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Company Profile

Wizz Air is led by József Váradi, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, who is also the person who started the company. Its aim is to bring affordable flying experience for the citizens of Central and Eastern Europe, and to provide a new travelling experience to travelers in the EU. Its head office is in Hungary, at the Kőér street 2/a, Hungary. The IATA and ICAO codes for this airline company are W6 and WZZ respectively. Having existed for 15 years, Wizz Air is currently one of the biggest low cost air carrier in Europe. It now offers more than 600 routes from and to 25 destinations in Europe: Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Vienna in Austria; Sofia and Varna in Bulgaria; Kutaisi in Georgia; Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Craiova, Iasi, Sibiu and Timisoara in Romania; Budapest and Debrecen in Hungary; Belgrade in Serbia; Riga in Latvia; Vilnius in Lithuania; Skopje in Macedonia; Chisinau in Moldova; Katowice, Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan and Wroclaw in Poland;London Luton in United Kingdom; Kyiv in Ukraine. Its fleet is composed of 107 single type Airbus fleet from the A320 family including A320s and an A321ceo. The company also stated that they have ordered for 110 A321 neo aircraft, some of which were delivered in 2015, 20 more throughout 2018, and the rest in the future. To provide better but cheaper services to the passengers, the company offers ticketless travel, cost and time efficient secondary airports, single class all-leather seat configuration and catering on demand for an additional cost.


Wizz Air was launched on June 2003 and was registered ready to fly within three months. Its first flight was on May 19th 2004 from Katowice. Not long after their first flight, they were awarded as the Best Airline Flying to Poland in the Low Cost Carrier category, and the Best Airline of the Year. It continued growing as a business, winning more awards from the Greatest Increase in Passenger Traffic, to Superbrands Award, to Best Operational Excellence by Airbus in 2014. The business continue growing and become a Central and Eastern Europe’s largest low-cost airline, Wizz Air successfully completed an initial public offering on the 25th of February 2015 admitted to the London Stock Exchange. Now, Wizz Air is listed on the LSE under the ticker WIZZ and have more than 3000 people. On its 11th anniversary in May 2015, Wizz Air announced a full brand rejuvenation and new aircraft delivery to respond to maturing traveler requirements, taking its place among Europe’s major airlines. It moved to a more vibrant, fresh, sophisticated look and feel. Few of the initiatives introduced in conjunction with the branding initiative were seat allocation, priority boarding, and enhanced fare system, amongst many others. Wizz Air was also named 2016 Value Airline of the Year by Air Transport World, a leading industry magazine.

Flight Attendant

The female flight attendants of Wizz Air are dressed in the hot pink and purple color of the company. Some of the flight attendants wear pink shirt under a black jacket paired with a black skirt; and others wear black blouse with pink lines around the collar, along with the black jacket and skirt.


The aircraft used by Wizz Air is an assortment of various families such as the Airbus A320 and A321. The planes used right now is the A320-200 and A321-200, although the airline is ordering more aircrafts from Airbus to expand and upgrade their fleet. Their order of A320neo and A321neo are planned to be delivered from 2018 to 2026.
Aircraft In Service Orders Passenger
Airbus A320-200 72 - 180
Airbus A320neo - 72 186
Airbus A321-200 32 9 230
Airbus A321neo - 184 239

Call Center

If you have any question for the airline or are facing any difficulty during your flight such as lost baggage or delayed flights, you can contact the airline The Wizz Air customer service call center can be contacted on one of the following numbers :
Country Phone
Belgium 090 355 505
Bulgaria 0900 630 14
Cyprus 90 019 009
Czech Republic 900 140 809
Denmark 78 791 020
Egypt 0036 212 111 301
Finland 060 004 225
France 0 899 860 729
Georgia 0036 212 111 805
Hungary 06 90 900 555
Italy 895 8954416
Poland 703 703 803
Greece 9 011 400 693
Latvia 90 200 955
United Kingdom 0905 707 0000
United Arab Emirates 02 235 1351
Türkiye 08 503 901 948

Live Chat

Another alternative is to go to their live chat page here.

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