cancellation policy is different when the airline is the one cancelling the flight. In this case, you can either transfer to another flight with the airline for free, or get a refund. - If you book the flight directly with EasyJet, log into the website using your email address, password, and booking reference number. Go to Manage Booking, and continue from there. - If you book through travel agent and want to change flight, go to the Ground Crew. For cancellations and refunds, you have to contact the Customer Service team. If your flight is delayed or cancelled and you need overnight accommodations, the airline will arrange it for you. For more information on EasyJet delay and cancellation policy, click here To check if your flight is going to be on time, delayed, or cancelled, prepare your flight number and find it on this official EasyJet page Disclaimer: The airline may change its policy without any prior notification. To get an update when it happens and for their policy on insurance, flight delay, etc., check the airline’s fare rules page for the airline, here click here.

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