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Check-in is available starting from 180 minutes
Available for Check-in Online
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LATAM Perú does not provide the passenger with cabin baggage allowance

How to Book

1. Visit, or open the Airpaz application (Android/iOS) on your mobile phone. 2. Fill in the flight details in the flight search box. 3. Choose the best flight. 4. Fill in the contact information and passenger details on the booking page. 5. Complete payment through the selected method. 6. Find your LATAM Perú flight e-ticket in the My Booking page, or in your email.

How to Pay

Payment for your LATAM Perú booking on Airpaz can be processed via bank credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, and over the counter methods. For a complete information, visit Payment Guide page.



Company Profile

The airline serves flights to destinations all over the world with its main hub located in Jorge Chávez International Airport. The address of the head office is Peru. LATAM Perú is a part of Oneworld.


Over time, LATAM Perú continues to expand its business by offering a worthwhile and pleasant service for their customers. LATAM Perú has been awarded The Design Awards in 2019,Dow Jones Sustainability Indexin 2019,Travelers’ Choice Awards in 2019,Skytrax in 2019,APEX Passenger Choice Awards in 2019-2020,PAX International Readership Awards in 2019-2020,The Sustainability Yearbook in 2020,OAG (Official Airline Guide) in 2020,CIRIUM, the most renowned expert consultants in the analysis of travel data industry in 2020.

Flight Attendant

LATAM Perú Flight Attendant Image
LATAM Perú cabin crew wears a uniform that is dominated by dark blue. For male flight attendants, they wear blue shirt with dark blue suit and blue tie and dark blue trousers. For female flight attendants, they wear blue shirt with dark blue suit and red scarf with dark blue skirt. Apart from a perfectly designed uniform, LATAM Perú cabin crew have earned an outstanding reputation for its excellent flight services and safety quality.


LATAM Perú Fleet Image
LATAM Perú has a number of airplanes, all of which can be seen in the following table:
Type Quantity
Airbus A319-100 8
Airbus A320-200 14
Boeing 767-300ER 10
Boeing 787-9 3

Call Center

If you have questions for the airline or are facing any problem in the airport such as delayed flights or lost baggage, you can contact the airline. The LATAM Perú contact support can be contacted on one of the following numbers :
Country Phone
Canada 1 888 235 9826
Mexico 52 55 5091 3165
United States 1 866 435 9526
Aruba 56 2 2579 8832
Cuba 1703 621 7414
República Dominicana 1 829 956 9765
Argentina 08109999526
Bolivia 800 100 521
Brazil 0300 570 5700
Chile 600 526 2000
Colombia (1) 7452020
Ecuador 1 800 000 527
Paraguay 595 21451535
Peru (01) 213 8200
Uruguay 000 4019 0223
Germany 0800 627 0976
Spain 912 158 094
France 01 8514 8725
Italy 496986799099
Portugal 800 208 786
United Kingdom 0800 026 0728
South Africa 0118 446 163
Australia 1 800 126 038
New Zealand 0 800 700 647
Tahiti 33 1 85 14 81 55

Live Chat

Facilities and Services



Cabin Baggage

LATAM Perú does not provide free carry-on baggage for the passengers.

Checked Baggage

| LATAM Perú gives free checked baggage allowance for the passengers. | Free checked baggage allowance is available for the passengers flying on LATAM Perú

Excess Baggage

Disclaimer: Information stated above is intended for general guide only, and may be changed by the airline with no prior notification. Contact the airline for further information.

Inflight Comfort

LATAM Perú Entertainment Image

Inflight Entertainment

Inflight Free Snack

Free snack/beverage is not available during flights with LATAM Perú.
LATAM Perú Menu Meals Image
Meal Order
| According to the availability, passengers can order beverage to enjoy during their flight
LATAM Perú Privilege Program Image

Privilege Program



Web Check-in

| Passengers can do web check in through the official website of LATAM Perú

Airport Check-in

Kiosk Check-in

| Kiosk check-in services is available for the LATAM Perú passengers, and may be accessed at the departure city airport depending on the availability. For further information on this service, contact the airline

App Check-in

| It is possible for LATAM Perú passengers to check in through the airline’s official mobile (Android/iOS) application. To do so, the passengers should download the LATAM Perú mobile application on their smartphone

Terms and Conditions

For the complete Conditions of Carriage of LATAM Perú, click here.

Fare Rules

a. Cancellation and Refund

Flight tickets with the airline cannot be cancelled.

b. Reschedule

Changes such as reschedule may be made to the flight ticket by directly contacting the airline. For more complete information on LATAM Perú tickets and fare rules, click here. Disclaimer: The airline may change its policy without any prior notification. To get an update when it happens and for their policy on insurance, flight delay, etc. check the airline’s fare rules page or directly contact the airline.

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